Twoo’s name may tell you something, because this site launched in 2011 was a great success. This is a mix of dating, chat and social networking, supposed to allow you to find love or a more naughty plan quickly. By relying on a huge community of users and a very neat interface, the site looks very promising.

After 1 month of use, I give you my opinion on Twoo. And you will see that it is not so folichon that!

General Overview

This Twoo dating site is reminiscent of the famous Badoo. Indeed, we will find more or less the same features, which we will detail later, but also this mix between dating site and social network.

On the other hand, Twoo seems rather frequented by thirties than by teenagers in heat. As a result, we can hope to make more serious encounters, whether they are in love or simply sexual. Moreover, with its user community that borders the 12 million around the world, all hopes are allowed!

If you like chat online, with a wide variety of profiles, in order to organize real appointments, then this site will surely interest you. But it will be necessary to sort out between his good ideas and his big defects! I explain this in the following of this review on Twoo.

Twoo review: a dating site with vast possibilities?

Registering on Twoo will not cost you anything. You can do this via your Facebook account, or through your email address. Be aware that going through your FB account will give Twoo permission to know your contacts and potentially send them messages. Confidentiality level, we will go back.

Then you only have to create a complete profile to start using this platform, which offers many possibilities. You will find on the main page a multitude of options: a messenger, a chat (written or webcam), the last activities of the members on the site, the additions of suggested friends, your matches, the members who saw your profile, a tab ‘discover’ that works a little like Tinder … What to occupy, in short.

Nothing to say about the quality of the different profiles. Very legible, with beautiful photos, they are mostly very pretty and allow to know more about the member in question, its expectations or tastes. This is important because you can find everything here: singles in search of love or sex, married users, people just looking for friendship. So much to know from the beginning, not to go wrong!

For lovers of travel or exoticism, it is also possible to find lots of members around the world. The Twoo dating site is available in nearly 200 countries!

Then you choose where to start! You can post a mood, check the profiles you are interested in and contact them (after subscribing), make requests from friends, put likes here and there …

A lot of positive, and an opinion on Twoo that until then is pretty good. But things get a bit complicated afterwards.

Too good to be true?

It is fairly quickly realized that the profiles are surprisingly attractive. The girls are mostly very beautiful, muscular men and sexy, and a question arises then: would not it be too good to be true?

Well if, in part! Because despite the assertions of the site, which promises that the profiles are all manually verified, we can quickly raise serious doubts. Indeed, after a few days of use, we realize that we receive a lot of messages … questionable. Between ultra sexy women looking to sleep with you, those who seem in love just by reading your profile, and messages written in languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are not yours, we understand that the sorting is not done so conscientiously that it.

It is quickly embarrassing, because one ends up being distrusted and that brakes the go put in the meetings.

This prevents it from making interesting meetings. Not necessarily, as I explain below. But before continuing this review on Twoo, let’s see what to pay to use the platform 100%.

Rates and subscriptions

The free use of Twoo is very limited. Without a subscription, you will not be able to send or read the messages you receive. So you have to go to the cashier. And the proposed rates are as follows:

1 month will cost you $ 9.99; the 3-month offer is $ 7.99 per month and the 6-month offer is $ 5.99 / month. Lastly, for 1 year of subscription, you will pay $ 4.99 per month.

Price and Fees

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
1 Week 7.99 $ / Week 7.99 $
1 Month 12.99 $ / Month 12.99 $
3 Months 10.33 $ / Month 30.99 $
6 Months 7.83 $ / Month 46.98 $
12 Months 6.49 $ / Month 77.88 $
550 Credits 0.02 $ / Credit 9.99 $
900 Credits 0.02 $ / Credit 14.99 $
1,250 Credits 0.02 $ / Credit 19.99 $
2,750 Credits 0.01 $ / Credit 39.99 $
First in Search / Daily Spotlight / Daily Boost / Daily Explore
1 Month 36.99 $ / Month 36.99 $
3 Months 31.00 $ / Month 93.00 $
6 Months 27.17 $ / Month 163.02 $
12 Months 23.41 $ / Month 280.92 $

Strengths and Weaknesses of Twoo

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Twoo dating platform.

Strong points :

  • A modern and dynamic site
  • Highly legible profiles
  • An extended community

Weak points :

  • The free offer too limited
  • Many questionable profiles
  • Privacy settings too intrusive, if you connect via Facebook

My results on Twoo after 1 month: review of meetings

My use of twoo for a month allowed me to do some dating, it’s a fact. I chat via chat with many people, to finally meet 2 during this test month.

But to get there, I had to spend a lot of time on Twoo. Sort through all the messages you received, check that I was talking to real people, and finally it was lassitude that won me over. Because if initially, it is appreciable to have so many choices, we quickly realize that many profiles are only there to fill.

Moreover, just as it is the case on Badoo, Twoo users often do not know why they are there. Ass plan? Serious dating? Just to pass the time? Sometimes you have to exchange many messages to understand … that you do not have the same goal. It is painful.

To conclude this opinion on Twoo, the fact that the platform is similar to Badoo, except maybe the age of singles here, the dessert. This lack of originality makes me conclude that its existence is not essential in the dating market.

Our Verdict

In the end, we could consider the Twoo dating site, and the application available on Smartphone, as a Badoo for Adults.

So you have to know what to expect: a lot of profiles, but a huge sort to do; messages that are not very subtle, sometimes vulgar; and answers that sometimes never happen. You have to spend time to get results!

Therefore, I advise you rather more effective sites, according to your desires: OkCupid for serious meetings, BeNaughty for naughty encounters.

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