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With the rise of Internet dating sites, many specialized and specialized services on their domain have emerged and continue to flourish every day. In this market, it can be difficult to unmask the scams. So take the lead, that’s why we did a tour of the market of libertine dating sites. Here we have selected the best sites to meet libertine in 2019.

To make this classification, we based ourselves on a multitude of criteria. To name a few, we have classified the following sites taking into account the technical factor (computer security of the data for example), the user interface (the ease of use as well as the look of the site), the quality the meetings we make there, the popularity of the site … and many others!

This article deals with the top 5 sites oriented on the libertine encounter. If you would rather see our comparison of serious dating sites, we invite you to click here: access the current top of serious dating sites.

FAQ of the libertine encounter
The libertine encounter, what is it?

The libertinage is a bit like a sex in the end. One could try a shortcut by arguing that a libertine is a person who loves (a lot) sex. But if you like sex, you’re not necessarily a libertine.

Libertinism is a form of sexual practice, the most common before the internet, was to gather at events organized in clubs with various rooms, Jacuzzis, saunas … to indulge in sexual practices in groups. This form of libertinage is still relevant and is found in some clubs in large cities.

The libertine online dating, we can see it as a plan ass a little more “cozy”. We are less in general orgy among other things.
Swinger dating vs libertine dating

In the term “swinger meeting”, we can discern the verb “to exchange”. Swinging is a bit like libertinage but with a notion of exchange and more. As we have seen on the previous question, libertinage is linked to the passion for sex. Swinging is very close except that we will come with a woman, his wife (or not) and we will exchange our partners time for part of leg in the air. This is often the starting point for group orgies in (large) groups or not.
Why establish a ranking of the best libertine site?

At a time when all households have an Internet connection at home, the market for dating sites has literally exploded. We see websites of libertine dating develop from everywhere, extra-marital dating sites that are spreading more and more or even the sites of general meetings that are multiplying. Most of these services are paid, how to find the right site the first time without having to try them all one by one and lose a huge amount of money in the battle?

It is for these reasons that we chose to establish a ranking of the best libertine dating site. To help you meet real people in record time.
Why libertine encounters seduce?

In the libertine encounter, once you have passed the pure and hard definition of libertinage, you can hear “freedom”. Nowadays, we do not get married at 20 years old and we have no more 3 children at 25 years old. Society and related mores have become liberated, and more and more people are seeking to explore sexuality in the sense they want.

It is for this reason that more and more women and men are looking for purely sexual and naughty encounters. A form of sexuality without the disadvantages of the long-term relationship, offering the possibility of renewing the experience with different partners: women, men or even both.
Who are the libertines eager to meet?

The libertines eager to meet are people like you and me. Since we are human, we all love (or almost, small exceptions here and there) the sex and the pleasure it brings. Your neighbor may be libertine, the girl in the beautiful blue skirt that you met yesterday in the subway may be too.

Most of these libertines are part of the whole population, they are not “weird” people. And if you want to meet them, do you know how? After this top 5 best libertine dating sites, we think you have an idea of ​​how to meet libertines.

How to find the right partners?

Finding a good partner for a hot relationship is first and foremost a story of feeling. But before all these stories of atoms hooked, it would be good to register on the right dating site libertine. It is important to choose a site whose age range is close to your age. In addition, we advise you to register on a site present in mainland France if you live in France. Moreover, tip of the day, if you are more in the south of France, you should try your luck on Jacquie & Michel Contact. There seems to be a concentration of members in this area since the X movie brand was originally based in Toulouse.

Finally, you are free to flirt with these sites. However, remember that even if you love sex, you may not be ready to perform sexual practices that you do not just like to sleep with this beautiful blonde. If you had a vital advice to give you, it would always be in keeping with your own principles vis-à-vis your sexuality (even if it is released, as we have seen a little higher).

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