If you have arrived on this page, it is because like many men all around the world, you are sensitive to the charm of the Thai women and that you would like to meet one, either for an evening, or for the life …

Thai women are, indeed, very popular with men. So, believe us, the easiest and most effective way is to start by registering on a dating site.

And for Thai women, the reference site is, without question, the dating site: ThaiCupid.

We tested it for you, and we will, throughout this article, accompany you in the discovery of ThaiCupid, guiding you step by step to the one (s) that awaits you (ent).

ThaiCupid, the pearl of Asia

It is recognized that meeting Thai women is more convenient and easier via dating sites than by any other means. The majority of men who travel professionally or for vacation in Bangkok or other Thai cities, confirm the importance and usefulness of dating sites to meet Siamese girls. Most of them use ThaiCupid.

For them, ThaiCupid is the best dating facilitator. Remember, this Asian dating site has been around since 2002, and there are more than 1.5 million registered members!

It would be surprising if you did not find your happiness.

Want to check for yourself? So, register right now on ThaiCupid, it’s here.

How to register and introduce yourself on ThaiCupid?


In fact, nothing is easier! To begin, you already have the possibility to register via your email address or to register using your Facebook profile. By using your Facebook profile, in one click, you have access to the site (but the site will also have your data).

It is preferable, if you wish to remain discreet to choose the first option, that is to say to inform the elements which are requested to you, and to pass by your address e-mail. You will be asked for a valid email address and a password.

All you have to do is validate your account via an activation link that you will receive in your mailbox. You are immediately redirected to the site. Simple!

Fill in your profile

Once registered, you go directly to the site, and you can start to fill in your profile: choose a member name (nickname), add photos, describe yourself, and describe the one you are looking for. You will be asked, too, to talk about yourself, your hobbies.

You do not have to fill in all the sections, because they are very numerous! But all these elements will increase, considerably, your chances of meeting even more perfect and more targeted.

Remember, the more time you take to introduce yourself, the more you will gain then to find the right girl with whom to spend the evening or the rest of your life.

You can also add to your profile CupidTags, which describe you in a short way and which quickly and quickly clarify to other members some traits of your personality. It’s also a great way to stand out!

Finally, and importantly, you can have your profile certified by downloading a copy of your ID. To see that your profile is certified, reassures the women of the site and thus considerably increases the number of contacts.

A word of advice: remember to look at the counter of the messages sent to you as you complete your profile, because at the end of your registration, you will probably have more than 15 messages waiting!

To finish on the inscription, do not forget that the more a profile is detailed and complete, accompanied by several photos (recent if possible …), the more it will attract people, a little like the jam for the bees!

User Interface

Once the registration is completed and your profile filled in, discover the different features of the user interface. They are numerous and very intuitive.

Here are a few :

  • A tab with the number of connected profiles allows you, by clicking on them, to display them all.
  • A “correspondence” tab will display the profiles that correspond to the criteria you have stipulated for your future partners.
  • A tab “search” allows you to launch a search different from that recorded and much more refined.
  • A “message” tab allows you to access and reply to your messages.
  • An “activities” tab allows you to see who saw your profile, who flashed on you, etc.

If you click on a profile, you can view the profile, send a regular message, flash, etc. Honestly, it’s very intuitive.

The different types of Thai women on ThaiCupid

It is clear that among the women you will meet on ThaiCupid, there is something for everyone: the one you are looking for, for sure, and others that you will leave, precisely, to others.

Here is a small summary of those that you will not miss crossing during your research on the site.

  • The prostitute who comes to market (a reminder for the French, the solicitation of prostitutes-e-s is now punishable by law).
  • The Thai who comes to make farang (foreign) friends and who does not say no for a good sex.
  • The blue flower who wants to find the man of his life.
  • The one who is looking for marriage.
  • You see, you’re just spoiled for choice.

In addition, the profiles are extremely complete. Here is an excerpt!

But how to best use all the features?

The choice of status. It is worth remembering, once again, that the more detailed your profile is, the more chances you will have to make as many meetings as possible. To maximize your chances, you can, too, take a subscription. There are then three types of status:

Standard, the one you already have as a free member. It allows you a basic match, to flash on a profile and to communicate with the paying members.
However, it allows in addition to communicate directly with all members, to put in anonymous status and no longer have advertisements (because we recognize, there are many).
Platinum is the must. It puts your profile above the basket, the latter is immediately noticed with its VIP status. It offers other possibilities to communicate, the translation into your language of all messages, etc.

The Pricing and Fees

With the “Gold” status, which is more than enough, the rates are very reasonable. Much cheaper than a subscription on TINDER, for example.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
Platinum Membership
12 Months 13.33 USD / Month 159.99 USD
3 Months 26.66 USD / Month 79.98 USD
1 Month 39.99 USD / Month 39.99 USD
Gold Membership
12 Months 11.67 USD / Month 139.99 USD
3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD

How to turn the virtual meetings into a real life date?

You should know that Thai women who come to dating sites, do not do it only to discuss by courier or, as it is said of some girls who go to disco, to make tapestry. If they are here, to converse with you is that they want to meet you.

If the current passes, quickly, they will give you their Line, an Asian instant messenger, which you must have on your Smartphone. It will be easy for you to propose an appointment for a coffee or why not a restaurant. But beware, before the meeting, there are errors or odd not to commit!

Tips to seduce Thai Women

Here are some tips, which are also a little bit the same as those that we must apply with other women. It’s often a matter of common sense and respect!

Know, that you are not the only one registered on Tha├»Cupid, and therefore not the only one in contact with it. At the risk of tiring it, stand out from many others, do not spammy her email because she did not answer you after 5 minutes. If she does not answer you, she’s certainly busy. Yes, she has a life outside of you. Do not harass her to ask why she is not answering you. This is the best way to end up on the sidelines.
When sending your first message, remember to be original. Forget the “Hi” or “How are you? “. It’s boat and she had to (it’s sure!) Receive hundreds like that. To give you an example, if in your description you explain that you are a fan of coffee, if on one of the photos of a Thaie registered on ThaiCupid, she has a selfie with a coffee in hand. Just tell him “Hooo, I find my coffee partner”. Nothing complicated. But be original as much as possible. You will understand, be yourself and do not take the lead! And if it is not the right one, it will be the next.

Do not ask her line straight away, try to get to know her before. It is after having exchanged on common passions, places that you like, in short, after having discussed a minimum that you will be able to propose to him a meeting to take a coffee, for example. Try to suggest a place she told you about. If she accepts, the Line will come alone. If she does not agree, it does not matter, another one will. That’s it, and now that you know how to use ThaiCupid and handle Line trading, let’s get to the meeting itself.

First ThaiCupid Date

The moment has arrived. The Thai girl of your dreams, the one with whom you had a good time discussing ThaiCupid, agreed to meet you. Do not be surprised if she arrives late and accompanied

You are well settled sipping yet another coffee, she is already 30 minutes late, and you see her arrive with another Thai woman. No problem, it’s perfectly normal. The delay is cultural, and as for the good girlfriend who accompanies it, finally, since it does not know you, it is not so surprising. It’s a security issue, of course, you’ll understand.

Look after your appearance

As she will most certainly have made a sartorial effort, to be even more to your advantage, the least thing would be to do the same no? Farewell shorts, flip-flops and marcel … welcome pants, t-shirt and sneakers. Appearance is important and not only in Thailand, and heat is not an excuse in a country where meeting places are air-conditioned.

Be nice and attentive

Now you have to greet yourself and start the conversation. In this, it should not be much different from a conversation with another woman in another country. Try to be friendly, attentive, open, fun, considerate while staying classy. It’s a minimum …

The little more

A tip from a friend who loves Thailand and his women, think to offer him a small gift, a box of chocolates for example, the effect is guaranteed! If you are ready, it’s here!

Be vigilant

Just a few words of common sense … If you are looking for a soul mate, you may have many requests, as many Thai women dream of leaving their country with a Westerner.

But if some are sincere and may be in love, others are less … As in all countries elsewhere.

It’s up to you not to go wrong!


As you may have realized from reading this article, meeting Thai women with ThaiCupid is frankly not difficult.

The main difficulty, finally, lies in making the decision to register on the site and detail as much as possible who you are and who you want to meet.

With the advice we gave you above, you have all the keys to make your stay in Thailand even more exceptional, and especially to make the meeting (s) you want.

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