Fed up with love stories full of pitfalls? Tired of suffering for nothing? In this case, why not opt ​​for the easy and the fun? For this, a multitude of solutions exist on the web but we will discover together today the well-named WellHello. This is a portal that hookup lovers know well. On this platform, unwanted ads are unfortunately present but also other things more interesting. Finished the serious and romantic love that most dating sites offer. With WellHello, you will enjoy a good hookup site. We advise you to take advantage of the free trial period and to see for yourself whether the site satisfies you or not. Register for free !

Unveiling itself as the Facebook sex, you can find profiles of naughty fools eager for an easy and fast hookup. In the end, is WellHello a good portal or a scam? What is this portal really worth? Does he walk in France? What are his points and his strengths?

WellHello Overview

Who does not know the most famous social networks, Facebook? On the latter, most contacts are made to become friends. So, have you ever thought, if Facebook could be used to connect a multitude of women? Know that this is possible thanks to WellHello! This is a social network of naughty encounters in France. Above, it is possible to exchange with naughty singles looking for ephemeral relationships simple and without headaches. With real-life members knowing what they want, WellHello is perfect for hot encounters. Do not hesitate to register on the platform. If you want something else, then prefer Facebook.

In terms of design, WellHello is a graphic declination of Facebook, but also functional. This dating site is clearly positioned as a Facebook sex. Once registered, you can enjoy a graphical load that makes you think clearly of the social reference network, with the only difference that the pink color is not present on Facebook, and replaces the blue classic. On the site, you can enjoy a multitude of naughty women wishing to satisfy any of your fantasies. Know that WellHello has millions of users and the photos of the members look real. Check for yourself by signing up for free and quickly!

Known data on WellHello

For men, women and couples
Free and paid;
Presence of a blog

WellHello: Is this really the hookup Facebook?

WellHello looks a lot like the famous Facebook social network. Moreover, the king of social networks even went so far as to bring a lawsuit against the WellHello group and won it. Thus, the company was sentenced in 2013 to stop any activity. However, the site is still there but it is his graphic load that has changed in order to move away from that of the social network Facebook. As for advertisements, they move away from the initial match and in the end there is only the name as similarity between the two dating portals. Thus, this platform does not look like Facebook at all as much on the form as on the bottom. Especially the purpose of WellHello is not the same. Indeed, on this portal, you will be able to meet localized sluts located in your area and eager to have fun.

How the WellHello site works

The operation of the site remains basic and simple. Indeed, we find what we have on a lot of dating portals such as platform navigation, profiles to create and see or the internal search engine. In order to meet people on this site, we recommend you to optimize your profile but also to take a subscription. As for the search itself, know that this platform offers complete filters so you can find what you are looking for. The different search criteria are location, language, astro sign, photos, groups or location. If you want to have more specific criteria, simply browse the photos and profiles of users.

The features of WellHello

WellHello has a multitude of interactive and multimedia features to achieve a seamless and enjoyable experience. This hot dating site can find new naughty encounters, like the XFlirt portal for example. This portal has videos and photos offered by members. Another important point of the platform is the possibility of exchanging with the web users’ webcams, according to your mood. In addition, be aware that there are many modes of communication with other members: public chat, instant messaging or private rooms. In short, functions worthy of portals like J & M Contact or Ink Casual Dating.

Interface and use of WellHello

The interface of this dating site is simple to use and intuitive. Regardless, if you are a novice or computer enthusiast, you will be using this portal. On this hot site, navigation is simple. So you’ll never have a problem finding exactly what you want. If you have technical problems, do not hesitate to consult the FAQ. Regarding accessibility, know that WellHello is accessible via all media: PCs, smartphones, tablets etc.

Target and community of WellHello

On WellHello, the community is filled with people eager to share hot and naughty moments. The site has a large database of users and boasts millions of active members. Perfect for exchanging and meeting people. On WellHello, any registrant wants to make naughty encounters without any headaches. As a reminder, this site is intended for men, women and couples.

So, what are you waiting for to register and make sensual encounters? What better way to share incredible moments in total privacy with total discretion?

Moderation and security at the WellHello site

WellHello is a secure site. As with many adult dating portals, it is possible to use what is called a blacklist. Such a tool can block people deemed undesirable. On the security side, know that anonymity is a top priority at WellHello. So, know that your personal info will never be shared.

This adult dating platform, which allows you to meet and have fun sharing naughty moments, does everything to respect and protect the privacy of its members. By using the ability to block someone, you prevent them from seeing the person. the fact that you are online. In addition, the latter will not even be able to contact you. In addition to this, it is impossible for this blocked individual to send you messages or to be present on his friends list. If you want to block a member, go to the profile page, select the flag icon in the top right, and choose “Block this user” in the list of options available. Finally, note the presence of the “https”, a guarantee of a certain level of security.

Is this site a scam?

Scam is a word all the same strong enough. For some members, it is true that this site will not work. However, it can ultimately work for many Internet users. That’s why we recommend the WellHello site because it is proving to be much more efficient than other hookup portals.


WellHello unveils a simple, fast and completely free registration. However, it does not offer the opportunity to take full advantage of the site. Indeed, the exchanges are simply impossible for free. Thus, if you want to have full access to all functions (videos, groups), you must use a paid account. As you will see below, the rates are not excessive. As with any registration, you will need to fill in some personal information. Do not lie on them. Here is the list of information you need to fill in: age, mail, username and password. Once your account is open, do not forget to optimize it in order to put the odds on your side to meet people.

Pricing and payment facilities

There are paid offers on the WellHello dating site. However, in order to discover the site, we recommend that you first test the portal with the free account. If you are looking for information on prices, know that it will be difficult to find because including the FAQ is content to say that rates change depending on the duration of the subscription.

The paying offer to offer additional functions is offered at a rate of 29.95 usd for one month. For the quarter, count 14.95 usd per month. We also note the presence of a VIP subscription in order to benefit from unlimited access to all tools. Be aware that the billing provider will automatically renew your membership when the term of your initial subscription expires. Regarding the means of payment, count on the inevitable bank card.

The proposed customer support

Customer support is available on WellHello. Here is the mail you can write to: support@WellHello.com. There is also a contact form to ask questions on the site. In addition, an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is present. In short, a good support even if the latter is greatly perfectible. Indeed, there is no phone number or live chat.

The advantages and disadvantages

WellHello is establishing itself as a real challenger in the market of French hookupss portals. We recommend that you subscribe to the free trial period and see why this portal is the most famous hookup site on the web. The site has a multitude of qualities that one is entitled to expect from this kind of naughty portals. Offering real hookups, however, you should pay attention to the site against the possibility of receiving some malicious messages. In short, if you want a good fuck easy, register and get straight to the point. Facebook allows you to meet real hot women even if for that, you have to take a subscription. Simple to use, we recommend this site!


In the end, WellHello is a dating site where you have to go in order to make your own opinion. It is possible that you have a priori negative because of their communication on porn sites, but be aware that the portal actually works despite some significant downside such as a free account restricted. Stay cautious on this portal and everything will be fine.

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