Today and because it was a while, I found you a chat! But not just any, since it’s about Wireclub, a totally free online chat service where you can chat and chat with no brainer but also, and most importantly, meet friends as well as lovers!

Presentation & Info

Wireclub is an online chat or dating site with friendly or amorous or sexy or charming character. He is present in several African, European and Canadian countries. Registered users are sorted by age, gender and area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest:

teenagers aged 12 to 17 whose goal is entertainment and dating
girls and women of all ages
men and women looking for a relationship.

The discussions on Wireclub are without constraint and without any restriction: they can bring solutions to various problems, exchanges of broad ideas, or lead to relations of all kinds according to affinity.

How it works ? Operation!

The concept of Wireclub is based on the discussion between two or more people via chat rooms or communities already present on the site. The main exhibitions are: Chat to find connected chatters, Between teens for exchanges between teens, Between girls is a space for discussion to find quick solutions to almost any problem or Charm that allows men and women to find the soul-sister whether for a serious relationship or simply charming. It is supervised by moderators and animators, 7/7 and 24/24 for receptions, redirects or information. We promote and develop interpersonal relationships in a friendly atmosphere with free exchanges. You can become a VIP when you are ranked in the top ten most active chaters. Wireclub, while being extended and free, does not involve publicity or defamation.

Registration and Connection

On Wireclub, there is really no need for registration. We connect to Wireclub by simple form filling: nickname, age, sex and city.

Registration and use of Wireclub is fast and easy, as the information does not include personal details. The connection is done directly on the site or after redirection from their official Facebook page.

Wireclub works totally in virtual or with webcam. Registration / Login is free and all options available on the site. The site can be accessed by a simple mobile internet connection or not and from any location.

Chat, Message, Forum .. Options and Features?

The discussions are done through a trombinoscope for sending photo, profile creation and communication with other users. The message exchanges are done on several meeting rooms classified by need: meeting, games on line, center of interest or by city of origin of the users.

There are also private rooms totally confidential for more privacy on Wireclub. The forum consists mainly of exchanges and comments on the games, the tools of the site, the debates and the proposed problems, the proposals of exit, the sharing of videos, photos or music.

A matching system is available on the site for better matching users with the same desires or interests. Geolocation is automatic for an easy insertion for the itinerant and the bringing together of the chateurs of the same city.

Is it Free or Paid? Rates and Subscriptions!

As said throughout the article, the online chat site Wireclub is totally free! At no time will you be asked to pay for a subscription or any other type of subscription.

From connection and use to living rooms and other features, everything is made available to users for free.

Costs and Prices

Duration Costs per month Total
3,400 Credits 0.01 $ / Credit 20.00 $
8,550 Credits 0.01 $ / Credit 50.00 $
18,400 Credits 0.01 $ / Credit 100.00 $
38,500 Credits 0.01 $ / Credit 200.00 $

Benefits and strengths!

Connecting with Wireclub has the advantage of having global coverage. The actions undertaken are free and free. Anonymity is preserved in all circumstances. Philosophy is based on tolerance and respect for oneself and others, giving a very broad opening without taboo or judgment. Personal thoughts posted called “Quotes” can be reused without limit. Finally, minimal tags and security are handled by moderators for teenagers.

Disadvantages and weak points!

Disadvantages and Low Points – Wireclub

On the other hand, the risks of publication of false information or deception, especially for teenagers. Games may be inappropriate for adolescents due to lack of censorship and restriction. In addition, Wireclub also shows scenes of dispute and insult exchanges as there is only a minimum take of responsibility for the information disclosed.

Conclusion & Opinion

Chatting freely is not so trivial. Certainly, he can develop interpersonal communications, especially for introverts. In the wrong hands, it can become a formidable weapon for malicious manipulation.

Most users describe Wireclub as a source of practical tips or tricks, as well as entertainment or fulfillment, especially for teenagers and girls. Wireclub can bring together or meet various people and is even considered a social network of free dialogue. But he can not be a help for everything. Users generally complain only of the lack of resolution of reported problems except for disclosures of private information about public figures or advertising.

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