If your goal is to sleep with as many girls as possible, then the UpForIt dating site should delight you. Create for the sole purpose of connecting members who want to share fun without taboo, the sexy dating site UpForIt has very interesting assets.

To give you an opinion on UpForIt, I tested the site for a month and I tell you here my detailed experience in the land of sexy dating!

UpForIt: adult encounter without any taboos

By registering for free on UpForIt, you must know what to expect. This is a sexy dating site on which users are not cold, and this is seen from the start with pictures of naked girls and naughty pseudonyms. Everyone knows why he is there and it makes the meeting easier.

Created in 2009, UpForIt is part of the Bulova Invest LTD, which has several niche dating sites all over the world, and this time it puts its experience in the service of sex. The site is now present in over 20 countries and you can easily meet people in France or while traveling abroad.

How does the site work ? What results can we obtain? I explain all this in the following of this review on UpForIt.

UpForIt, the adult dating site that allows you to have fun

From the beginning, we understand that UpForIt chose to bet on the facility. It took me barely 3 minutes to register for free on the site and start browsing the different pages.

Very clear, UpForIt allows neophytes as regulars to navigate the site without getting lost. Everything is clear, with a home page that shows only what is necessary: ​​sexy profiles waiting to meet, a search bar to filter the results according to your tastes and a tab to manage your profile.

Remember to create a detailed profile with beautiful photos and a simple description but provided, which will allow users to know what are your expectations. I did not have photos the first days, and when I added it, I received 5 to 6 times more messages!

On the homepage you will also receive your notifications of messages, visits and winks received. Let’s discover together the possibilities that UpForIt offers to communicate with other members and make plans easily.

UpForIt review, classic, fast and efficient

I do not like to waste my time when I am on a adult dating site. It sometimes happens that the registrants procrastinate, do not feel confident enough to meet each other, and many messages must be exchanged to finally arrive at an appointment. Fortunately, this is not the case on UpForIt!

Here, your mail will not empty. Between the sent messages that almost all get an answer in the next 12 hours, the cat is alive enough (depending on the hours, but in the evening there are many connected members) and sending a wink, you have several possibilities to contact and you will be solicited as frequently.

In fact, the discussions are pretty cash! There is not much room for romanticism on UpForIt. And if you start a conversation with a girl who lives not far from home, you could quickly find yourself in bed … It happened to me several times, as I explain in the following of this review on UpForIt.

My opinion about UpForIt after 30 days

After my registration, I started to receive some messages rather quickly, without even having made my mark with the site. While some users are there to pass the time, most are in search of carnal pleasure! It’s up to you to organize yourself.

For my part, I quickly spotted Camille, a 26 year old blonde who lived in the vicinity of my home. Seductive profile, very sexy photo and a description that left no room for doubt. I tried my luck by sending a small message and, for short, the same evening we were entwined …! This pattern has been repeated several times during this test month, with almost every time members who are more than motivated for a leg part in the air.

Be it clear, feelings have no place and it’s definite from the beginning. Of the 8 adventures I had during this month, there is only one girl I have seen several times because our sexual understanding is divine!

With meetings that are done in a few clicks and open users, my opinion on UpForIt can only be positive!

UpForIt rate: how much does a subscription cost?

To enjoy unlimited communication, larger photos, more search criteria and premium support, you need to subscribe to UpForIt. Here are the proposed rates.

You can test the site for 3 days for only 1.53 USD. Ideal to start dating and discover the site, it is a practical and cheap option. Once the 3 days are over, without notification from you, you will switch to a premium subscription.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
3-day Trial
3 Credits 0.99 USD / Credit 2.97 USD
Full Membership
1 Month 27.30 USD / Month 27.30 USD
3 Months 15.30 USD / Month 45.90 USD
6 Months 12.30 USD / Month 73.80 USD

Advantages and Disadvantages of UpForIt

Here are the highlights and weaknesses we found on UpForIt:

Strong points :

Great rates (and a trial offer of 3 days!)
A formidable efficiency with many profiles and invested
A clear interface

Weak points :

The billing discreet
Classic features, without particular originality

Our Verdict

No doubt, UpForIt is an excellent sexy dating site that will allow all those who want sex quickly to satisfy their desires!

Registered members have no taboos, the community is vast and although not all regions seem to be equally divided in terms of registered members, users are easily found within a few kilometers. For a little fun, sometimes you have to move, but you will not regret it!

With its great rates and 3-day trial period, I can only recommend you to register on UpForIt if you want to have fun!

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