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Still single in 2019? It’s time for you to sign up for a serious dating site – here is our comparison of the best serious dating sites online! Already the rare gem is complicated to find in real life, so imagine on the Net! So, that’s why it’s better to opt for this type of site.

On the web, there are a large number of serious dating sites that allow you to make love dating. It’s up to you to make the best choice according to your expectations. You will definitely head to one of the market giants like Meetic or Elite meets. These sites, which have been on the web for many years, offer a wide range of profiles and a huge database.

But in the end what is a site saying serious? It is a site that focuses primarily on its members and not the resale of data. Thus, it is better to opt for an actor in this category may be less famous than a giant like Our Beautiful Years (our opinion) or Affiny (our opinion), but has real profiles and not lures.

However, it should not be misunderstood, the goal of any dating site is to live from his activity (whether he is serious or not). That’s why, using this comparison as well as your common sense, you will be able to find the site that suits you.

What are the characteristics of serious dating sites?

Are you tired of loneliness and want to find a soul mate? Serious dating sites are for you! As you have seen, there are many on the web! Edarling, Attractive World, POF etc …

It should be known that these serious sites gather about more than 5 million French. That’s why it’s an excellent opportunity to find the chosen one or the elect of your heart.

In general, a serious dating site meets the wishes of singles wanting to find someone in the long term to live a love story.

Many people believe that singles online only want to have fun, and that all dating sites are just naughty and fun. But that is wrong! Studies show that couples trained on the web at serious dating sites are much stronger and more durable than others. New generation couples on these serious dating sites also last longer, and the divorce rate is lower than conventional relationships.

How do you know if you are joining serious dating sites or not?

Obviously, there are online dating sites that can be defined reliable and serious but still offering light or futile encounters. Here are the different elements that can quickly see the seriousness of an online dating site:

  • Regulations
  • Services
  • Advice

Let’s look at these three points in more detail.

A serious dating site rhymes with regulations

When you register on a dating site, it will certainly take a subscription to contact and read the messages of other people. This commitment obviously has a variable price depending on the site. Thus, a site like Attractive World guarantees you excellent matchmaking results but is quite expensive. That’s why even if the price is a decisive factor in the quality of a service, it can be misleading and therefore does not necessarily represent a reliable criterion for assessing whether a site is serious or not.

Today, scams are numerous on the web, and often hidden. The seriousness of a dating site is verified by the presence of various elements, which are mostly at the bottom of the page. This is, on most serious dating sites:

  • Information or legal notices about the company
  • From it’s address
  • From it’s registration number
  • General Conditions, which must indicate the mode of operation of the site of meeting but also its regulation.

On a multitude of sites, a charter of good behavior is also available (like Badoo for example). We must always take a look to see the privacy policy, the protection of personal data of members but also the right of withdrawal authorized by the CNIL. So, you will see with these regulations, whether the site is serious or not.

A serious dating site is all about good service

A serious dating site works with moderators. These people must maintain the quality of the database of singles. They mainly hunt for fake profiles, inactive profiles but also to scammers. So, on a serious site, you are sure to have authentic profiles.

In addition, a multitude of serious dating sites offer their members to complete a personality test in order to offer them compatibility services. The quality of the people proposed depends on the algorithm of the site in question. Thus, it is possible to judge the seriousness of a dating site through its questionnaire. The more precise and fastidious the latter, the more excellent the results will be when the comparison of affinities is put in place.

A serious dating site offers a good selection of profiles

Serious dating sites are those that operate at a selection of the best singles for you. Registration on a serious dating site is often completely free. Just the interface of the platform will let you know if a site is reliable or not. Just take a quick look at the profiles of other members! If there are only pictures of bimbos and models, you are certainly not on the site that you need!

In addition, it is possible to trust only the most reputable websites since these are the first ones that are tested by consumer associations. Indeed, if platforms such as Meetic or eDarling were not serious, their reputation and image would necessarily be bad with the media.

Thus, it is these major players in online dating who care at best for the quality of their services to keep a good score of satisfaction with the clientele. Dating sites know that if they disappoint their members, they run the risk of a degradation of their reputation. So popularity is a guarantee of seriousness for an online site!

A serious dating site provides true dating advice

Today, one of the main challenges of dating sites is to offer personalized seduction coaching services for their community.

Thus, platforms investing energy to integrate this kind of additional service, paid or not (like a blog) can show professionalism and seriousness in their approach to online dating. It’s a real guarantee of confidence. For example, one of the most relevant blogs in its category is the detonating Lab. This is the AdopteUnMec blog.

Finally, last indication to see if a site is serious or not: customer service! If the platform gives you dedicated advice, it’s a good sign. To begin, do not hesitate to check the presence of this kind of service. The quality of a customer service (FAQ, messaging, telephone service, chat, personalized answers) is essential to judge the reliability and seriousness of a dating site.

In the end, what are the best serious dating sites in 2019?

In order to find serious singles on the web, there is nothing better than choosing a dating site that will be suitable for your research. Depending on your budget but also the type of relationship desired, you will head more to a serious generalist site like Meetic, to a seriously fun site like B2 or rather to a serious site elitist like Let’s Tomorrow or Our Beautiful Years. If the elitist aspect discourages you, follow our advice and opt for eDarling or Parship which are references in the market of dating sites of affinities.

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