WooPlus, a dating app for “strong men and women, and fashion lovers”, has just introduced a new feature aimed at offering new tools to its community of women round, the latter often being the target of mockery. Users are now able to report harassing behavior by adding reviews, ratings, and comments to the profiles of men they interact with, according to a new press release. A user who accumulates several negative reviews and ratings will be automatically and permanently banned from accessing the site.

WooPlus is a dating application for Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). It also welcomes singles who like tall people.

WooPlus dating app registration

Registration to the WooPlus app is free. It is compatible with a version higher than Android 4.0.3. To install it, you can go to its official website or Google Play.


Duration Costs per month Total
1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
3 Months 10.00 USD / Month 29.99 USD
12 Months 5.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD

The features of the app!

A free voice chat service is available to chat with your loved one. The WooPlus image exchange interface promotes privacy during your discussion. You can also access free photos shared by users of the application and view profiles of singles. The app uses geolocation to meet users close to your location.

WooPlus and its performances

Since October 2015, more than 8 million matches have been created from the WooPlus app. Thousands of round women and contenders from London, Sydney, New York and Los Angeles gather around this BBW (big beautiful women) and BHM (big handsome men) dating app.

Meet round women and round men?

Singles who want to woo round women can have a serious meeting from the WooPlus app. Chubby people and those with excess weight and size are welcome in this platform. There is also a space dedicated to gays, lesbians and straight guys at WooPlus. This BBW & BHM dating app is not, however, the right place to make a transient relationship.

3 matches a day!

You have access to three matches a day through the WooPlus dating app. Scanning the profile you are visiting to the right allows you to request and accept a match. Round women are very active and update their photos to invite you to play. WooPlus is also an application that helps you make new friends.

The quality of users of dating app!

The BBW and the BHM are honest about the photos they publish from this app dating. The majority of profiles are real, a great asset of WooPlus. To increase the reliability of the site, fake profiles are manually removed by the app’s moderators team.

BBWs are pampered at Woo Plus

WooPlus is also a round women’s community. The profiles of men who register are strictly controlled to allow these BBWs to find their ideal partners. Hundreds of passionate round women fans visit your WooPlus profile every day.

Wooplus: Tinder for Shape Lovers

As you know, Tinder is a phenomenon, a revolution even in the world of online dating. No wonder so many apps are trying to copy it or get inspired to launch their concept. A few months ago, we introduced 3nder the Tinder specialized for the plans to 3. Today is the turn of Wooplus, the Tinder specializing in round meetings.

Wooplus: the tinder of BBW dating

The goal of Wooplus is to connect overweight men and women to each other and to their fans.

The concept may seem surprising, even somewhat degrading.

Originally, the idea was born in the brain of Raman, co-founder of the site, whose sister had herself had many difficulties in his experiences on dating sites. Following this, Raman launched a social experiment on youtube, presenting at appointments a girl 30 kilos stronger than her photos. The video, which shows more than 23M of views, shows the reaction of men at the meeting.

The founders of the app known as the “Tinder for Shape Lovers” decided to develop this user-suggested control system after conducting a survey of its members revealing that 71% (!) Of women had already been “harassed and insulted” because of their weight and appearance. “We know that many women are already being treated unfairly on regular dating apps, but we are still shocked by the findings of this study,” said Michelle Li, co-founder of WooPlus. “The mission of WooPlus is to offer new features that are tailored to women, so that more rounded women can enjoy more friendly and convenient dating tools and be treated with respect.”

How it works

This new feature allows women to rate the men they interact with on a 5-star scale, and allows them to add comments and criticism. These evaluations, comments and reviews are then integrated into an artificial intelligence algorithm used to recommend potential matches. Li sees the new feature as a way for single, voluptuous women to regain control when they seek love and meet online. Functionality is also seen as a way for women to help their sisters create a safe, women-friendly environment as part of their soul mate search by adding “an extra layer of responsibility rarely associated with online dating ยป. She adds that the feature allows women to “warn other women about people who may be wasting their time. We are ready for any sacrifice to maintain the level of quality and inclusiveness of this application.

WooPlus seems to have put his finger on a sensitive subject in the eyes of its female members. The women surveyed by the company thus shared particularly precise and discouraging harassment experiences. One user said, “I have been harassed so many times about my weight and height. I suppose it has led to existential crises related to my dimensions. ” Another confided: “I was abused by men after politely telling them not to be interested. Oddly, they say that big = no standard.

WooPlus absolutely does not tolerate this kind of degrading behavior and even calls those responsible for “mocking idiots”. Li recognizes the need to create a “safe place” for more round-headed women who want to meet online and takes that responsibility to heart. She says, “One day someone accused WooPlus of isolating the rounder women from other women, and I think this poll clearly indicates the value and the real need for WooPlus. It’s a safe, necessary and welcome site! “.

Our Verdict

The fact that people with different physiques have difficulty finding a partner is not surprising. It’s something common in real life. We can therefore imagine how difficult it can be on dating sites, where the birth of the interaction comes almost exclusively from physical attraction!

The goal was to create an application that would create a non-discriminatory environment for finding love. Everyone on the site knows what to expect and as such can not be disappointed, which makes the user experience more enjoyable.

As for its use, Wooplus is downloadable on the playstore and on Itunes. However, the application currently has only 10,000 members around the world, while developing very quickly (launched in November!). If the growth of this free application is accentuated, the specialized sites, of the type round-meetings, are likely to see a serious competitor arrive quickly on their niche reserved …

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