In the internet of lovers of transsexuals, the site TGPersonals occupies a place of choice. With its operation between the chat and the forum, it connects trans with those who fantasize about them. And beyond transsexuals, TGPersonals is also for transvestites.

An explicit site dedicated to lovers of trans and transvestites.

When you arrive on TGPersonals, you are asked directly to declare yourself as over 18 years old. And once entered the site we understand quickly why. The members of the site are very cash in their research and in the contents that they publish. On their profile, trans, transvestites or transsexuals post photos and videos of them, most often in overtly sexual postures, and accompany these images with messages detailing their fantasies and what they are looking for on TGPersonals. Thus, “BeuretteTwerk”, a transvestite living in Ivry Sur Seine, posted a video of her anus and said look for “someone to format it and make it become a real work, the biggest bitch of paris”. He also posts a video of him naked twerker and ensures that it is his ass on the photos.

This is only an example but the other profiles on the site are to match. If you are looking for a serious relationship with a transvestite or trans TGPersonals is not for you. Here one looks only for the ass and the relations sought are often of the dominant / dominated type.

The profiles registered on TGPersonals

When looking at the profiles of TGPersonals members, there are mainly 2 types of profiles. On the one hand transvestites and some trans, on the other hand men looking to sleep with the first. On the profiles of trans and transvestites we find pictures of them usually seen from behind, open anus, or in female outfits, and a text explaining that they seek to, we quote, “get screwed” . On the profiles of the guys “active” we often find pictures of cock, more rarely photos with bare face and torso. By default the site will push you the geolocalised profiles closest to you without distinction of sexuality but you can also use the search engine to search in particular a trans, a transvestite, a bisexual or a hetero, in the city or the department of your choice.

Registration on TGPersonals is mandatory

To benefit from all the features of the TGPersonals site you will need to register. An email address is sufficient to validate your registration. If you just want to view the profiles and thumbnails of the photos published on the site you can do it as a free visitor, without having to give your email. If you sign up you are advised to do it from a specific address, TGPersonals members send a lot of messages and comments and you may well see your submerged mailbox after you sign up and post photos of you. Be aware that anyone can see the profiles on TGPersonals, if your transvestite side or amateur trans must remain secret it will be necessary to choose the photos you publish on the site to remain anonymous.

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