Find a hookup in less than 5 minutes! – That’s the promise of the SwingLifestyle site that we tested just for you.
Before deciding on the reality of this statement, we can already notice that things are clear from the beginning.
It is unlikely that you will register to meet the woman of your life or even for a lasting relationship.
Here, what is put forward is the ass and nothing else.

So  if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place (or, at least, in one of the good places since other similar platforms like, randomly, Adult Friend Finder and Casual Dating also have the merit of existing).
What? I hear that all guys are looking for that first …
This is not wrong, but I know quite a lot that are primarily to find a girlfriend or, at least, a story not too ephemeral.

How it works

Well, if you’re one of those guys that the One Night Stand does not scare and you want to go to the basics from the sofa in your living room, SwingLifestyle is great to meet your expectations.

The operation of the platform is all that is classic.
Those who are used to dating sites will not be disoriented.
With one exception, however:

The subscribers do not back here in front of the photos specially chosen to excite you and make you want to get to know them better.
This is not to displease us …

On the other hand, beware of a minimum (as always when it comes to meeting women on the Net) and try to be a little discerning.
Normally, SwingLifestyle has a monitoring team that checks – to a certain extent – the profiles of registrants.

On paper, it works very well and the potential scams will be filtered.
In practice, it’s a little less obvious and you will notice that photos a little too enticing appear here and there.
If for you, the desire is too strong and you can not resist trying to conclude with one of these profiles almost “too good to be true”, surround yourself with some precautions.
You can take advantage of your exchanges with the girl and ask for more photos to verify that the profile was not illustrated with an image on the Internet.
Try to do it diplomatically and do not say you’re suspicious.
Rather, be inventive and put that request into the conversation.
If doubt persists, go elsewhere.


How to meet swingers online

Online dating has this practice that you can seduce a woman without moving an inch and have to walk the streets or nightclubs to cross others.
So take full advantage of this advantage and butt to the right and left according to your desires and opportunities.

Those who pick up the most are the most active guys. Do as they do and always have, in addition to Plan “A”, a plan “B”, “C”, etc.
In short, send messages, contact requests as much as you can and act according to the openings you have created.

SwingLifestyle does not work in a different way than a classic dating site
Start by initiating contacts by differentiating yourself from other male members.

Something: Take a little time to think about what the majority of the registered guys are going to say in their opening message to the registered girls.

If you have no idea, you will always be inspired by the clues that you will reap here and there from these ladies themselves during your exchanges.

If at first you can not get a date, it does not matter.

Take this as a form of learning and say well that you do not fail but that you remove bad opportunities.

When you have a bit of experience, you will come across (if you adopt the right mindset of learning in all circumstances) to get an idea of ​​what to do to stand out.

There, you will only have to apply your deductions and findings by changing the way you behave online with girls.
You will see, the results will not wait …

The Features

  • What do you think is useful for communicating with girls through a dating site? SwingLifestyle woman lingerie
  • A messenger, at least a cat and … that’s all.
  • Well, why go for lunch at two o’clock?
  • All you need is to be able to send messages and receive them back.

Well, that’s good because SwingLifestyle has these tools.
So yes, there are many other options but some of them are paid in addition to the subscription and their usefulness to achieve your goal (to catch) is still often to demonstrate …
Do not scatter and go to the basics without looking for the maximum of options at all costs that you may never use.

Membership Prices

  • How to sign up for SwingLifestyle?
  • Either fill out the form online manually, or you trust Facebook Connect to do it for you.
  • In this case, you just have to click on the button with the colors of the social network which invites you to it.
  • Do not worry, your friends will not know you just signed up for an adult dating site.
  • They will not receive notification about this and nothing will appear on the visible part of your Facebook profile.
  • Then, to start peeling profiles and send requests to women who are just waiting for that, you will still have to go from “registered” to “subscriber”.


– A site that wants to be “without making head”. Both men and women know that they sign up for a sex drive.
– Free for women in order to attract a max.


– A minimum of vigilance and discernment are necessary on the sites proposing ephemeral meetings (perhaps more than on the sites of meeting in general).


An ass plan right now? Yes, if you are already familiar with the drag on the Internet.
For others, it may take a little practice, but SwingLifestyle is well enough designed to get you there without much trouble.

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