The SingleParentMeet dating site is a platform that encourages serious encounters between parents who want to find love and restore balance to their home. It is sometimes hard to believe in love after a breakup, especially when you have children. But this site is also for singles without children, man and woman.

A dating site for single parents

The SingleParentMeet website is a real platform for meeting parents who want to restore balance in the lives of their children. It should be admitted that the presence of children in a relationship, if not clearly presented, can become an obstacle. However, on this site, all members know that they can potentially fall on a partner who has them. The parents have a great advantage here to find their true love, which will take care of the little ones who will become between them.

Everyone is welcome on SingleParentMeet

Singles without children also find their account on this site. Thousands of members, ready to build their entire lives, or even rebuild it, are available on this site. The site offers direct relationships, based on the affinities that each member has in common. Because it is about creating real links, it is not a question of minimizing the quality of the reports that must be established. To form a family is the choice of all the people who register on this platform.

How it Works

A parent who lives without a husband or wife can find a partner from the SingleParentMeet app. The meeting between single parents is very serious through this new application and a dating site.

An application and a dating site between single parents, divorced, separated and widowed?

The SingleParentMeet dating app groups separated, divorced, widowed and single people ready to undertake a new marital relationship. The members of the site are serious and understanding. A person, having had children, becomes more mature and will not throwing himself in the arms of a stranger in a few hours of chatting. So you need to seduce serenely this solo parent and convince him that you are up to his requirements.

The benefits of the app and the site!

Solo parents are sidelined when they are in general sites. SingleParentMeet wants to give more privileges to these people and allow them to specify without hiding their number of children.

You will find people who can support you in carrying out your daily responsibilities. The members registered on the site have common points and interests.

To help you find a suitable parent for you and your children, you can consult the advice blog of this app.

How to meet people on SingleParentMeet

You will have more facilities to find the partner you want to share your life every day thanks to Do not wait for someone to seduce you in the streets or during meetings of parents to make love meetings.

Stay at home, launch the SingleParentMeet app and choose from your new soul mate’s singles profiles. You have time to discuss, analyze and plan when you are connected to this dating site.

The big advantage of attending SingleParentMeet is to be able to choose the single mom or dad from among serious and willing members.


Registering for the SingleParentMeet app is easy since you no longer need to fill out a long form. This network of solo parents is compatible with iOS and Android versions greater than 4.1.

For those who do not like the mobile and / or who are not comfortable, there is of course a version for computer, which is none other than the website, and which is accessible at the address: SingleParentMeet .com
What you need to know before approaching a SingleParentMeet member

Review and verdict

Most of the SingleParentMeet subscribers have been victims of a tough break-up, a complicated situation or single people looking for a serious meeting. This application is very different from naughty dating apps. You are warned!

On, previously married men and women, and therefore fresh singles, are especially looking for a serious relationship and love.

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