Best Dating Site 2020: Our Complete Comparison by Category

Like thousands of French singles, you want to find someone with whom to share good times, for fun, or to build a lasting relationship, because deep down, we all know that living together is more tasty. For this, there are many dating sites that promise their users mountains and wonders! And it’s easy to get lost in the search for the best dating site.

To enable you to make the right choice, here we compare the different active dating sites in 2020 that combine seriousness and convincing results.

There are many categories of dating sites. Those dedicated to serious meetings of course, but also those dedicated to meetings naughty, adulterous, cougar, gay or senior. You will find below our different comparisons by category so that you can make the best choice according to your expectations and your affinities.

Best serious dating site

In 2020, eHarmony is still unbeatable and remains for us the best serious dating site.

With a huge community and a know-how that goes through the years, it still guarantees very good results to its users, in terms of meeting quality. Please note that at this time, the site offers a promotional offer to register for free on the site. It is therefore no surprise that eHarmony is our recommendation in the category of serious dating sites.

Affinity Dating & Matchmaking

Elite Singles deserves its place in this top thanks to the quality of the members who use it. Great graduates, senior executives, financially comfortable men and women who want to meet a partner of the same standing.

If you want to meet the right person for you without wasting time, it’s Elite Singles that you need.

Best Casual Dating Site

Finding a good naughty dating site is far from easy. Indeed, we must be aware that the majority of dating sites with no tomorrow are just scams … Multiple levies, hostesses to tease the customer … questionable practices are not lacking.

We have tested more than 30 casual dating sites and more than 80% of them are just booby catcher. To know more about what are the really naughty dating sites, you can check out our comparison of the best naughty dating sites.

The reference site of the casual hookups is none other than BeNaughty, often copied, but never equaled.

Cougar dating sites

As for casual dating sites, cougar dating sites are full of scams of all kinds. We find about the same ratio of sites “scams”. Of the 22 sites we tested, only 7 are worthy of interest and the leader is Cougar Life.

We find the same dubious practices: hidden options, abusive samples, hostesses … In short everything is there for you to leave the maximum amount of money. Do not be fooled and compare the best cougar dating sites.

Extramarital Dating

Here is yet another type of dating sites where the lure of winning premium on the user. Scams are legion on adulterous dating sites and you better turn to a safe bet if you want to cheat your partner in any discretion.

Worse yet, adulterous dating sites are often the target of hackers who do not hesitate to throw graze users of these sites by publishing email addresses and personal information on the internet. We all remember the case of Ashley Madison

You’ll understand, it’s better to be sure of your choice if you want to use an adulterous dating site. To avoid being fooled, read our comparison of adulterous dating sites.

Best Dating Sites: A Comparison to Choose Well

Before registering on a site, it is important to identify which type of site is closest to your profile. We have defined several categories to compare the various market dating sites in 2020.

Free sites:

Even if it is rather rare, we still find some totally free dating sites.

Among them, we will quote Badoo and his community of young people in search of fun; Designed as a social network of online dating, it attracts all kinds of profiles, from the most interesting to the most crazy! The POF site offers a wide variety of profiles and focuses on the simplicity of its interface.

Although they are limited in some aspects, these free sites still offer interesting results to those who will take the time to sort through the multitude of registered on these two platforms.

General Dating Sites:

It has been chosen as the best meeting site for a good reason. Mingle2 is the typical example of the general meeting site that works. This kind of site offers a relationship between diverse and varied profiles and the field of the meeting is so immense. No matter where you live, your social rank, your age or your activities, the community is large enough for you to meet people.

It is this category of site that offers the most choice to those who are open to all kinds of meetings. Whether you are looking for serious and lasting encounters or you want to multiply conquests, a general meeting site should suit you.

Affinity Dating & Matchmaking

With a different approach, this category of dating sites is for all those who have specific expectations of dating partners.

Sites like OkCupid, eHarmony, Zoosk or Elite Singles, submit a questionnaire to the registration that serves as a personality test. A hundred questions can trace the contours of your personality and identify your desires. Depending on the results obtained, the site will send you daily profiles tailored to your tastes and your selection criteria. This very advanced Matchmaking system makes it possible to obtain precise results quickly, since the sorting of profiles is done upstream. Save time and efficiency guaranteed!


The targeted sites:

These dating sites have chosen to stand out by targeting a particular type of singles: Seniors for 2Seniors for example, cheaters for Victoria Milan which targets women in particular.

Others have decided to totally break with the traditional patterns of dating sites as Adopteunmec does very well. Using a very original concept, since the site is in the form of a supermarket to men who gives power to women, Adopteunmec has a community of young people and thirties who want to meet cool and relaxed! This originality can generate a community with specific expectations who knows what to expect when attending one of these sites.

Best dating site 2020 : our criteria of choice

To establish this comparison of the best dating sites 2020, it was necessary to take into account the different quality criteria that must be provided for these sites. Here are the points which seem to us to be crucial, and on which we rely to base our opinion.

The proposed features:

A good dating site must offer at least a functional messaging system, pages of clear and well-informed profiles, easily accessible and preferably provided with photos, and a search bar with as many definable criteria as possible in order to be able to adjust your search to the most precise.

Subsequently, we appreciate the additional possibilities offered by some sites: online chat, soft message system, which allows a healthy approach and the establishment of a climate of trust between users, the possibility of knowing who consulted our profile, sending smiles or virtual gifts, a forum for debate or exchange of ideas …

The more the site offers a wide variety of actions, the more users will be active and involved in the meetings.

Seriousness and professionalism:

To qualify as the best dating site in 2020, a site must be serious.

This means that the profiles must be checked, manually if possible, in order to minimize the presence of false profiles on the site. This is a criterion that is important to us when we compare sites, because for a long time, dating sites have suffered from the presence of scammers or heavy and harmful profiles on their page.

Moreover, a quality dating site must guarantee a certain confidentiality to its members. The personal data provided to the site must remain on the site and in case of concern, we appreciate that the customer service is responsive.

Some sites, like Gleeden for example, emit a random wording on the invoice in order to awake no suspicion … an admirable idea!

The user community:

To meet and multiply exchanges requires an active, interesting and involved community of members and registered profiles near you.

While it is obvious that large cities have a much higher number of enrolled than small country villages, it is important to remember that not all singles are in Paris, Lyon or Marseille. . So we always check that the possibility of meeting singles throughout the territory exists.

In addition, a serious dating site must be frequented by respectful members, in order to guarantee to all the users a pleasant experience during the navigation on the site.

Pricing :

This is obviously one of the most important points of comparison.

The rates of dating sites vary greatly depending on the category of the site and the type of users targeted. It is therefore necessary to analyze what is included in the subscription rate of the site, and what are the commitments for the user.

Most of the time, we offer you a subscription that monthly, quarterly, for 6 months or 1 year. The prices are decreasing according to the duration and it is sometimes possible to benefit from promotional offers according to the use that you make of the site.

More rarely, you will be offered a different business model, with the purchase of credit to manage and spend on the site.

Compare, make your choice and get started!

It is all these parameters that allow to make a relevant comparison and to know which is the best dating site in 2020.

Once you have read the offers of each of these sites, you will only have to make your choice. Choose the site or sites that seem best and best suited to your needs, and go in search of great love.

When we know that nearly 1 in 5 have already consulted a dating site, we understand that the opportunities offered by these platforms are enormous. With you to play, the year 2020 reserves you can be nice surprises!


Why use a dating sites comparator ?

Many sites exist on the web to make online dating. A large number do not respect their promises and scam their users including a majority of fake profiles. Of these sites, only a tiny part is reliable and trustworthy. Using a site like Best-meet will ensure you avoid mishaps and meet people peacefully. The proposed sites have been previously tested and verified by specialists in the field. Our selection is also based largely on the opinions of users who are posted in the various online forums. In addition, it will make it easier for you when you want to meet uro or scato for example. However, we must be wary of some comparators that are not objective and which highlight the dating sites that offer the best advertising revenue.

Our criteria for choosing the best dating site

To be able to claim to appear in our ranking of the best dating sites, it is necessary to pass a series of tests based on multiple criteria. Many criteria are therefore taken into account to evaluate a dating site. We will detail some of them to give you an idea.

The quality of the members: this criterion is essential to evaluate if the dating site deserves its place in our top 10. It evaluates first of all the number of active members on the dating sites, the more active members there are the more there is choice and therefore luck to find happiness. We also verify that there are no fake profiles and profiles managed by animators recruited through dating sites.

Parity between men and women: for a dating site, this is one of the most important criteria. The site must have a number of women approaching that of men. A dating site that has as many women as men is a sign of great quality. It must be admitted that it is very rare for a site to have more members of the female than of the male. However, some sites manage to achieve parity.

Trust: dating sites must be completely transparent about the collection and use of your data. They must also provide you with security and privacy during your connections. This criterion is especially important when users register on sites of libertine or extra-marital encounter for example.

The effectiveness of the site: for our tests, we create 3 very different profiles on the dating site and we use them for 1 week. At the end of this week, depending on the response rate, the number of contacts obtained, possible appointments, etc. we give a note on its effectiveness to meet people.

The opinions of Internet users and the specialized sites: even if we tested all the meeting sites by different people of our team, we take into account the external opinions. We’ve explored all topics discussing dating sites on the forums to search for reviews on the sites. We also take into account studies, surveys and the specialized press. All these explorations, allow us to offer an objective ranking of the best dating sites.

A dating site: for whom?

The dating sites are for anyone looking for a partner in his life but not only. The variety of sites makes it as easy to find love, to find a plan for a night as to make new friends. These sites can be a way to facilitate the meeting of new people for the shy and busy or those who have recently moved to a new city for example. The dating sites are not intended to replace the so-called “traditional” meetings but rather a complementary way to agree appointments or just discuss.