To laugh a little (or not) I wanted to present a dating site completely different from those usual.

If in general, I present you either friendly meetings or dating, this time I land with Sugardaddie, a dating site that revolves around money.

The literary translation of Sugar Daddy is Papa cake or rather Papy. You will understand it on Sugardaddie, it is not a beautiful stallion full of freshness that you will find, but an elderly person filled with money.

What’s this ? Presentation and Explanation!

Good laugh, Sugardaddie is a real dating site which also knows a great success. The concept & editorial line is not so far from what I say on the front line.

The slogan of Sugardaddie is also very speaking:

You are a man comfortable in life? Are you a busy person and like attractive and ambitious young women?

Thus, it is intended for young women and men who are looking for a much older partner.

The site is more than complete and functional, and also offers a lot of features .. From a look that is similar to the game of Badoo or HugAvenue, the discussion wall as Tiilt through more tools classic like messaging, people online and so on.

Side profile, again it is very complete, and moreover I could note that for once, most of the registered (e) s have a profile quite complete. Probably due to the fact that at the registration you are asked to fill your profile (possible step to jump).

Free or Paid?

Sugardaddie is based on the model of Freenium, ie the site is accessible for free in part, and for the other part it will pay a subscription.

The rates are quite competitive, since we are below the 20 € mark, whether for a single or several months.

Advantages disadvantages !

Like all dating sites there is good as there is bad .. Once is not customary here is what I could raise.

Features and strengths



  • Very complete & very functional website
  • Quick registration (possibility to skip profile step)
  • Many registered & active members
  • Subscription accessible and not very expensive
  • Interesting tools, including the discussion wall.
  • Ability to send virtual gifts, kiss or chatting.
  • Note system on photos but also a kind of guestbook for each profile.

Disadvantages and weak points


The site is more for young women looking for an old man, not young men looking for an old woman.
Without filling the profile (photo in particular) the free version does not last long (1h?)
Obliged to go through the subscription box, even if it is accessible.

Are there similar sites?

Sugardaddie is obviously not the only dating site in the genre. There are dozens and maybe even more. But I would very much like to talk to you about the Sugar Daddy Canada Version Dating Site, or US ..

By searching a little on the internet, you will easily find other sites dedicated to meetings with sugars daddys or anyway that are close to it, especially and especially in terms of its editorial line, and the target audience.

And in a way I want to say that it is not worse, quite the contrary. As with everything, there is competition! And very often, the difference is felt on the popularity of the site, its community but also and especially on the price!

After and honestly, I think that all sugar daddy dating sites, offer more or less the same experience and the same results. Being neither old nor rich, I am not a seasoned user of this kind of site and I can not necessarily confirm it.


Again this is a site that does not fit me at all, but it’s not the fault of Sugardaddie. I try to vary the services to offer you a wide enough choice to meet people.

I am not old, nor are I looking for an elderly partner. In other words, it’s not for me.

This does not prevent Sugardaddie from being a very clean and functional meeting site on which I think a lot of people have to find their happiness.

Numerous tools and features leading me to put a 4/4, all on a site fluid, fast to load and a simple enough interface of hand which also deserves a 4/4.

The community seems active and besides it seems that there are quite a few registrants. Many profiles seem to be inactive, it’s a shame. I think the curiosity of some is in question. You know we register to take a look but that’s all (a bit like me ..)

The price is available, however the Freenium model is a bit limited. As said above, if your profile is incomplete you can only enjoy the site for a very limited time. And even to visit the profiles for example. I remove 2 points!

And finally the editorial line of the site which is still respected as a whole. I attribute only 3/4, because I think of the “elderly”, who have difficulty reading for example, or who are not as equipped as young people. I mean, it’s not possible to increase the size of writing small details like that.

Good overall, and even if this site is not for me, I attribute to Sugardaddie 16/20 because it’s clean, not desert member or ultra expensive, it’s fluid and very functional! All that is expected of a dating site.

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