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It is no longer rare to see a sugar daddy, a sugar mama or a sugar baby assert itself as such. The meeting sites dedicated to them also make it easier for them to meet each other. We have studied one of them: Sugar Daddy For Me. After spending several weeks digging it up and down, we are proud to present our review Sugar Daddy For Me 2019.


For us, it is both a job and a passion. As we have always done since then, we will continue to deal with news topics in 2019, but also to realize opinions on the various sites, as well as comparisons of dating sites.

Today, we made a review on Sugar Daddy For Me, a dating site whose name is more than revealing. We tested it for several days and from all angles. Without further ado, let’s discover together the different aspects of this review on the Sugar Daddy For Me dating site.

How It Works

Above all, it is important to look at the theme chosen by the Sugar Daddy For Me dating site. Indeed, this is the question that all Internet users usually ask: what is the site talking about?

So here, the name of the dating site is more than explicit. It is a platform where rich men meet beautiful young women. Conversely, there are also rich women who are looking for their toyboy. The sugar love we are talking about here is a practice that is more and more common, although everyone has their own opinion on the issue.

Sugar Daddy For Me then welcomes sugar daddies, sugar mamas, sugar babies and toyboys among its members.

If you want our opinion, this site is particularly effective since it perfectly meets the expectations of many people. Many women are looking for their mentor, a man who makes them discover cities in the world, an exceptional way of life. In short, Sugar Daddy For Me is a phenomenal social lift for these women.

Sugar Daddy For Me also states that the choice of this niche has been judicious. Indeed, are concerned with sugar love singles, married people in search of new adventures, etc.

Rates and subscriptions

We felt it was important to look into the financial aspect of this advice on the Sugar Daddy For Me dating site.

Indeed, it is a paid site. And even if one can still categorize the online dating in the leisure, the paying character deserves that one looks at it. The reason is simple: free sites are often ineffective. On the other hand, sites which display too high tariffs make people flee.

What about Sugar Daddy For Me in this review? This is a site that is freemium. Registration is free, but most features are only available to subscribers.

Speaking of subscription, you should know that the site offers different formulas:

As you will have noticed, the rates are decreasing as the subscription period increases. In this Sugar Daddy For Me review, it is important to note that the rates charged by the site are largely affordable, given the quality of the services offered.

But if you want our opinion, the financial condition is only a detail for those who wish to find a sugar baby on this dating site. Remember that the name of the site is “Sugar Daddy For Me”. It is truly a reference in the category of Sugar Baby dating sites.

What about a free offer?

When people read reviews of a product or service, they inevitably scrutinize the existence of a free offer. This applies to food products, high-tech, and many more. If there is a free delivery, an after-sales service or others, the customers rush on.

In this review on the site of meeting Sugar Daddy For Me, as you say: the free offer exists but it is extremely limited. You have the opportunity to register for free on the site, but to access the different features, you will have to opt for one of the subscriptions offered.

When we know how effective this dating site is to find a sugar baby, a sugar mama, a sugar daddy or a toyboy, the question of free or not is not a problem.

Our opinion on the attendance rate Sugar Daddy For Me

The attendance rate is very important when you set up an opinion on a dating site. In fact, Internet users evaluate sites according to the affluence they have. The reason for this is simple: on a site that is not very busy, meeting opportunities are limited. On the other hand, the sites full to crack are real mines of gold in their eyes.

On this point, Sugar Daddy For Me is full carton. With over 5 million members to its credit, this dating site is one of the best sugar daddy dating sites on the market. Moreover, it should be noted in this opinion on Sugar Daddy For Me that this site is in the top 5 meeting sites sugar daddy and sugar baby.

What is the intrinsic value of the site?

It is now time to give our opinion on what the website Sugar Daddy For Me is worth, technically. You surely know, the ergonomics of a dating site interface plays a lot on the user experience. When said interface is easy to use and fluid, it is more pleasant to stay there to meet people.

So, what can we say about this in this review on Sugar Daddy For Me? Like many Internet users, we found that the site was the subject of important work. Among these 5 million members, many are satisfied with the website.

Does the site have mobile apps or not?

The existence or not of a mobile application is a capital information in a notice like this one. In 2019, Internet users swear by mobile applications. These are then used in all the sauces: in finance, shopping, mobile banking, etc.

Of course, the market for dating sites has not escaped this explosion of mobile applications. This allows you to meet people wherever you are, at any time.

We must then specify in this notice on the Sugar Daddy For Me dating site that a mobile application is available to date. However, users of Apple devices will have to wait, the application is only available on devices running Android.

Our opinion on the features

What are the features offered by Sugar Daddy For Me? What we can say is that subscribers to the site have plenty to meet with existing features.

For example, they have access to innovative communication tools such as instant chat, convenient to chat privately and arrange an appointment. Members will also be able to sort their favorite profiles and list them in a dedicated section.

But our favorite in this review on Sugar Daddy For Me is definitely the Anonymous Blur option. Clearly, this is a feature that allows you to blur your photos, to show them to only some profiles you have selected.

Is this a scam?

The word scam often comes up in notices about products or services. In fact, in some cases, the reality is very different from the established commercial promise. In this review on the Sugar Daddy For Me dating site, we will then tell you whether to talk about scams or not.

What we found is that members on Sugar Daddy For Me are actively looking for a partner, be it sugar daddies or sugar babies.

False profiles are almost non-existent. We can also thank the moderation team for this, but also the cost of the subscription which is dissuasive for those who are not there to meet sugar love.

Given all these elements, we can say in this opinion Sugar Daddy For Me that there is nothing that makes us think of a scam on this dating site. The meetings are beautiful and very real.

Payment methods accepted by Sugar Daddy For Me

Our experience in writing opinions on dating sites made us understand one thing: the means of payment put in place by these sites are never unanimous.

One always finds on one side the refractory to innovative solutions. Those prefer payments by check or bank transfer. On the other hand, there are those who swear by the practical and fast solutions, such as bank cards, Paypal or others.

So, what about Sugar Daddy For Me on this point? The site wanted to make a compromise between the two and chose to accept the automatic debits on bank account.

Our opinion on the customer support of the site

We also looked at the customer support when making this review on Sugar Daddy For Me. Indeed, the customer experience on a dating site depends a lot on the effectiveness of the latter to solve the problems of its subscribers.

A meeting site worthy of the name must then set up a customer service that is both fast and efficient.

Regarding Sugar Daddy For Me, we can say that the site meets the expectations of its subscribers. We pretended to have a problem understanding the interface. We filled out the contact form, which is usually not very effective.

To our surprise, we got an answer in just a few hours. And it was not automatic answers as it is the case on other dating sites. Our request was really taken into account, we had the solution to our (false) problem.

In sum, the methods are relatively outdated but still very effective thanks to the customer support teams who are looking into each file.

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