What’s your price

On the same principle as dating sites, What’s your price offers to put people in touch for an appointment. The only difference is that the date is a price that the date finder will have to pay, only for the first date.

Coming from across the Atlantic, the site What’s your price offers a little more compared to other dating sites. To avoid long email exchanges before getting an appointment with the person promised, the site offers to connect people by setting a price to get a first date. The “attractive” person creates his profile by adding the price that he considers worthwhile and “generous” people bidding the bet to win the coveted moment. The best payer will then get the rendezvous with the bride, paying only the first time.

How it works

At first glance, the site is similar to escorts-girls or boys that we pay in exchange for services for a party, or even prostitution. Creator Brandon Wade defends himself: “First date does not mean sex! There is of course a chance that it will move in this direction in the future, but the price to pay is only for the first meeting. you! ”
The auction money is still to give the “attractive” the day of the appointment … As simple as a transaction on Ebay!

In the series “dating sites have farted the lead”, here is the newcomer: WhatsYourPrice.com. A simple concept, addressing people who are fed up with sending hundreds of emails before coming across someone interesting / interested. Just choose your prey, and make an offer to pay a first date with her.

Two categories of people on the site

Two categories of people on the site “generous” and “attractive”. An “attractive” category member will create his profile as on any dating site, adding a small new element: the price that it considers worthwhile and that the “generous” will have to lengthen to make an appointment with her . To the question “But tell me, it would not be a little prostitution this case? Designer Brandon Wade answers “but no, since first date does not mean sex! There is of course a chance that it evolves in this direction in the future, but the price to be paid only for the very first appointment! “. Ah, well, in this case. We are getting closer to the concept of the escort: you pay a girl to appear in public with her and have a good time … without necessarily touching her afterwards.

A new dating concept

It makes me think of the scandal of the site Rent A Girlfriend, which for the time still overrated really on the vibe unsupported prostitution. It was actually a matter of renting a woman for an evening plan or a small infidelity (the site is clear on this point: “To all those who are tired of the routine with their wife or their spouse!” you escape in all discretion … We have the solution! “), and the limit between the concept and pure prostitution is hard is still relatively vague. In the case of What’s Your Price, Brandon Wade insists that only the first appointment is to be paid, not the woman, or the rest of the appointments if it sticks between the two members (hohoho ) …

And next we also have Cloud Girlfriend who promises to create little girlfriends for shemale males … Proof that we really live a period of big sluts, we are all desperate and ready to do anything to find the soulmate, the sex ideal, the fantasy that will drool our friends and that will do well on our Facebook profile … The more time passes, the more we move away from reality. We do not enter the street anymore, except when it is to hear “eh mad’moizelle! eh! eh little dragonfly! you are very charming tavu! “(Authentic quote, I am the little dragonfly / little ladybird my tie-kar). And when we spot someone we like in the subway, we will not tell him directly, especially not! We go to sites such as Crusader In The Metro, to throw a virtual bottle to the sea, hoping that the person in question regularly visits the site and understands that it is targeted. We make things really easy.


I think that a return to the concrete is necessary and that, if the dating sites can actually increase our chances and create real interesting stories, we should not bet on the Internet either. I took only one resolution in 2011, it is to tell people when I find them beautiful on the street, in the subway, in a cafe … I regularly go for a crazy, but I can assure you that the times I had the cojones to tell men, it paid DI-RECT. I’m not saying it’s an infallible technique, but it’s a proof that a direct face-to-face relationship can be just as impactful, if not more so. People will be so surprised to see us talk to them, compliment them, and take the first step, that it will be already won, whatever happens afterwards.

Our verdict

“Everyone has a price.” This is the slogan of the new dating site Whats your price.com where “generous” men pay “attractive” women for appointments.

Specifically, registered women evaluate “their price” (between 20 and 100 dollars, between 14 and 69 euros), an amount that will have to pay the male suitors for a first appointment. A principle criticized in the international press that evokes a form of prostitution.

The founder of the site, Brandon Wade, defends himself: “When capitalism mixes with dates, people think ‘it must be prostitution.’ But does paying a cup of coffee mean that Starbucks indulges in procuring? It is obvious that no, and pay for a first appointment is not, “he pleads on the blog site dating.

“If you’re handsome, you’ll get paid for a first date, and if you’re generous, you’ll be willing to pay the price to go out and meet someone wonderful,” he says. A concept closer to the escort than the dating site, and reminiscent of the fake French site Rent a girlfriend.com.

Whats your price.com will open in mid-April but already claims to collect “nearly 2,000 new listings each day”.

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