One of the best transgender dating sites is TS Date, a free online dating platform for local singles. It is used by singles and transgender or transsexuals (gay, lesbian or bisexual). This site has an impressive 75 million members from all over the world. This high number of users is a positive indicator of the possibilities you have to find the perfect partner. On TS Date, you are offered the opportunity to consult transgender and transsexual profiles in your area, or any other of your choice, to form a relationship. Whether you are looking for an ephemeral or lasting relationship, this transsexual dating platform is the perfect place to go for your rare gem. It was created in 1996 and has an average of 120,460 visits per month.

Creating an account on Tranny Dates

To register for this site, you need to follow a few simple steps on the home page, and provide the necessary information to continue the registration process. You will find the icon “REGISTER NOW! Log in with local singles, which is displayed on the first page.

After filling in the necessary boxes and details of your birth, you will be asked to fill in a few columns with a series of questions about yourself, your physique, your sexual orientation and your tastes. This whole process seems easy and will only take a few minutes.

The main features of the TSDate site

This casual dating site allows you to mingle and flirt with sexy, open-minded people with a high probability of interest. You have the option to connect with other members via chats and instant messaging.

For those who like dirty tricks, it seems that administrators here guarantee you a mini-paradise, because you are allowed to view the photos and videos naked members, especially as this site boasts more than 40 million users who love nudes. You have access to the profiles and emails of other members, which allows you to view and view photos and videos posted on a person’s profile. TS Date is like a social network dedicated to transgender people, where freedom is offered to everyone to find what they are looking for.
Search tools to find the rare pearl: ladyboy or shemale

TS Date gives you the ability to search and locate members anywhere in the world. It automatically searches for members in the same region as you, indicating which ones are online. Also, it allows you to customize your search with the criteria of your choice. Thus, you can have more refined proposals according to your desires. TS Date is a complete site offering more advanced search possibilities, so that you find your rare pearl more easily.


The connectivity of this site is very wide, allowing you to get in touch with members all over the world. What’s interesting is that you get the best proposals matching your search in the foreground, with full access to member profiles, photos and videos, unlimited contact with everyone, and the ability to connect to best profiles. But that has a cost. To access this level of connection, you must subscribe to the Gold Membership Plan. This gives you full access to the platform, which can speed up your search and give you a better experience. Experience has shown that those who subscribe to a subscription always benefit from the best proposals.

Privacy and Security

The website ensures the complete security and privacy of each of its users. Every personal information required by the website, during or after registration, remains confidential. The site stated that nothing would be revealed to a third party, in any form whatsoever. The personal information disclosed on the website will only be used to contact the user, on any request relating to his account, as also indicated in the confidentiality clause.

Security is a major issue and the site ensures its members that theirs is guaranteed on the platform. However, the security of its members outside the site can not be assured, because the site does not control the appointments that take place between people who attract. You will be in charge of your own safety, as soon as you decide to schedule an appointment with a person.

The benefits of TS Date

TSDates.com is a great site for one-night shots, and maybe a lasting sex. Its registration process is fast and, as such, saves time. Its flexibility is an interesting asset. You are far from the platforms where you have to spend a good half an hour, maybe more, before entering the community. Here, everything takes place in a few minutes. Its large community is a strong point, which will make your life easier and allow you to access many attractive proposals.

Disadvantages of TS Date: Is it really effective?

Among the disadvantages of the site, there is this facility that people have to leave false information during registration. The process being quick and easy, malicious people could take advantage of it to trick other members. For example, the site has no way to detect lies in terms of age and personality, making it accessible to young teens and children.

Our verdict: should he choose TSDate.com to meet transsexuals?

All in all, TS Date is dedicated to all those who wish to build transgender relationships, whether serious or ephemeral. Nevertheless, most members are more oriented towards brief sexual relations. It’s a bit like the transgender Tinder. If you are looking for a platform exclusively for serious relationships, My Transsexual Date will be more useful. Nevertheless, you can always try your luck.

Its large community is an important argument, which opens the door to great opportunities in terms of meetings. This is the site where you can be who you want and look for the kind of people you love.
TS Date is free, but offers paid subscriptions that give you unlimited access to profiles, especially the best ones.

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