With its very good ergonomics and ease of use, the Tinder application is one of the most interesting of the web. Only problem, Tinder is known as a site to satisfy his sexual desires for serious relationships, which unfortunately is often justified.

Since 2012, the year of its conception, the Tinder application has already registered more than 100 million profiles around the world and about 10 billion matches or “matches”. Incredible numbers that make this platform the star of mobile dating. Tinder has a feature that helps in this register: its universal character. Available in 24 languages, Tinder is particularly easy to access and is based on profiles that are close to your location, as well as mutual attraction. This platform favors more shots of an evening or two and this, whatever your sexual aspirations (hetero or not). However, you should be able to find a serious relationship, if you wish, among the many profiles this platform has.

How it works ?

Tinder Mobile is available for download via the majority of mobile download portals for any type of phone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry …). For an Android for example, you will use Play Store to have your application. You can then activate it without difficulty and log in with your Facebook account because yes, the application is activated only with a Facebook account. This is also the first thing we asked the application as soon as we launched it: identify with a Facebook account.

A not insignificant feature of Tinder is its Partial Free. Creating an account and finding proximity are free. Only the threshold of games or attraction to the profile is set at 50 maximum per day for the free version, which gives you great opportunity to meet. Certain functions like swipe cancellation or passport option are also not available in free mode.

How to Create a Tinder account

For first access to Tinder, the home page looks like this:

You will not have access to the platform without having confirmed your Facebook account. It is a strategy to discourage misleading and other malicious profiles. But Tinder respects your privacy. So be reassured, the app does not publish on your Facebook newspaper.

We are then asked to specify our gender. Once the genre is specified, the application creates a default profile from the information found on Facebook. You can refresh the profile as soon as you want. This profile is created based on the four points below:

  • The first name (or pseudo Facebook)
  • The age
  • The last four profile pictures
  • Your interests always based on Facebook information.

Once these steps are completed, your account is now open and you can update your profile at any time. You will then have the privilege to add photos or replace, up to 6 photos, without more. You are free to optimize your profile with some additional information such as:

  • “About you”: talk about yourself, your aspirations, your passions, etc.
  • Your job
  • Your training
  • You get a little extra: you can link your TINDER account to INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY

Tinder Features

With Tinder, there is no longer a waste of time. Its operation is mainly based on matching. With its geographical location system, the application presents, according to your preferences, profiles of people who are close to you. With a simple click on the photo of the interested party, you display its information.

However, the most used function of the application is the Swap. Swap is to swipe right or left respectively as the profile suits you or does not suit you.

You will probably repeat the Swap several times depending on how many profiles you like or not. A “match” will be obtained when one of the people you have slid to the right will slide on the same side. It is then that you could discuss with the interested person and if affinities there is, to organize a meeting at will.

Unlike some dating apps, such as AdopteUnMec Mobile and Gleeden where you have to make a subscription, you can enjoy all the features for free with Tinder.

The advantages of the paid membership

Even if you have access to the features of the application in free mode, it is still subject to a certain limit. The use of the application will consist, most of the time, to make Swaps in order to win a “match”. But you can customize:

The optimal coverage space of the geographical location of other users
The age range you want to see.

There is still a paid version called Tinder Plus and has more options than the free mode. You will have among others:

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Unlimited Super likes
  • Swipe Rewind and Cancellation: You may have changed your mind about a profile and want to drag it to the opposite side
  • Change Tinder location : Access to other cities in the search: this option benefits those who want to move to another city, because they can anticipate.

Tinder Plus and Gold: the VIP version!

A complete section had already been dedicated to the pay mode of the application or rather should we say the VIP version. You can read it by clicking here: Tinder Plus.

However, we invite you to discover the rates below to gain access to the paid mode.

Tinder subscription terms: Blue Star and Super Like

In fact, since writing this article, some things, not least, have been improved. You will discover for example the blue star which represents the super like. Most users did not really get to know the profiles before asking successive likes.

It is therefore difficult to distinguish one who has really studied his profile from the other who has only random likes. It is possible that you ended up with the likes of a person because she proceeded to the chain.

This explains the entry into play of the blue star which represents the super like. So, with a super like, you mean to the interested person that you really want to get in touch with him. The super like is not a simple like, it’s the equivalent of a love. It should not be abused.

Tinder, an easy-to-use application

One of Tinder’s key strengths is its simplicity. The application has a very advanced ergonomics with a simplified interface. Finger swipe or swap to the left or right has become one of Tinder’s flagship doors and has fostered its popularity around the world.

It will also be necessary to note the simplicity in the contacts, because a person with whom you have a match answers usually to your writings.

Tinder application: users and moderation

With Tinder, you have a simplicity in making contact. This has indeed allowed it to have the reputation of platform of pleasant meetings. You can regularly trade with your “matches” once the contact is established because users are very responsive. But you will need more vigilance because of the presence of some fake profiles on the platform. How will you know, for example, that the person whose picture you have on the profile is really of this complexion or of such a beauty? The more beautiful, the more you must be on your guard. However, this is becoming increasingly rare on Tinder. In short, it is better still remain vigilant.

Strong and weak points of Tinder mobile

The greatest asset of Tinder is its ergonomics that gives it a very simple interface. The surf is fast and pleasant. The swapping mode has become famous, and the other dating sites have almost all imitated.

What makes Tinder so special is the fact that it is also known as a platform dedicated solely to one-night strokes. Many people use the application for this purpose. If you are really looking for a serious relationship, it might be better for you not to use Tinder. But who knows, you could be luckier.

Tinder’s strengths

  • Simple and usable interface without complex
  • Many profiles
  • Some security with the obligation to have a Facebook account
  • Meetings and free basic functions.

Tinder Dating Site for PC and Mac

Ergonomics, its most conquering asset. Starting in 2018 Tinder now has a desktop version of the dating app for PC and Mac. With traditional dating sites, contacts were made in different stages, which increases the duration. Tinder dating site has brought a better solution thanks to the quick swipe of the finger which makes it possible to express its interest for a person. With simple finger gestures, you can scroll through profiles and even view them. The setting is quite easy with only three points: sex, age interval and geolocation.

By using the Tinder dating site, you can see user accounts from any region, as long as they interest you. Take advantage of your lost time by increasing your chances of getting “games”. He even says that the toilets are a favorite place to make advances with the advent of the Tinder app.

Very helpful matching system

With Tinder, more shame to have! If you find yourself in an embarrassing situation, someone you have already met, an acquaintance located outside your locality, which interests you, but you do not know how to proceed, Tinder offers you the solution. With a little luck, your target would be listed on Tinder. If so, you will certainly have it among the proposed profiles. This is the moment to make him understand your interest without putting you in uncomfortable positions. If you like him too, then go for a romance.

Tinder mobile free

Tinder is a free application and every day it welcomes thousands of new users on the platform. With traditional dating sites that often charge, it’s obvious that people will be turning more to Tinder because of its free mode. The probability is still strong enough that the free mode is not permanent over time. We can still hope that the proposed rates, when the time comes, be affordable because of the large number of users and especially the interest of young people.

The points to improve the application

  • the impression that the site gives to being a platform for those looking for the shots of an evening
  • fake profiles that dirty the site environment
  • The addiction

It is very easy to develop some dependence on the application. Indeed, via it, you have the opportunity to approach someone without embarrassing you or sometimes even without thinking, even if the intentions are not real. This ease of action increases, more than necessary, the time spent on the application. Suddenly, the art of seduction loses all its place, because we no longer create social bonds as is the case during outings, shared passions or taking physical knowledge. Tinder is criticized for losing the true values ​​of seduction.

Two people who know they are interested in each other no longer look for ways to impress. However, there is a real point where we often make mistakes. It’s nice to start the exchanges by message, the ultimate goal of Tinder is to make you have a meeting in real time. When you rely on the screen of your phone, you end up losing the habits of seduction, while it is the physical attractiveness you will have on this person who will decide whether or not a possible relationship is favorable. .

It is at this level that we realize that Tinder does not help shy singles indefinitely. If you are afraid to express yourself, if you do not know how to enhance yourself, and if you do not master anything in the art of seduction, you will have some difficulties during physical encounters.

The fear of revealing oneself, of remaining alone, or of not being up to it also increases Tinder’s addiction. While the app gives you easy access to many singles, it does not have the ability to give you advice on how to manage a meeting or better to keep it going. It is a task that is yours entirely.

Tinder and the malicious profiles

It is not a new fact that all dating platforms are faced with the intrusion of fake profiles and Tinder is no exception. These malicious users are often looking for prey to be scammed. They will use your feelings to extort money or to blackmail you. Their first reflex will be to maneuver for you to change communication network by often offering less demanding platforms such as MSN or Skype. So be careful. These malicious profiles make you waste time but are also the basis of disappointment. It is especially disheartening when you have not been able to get a lot of “matches” and the few matches are false profiles. Our advice for you is that you give more credit to profiles with whom you have friends in common.

With Tinder, it’s zero confidentiality and no anonymity

In case you are discreet and you want to remain anonymous, Tinder will certainly not be useful. Indeed, those with whom you have friends in common can easily find you on Tinder and even make the link on Facebook easily. As proof, you will certainly find some of your Facebook friends among the profiles that are proposed to you. The app can even offer you a member of your family such as your sisters, brothers, uncle, aunt etc. The other thing that may seem embarrassing is that your service colleagues will also be able to see you on Tinder. Tinder is also not recommended for those who are looking for a non-marital relationship. So do not register on a whim. Take the time to analyze and see if you assume all this. Remember that with Tinder, you will not be able to maintain any confidentiality or anonymity.

A very poor geographical location

While it is true that at the beginning of our test, the geographical location had worked well, we recorded the performance underperformance of this feature later. We have had “matches” with people as much as 5,000 kilometers while the setting was 15 kilometers. In addition, some profiles indicating beings in our environment (about 10 kilometers) were in reality foreigners living on the other side of the world; Malicious profiles certainly. As a result, we have been put in contact with users who are very distant from our position. For those who want a quick meeting, this is clearly not good news.

It should also be noted that fake profiles tend to make you spend more time on the platform. To make more swap, you have to spend a lot of time browsing the application and the more you like it or not, the more the probability to match is high. If in theory, it can be a positive point, in practice, it is more complex to manage. The dysfunction of the geolocation and the harmful presence of the malicious profiles contribute enormously to you to waste more time and do not put you in the best conditions to have a good meeting. It is quite demotivating, which could force you to subscribe to a paying offer to give a boost to the matching process.

We also found many deficiencies in the profiles proposed for a given location or age category. Although Tinder notifies you that all profiles that meet the criteria are already available, new profiles appear when you retry the process while the criteria remain the same as at the beginning.

Targeting system for age categories is failing

During our test, we chose to put ourselves in the shoes of a man of 35 years to be able to benefit from an overall vision of the operation of the application. With this profile, we targeted women of the same age or a little older. Tinder has instead submitted age categories of twenties. It is obvious that the targeting is extremely faulty or does the site offer random profiles when it does not have a profile corresponding to your criteria. We have come to the conclusion that Tinder is aimed specifically at young people and performs well for users under 30 years of age. It will be a little complicated to find a profile beyond this category.

Relevance of interests on Tinder

With the experiences you’ll be doing with Tinder, you’ll end up wondering if the interest-based matching is really useful for a meeting. Certainly, it is easier to approach a discussion with a “match” having the same interests as oneself. But it would also be very exciting to interact with someone different, having different interests. This person may even prove to be complementary to you.

Find people using Tinder

With its more or less deserved platform of one-night shots, it is very difficult to distinguish a profile whose objective is to find a serious relationship and another in search of a weekend adventure for example. It is hard to discern the intentions of those who register on the platform. The application has also inherited the nickname “Target” Tinder, because the majority of users register in order to find their “coup d ‘evening”. Thus, if like many, looking for a little bit for the weekend, you will surely be satisfied. If on the other hand, you want a soul mate, you may not have the same success because you will find a lot of profiles that do not have the same vision as you.


With his swapping, Tinder has had an outstanding success lately. There are several advantages to this application. We can speak for example of its ergonomics which is a notch above other platforms. Do not ignore his free mode that is very helpful.

Surfing the platform is simple and enjoyable. But with the system of “swapping”, there are some limits. With the ease of dragging profiles, users do not take the time (or if they do, there are not many) to pay attention to the personality of the profile. They just focus on the profile picture. It would be better for you to have Tinder accompany another application like Badoo.

Members and the Community

The motivations for using Tinder are diverse and varied. There will be people who just want sexual pleasure, others use it as a hobby. You can also find curious people, or people who make bets to see who has a better attraction of seduction by getting more affinities or “matches”.

This is an opportunity for some to go to court without having to deal with protocols like on other platforms. Some are there to find a serious relationship and others just want to see what their attraction power is by collecting “matches”.

Of course, there are some who are registered only to get laid in the air.

Well no ! I do not run away. Personally and in my communicating position, my motivation is good. After all, a communicator worthy of the name must be in phase with the technological and communicative advances even if it is necessary to appropriate it, to experiment them why not.

To be honest, I give free rein to my curiosity. Although, I recognize to take advantage to meet people, make friends, exchange with some people exactly like what I would have done at a party with friends.

Selfies, duckfaces,  … Images to serve as a description

Even though in real life appearances are misleading, with the Tinder app, people are using more photos to properly present themselves.

I am especially referring to these girls who like to make duckfaces in the photos (not very attractive by the way), who take poses models. You will find some that highlight their photo when they were small, evening photos (your friends are they aware?), Which position photos of back (for what purpose?). For others they are selfies in the showers, pictures with grimasses and so on.

With the application, you have the opportunity to pass the photos one after the other without paying attention. You have the opportunity to view the profiles and read the descriptions even if it is not regular. To tell you the truth, I often do it when I ask myself questions.

I saw everything I could about Tinder. Since the quotes (Louis Aragon, Phone …), jokes and smilies, through instagram links without forgetting the prose and standard phrases such as ” we tell our parents that our first meeting was in a museum.

On the other hand, I had to eliminate many “matches” because I read messages, all talking about young erotic girls and who offered me to connect on another platform. It’s weird anyway. But through Twitter, I realized that it was fairly regular and that hardly anyone was spared.

Why you need to join Tinder: print on Tinder

The platform is certainly pleasant and fun, so do not be deprived. The goal is to be entertained and the swapping is quite distracting. So when you trade with a match, you should avoid taking it seriously. Anyway, you do not risk big because the possibility is offered to you to block a contact when you wish it. If you are not looking for seriousness, Tinder is the ideal application for you.

The reasons that can discourage you from joining Tinder

It is true that for the media, Tinder is an application to “chopper”: this is demonstrated with the title displayed by Le Monde “With Tinder, sex and a lot of blah-blah.” But that’s not necessarily true. We can not deny that the probability of finishing under the sheets is quite high, but this should not be your primary objective. You might want to consider Tinder as an uncomplicated way to get to know another person. It’s like a “have you put Ted” in how I put your mother. The plus with Tinder is that you are likely that your interlocutor is also under your spell. But that does not mean that everything is won in advance because before going under the duvet at night, you must put the package to seduce even more this person. However, it is not recommended to go directly under the sheets with someone you see for the first time. Take the time, even just 5 minutes around a jar to make sure the current goes first.

Keep in mind that everyone who signs up for Tinder has different goals. You will find men and women who are on the site to actually “chopper” and it’s not bad. You will also find those who simply intend to see how powerful is their power of attraction and thus to obtain a high number of “matches” without more. Some are in pairs and also play this game, especially women. On the other hand, you will find others who can no longer use standard platforms and who therefore register on Tinder for the sole purpose of finding their charming prince or princess, which should in fact be the rule. Against all odds, you’ll find some who are simply looking to expand their circle of friends and network and also people just want to impress the modeling agencies. There is still a last category that offers various services: escort service among others.

In summary, users are registered either to flatter their ego, sex or a serious relationship; all three are also possible. But it is better to start from the fact that the priority is not to chopper. This is also valid for people wanting a stable relationship. Do not expect to immediately find what you are looking for. We therefore advise you not to immediately invest in Tinder, but to wait and see how things unfold.

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