Seeking Arrangement

You may have heard about it around you: the concept of escorts knew, in a few years only, to seduce the hexagon and this layer of the population so resistant to the online meetings to know: the well-off people and hard to seduce at the first exchange.

To understand how Seeking Arrangement works, however, you will need to familiarize yourself with some terms that we are happy to define for you.


When you register on the Seeking dating site, you need to indicate several characteristics: if you are a man, you will be offered to choose between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby.

A woman will have the choice between Sugar Baby and Sugar Momma. You will only have to indicate what you are looking for (man, woman, or both).

Until then, and if one is a little familiar with these terms, nothing very complex about Seeking.

If you never knew what it meant, the distinction is simple.

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby defintion

A Sugar Baby (or attractive member in the jargon of Seeking Arrangement) is a person ready to experiment everything – and especially what his / her mentor offers: Sugar Momma or Sugar Daddy.

The Sugar Baby is a “gold digger” motivated by social and loving success – and must not be ignored. Also, Sugar Daddy / Mommy may be related to a “patron”.

Community and members

Now that you know everything, know that Seeking Arrangement has no less than 108 million members worldwide (139 countries), including 88 million Sugar Babies. Very recently arrived on the dating market, has grown exponentially each year and created its own niche market.

Since then, the group owning Seeking has become a major player in online dating and it continues to grow, like its other site MissTravel.

Once your registration is en route, an e-mail address and some checks will be required (including a long contract).

Photography and some information will be requested and will be indicated to interested. You may very well remain mysterious, but we advise you to detail your profile as much as possible.

Friends with Benefits

Unsurprisingly for a site like Seeking Arrangement, you will show the net worth of your wealth and your annual income. All you have to do is enter (or choose in English) what you are looking for. It ranges from traveling to “Friends with Benefits” or luxury lifestyle.

The final touch? A catch, and a short text to further clarify your expectations. Be creative! All you have to do is validate your e-mail address and create your password to enter Sugar’s Seeking universe.

You can browse the catalog of Sugar Babies (Daddies or Mommies) near you in France and why not in London and other capitals during your stay abroad … there really is a lot!

The profiles are neat, detailed, and several categories exist to allow you to make the right choice according to the many possible expectations of the members.

Seeking Arrangement Benefits

  • Seeking Discretion: everyone on Seeking Arrangement has a thing in common: the philosophy of seeing their lives improve through intelligent and beneficial connections. Or to improve lives, depending on whether you are a Daddy or a Baby.
  • Wide choice: we told you, members sign up everywhere and travel too! In other words, the possibilities are endless.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships: far from traditional dating sites, it’s up to you to put your conditions on Seeking Arrangement. Also, if you want to maintain a long-term relationship and experience new adventures with a baby or a Daddy / Momma: nothing prevents you, NOTHING!

Features and Seeking Arrangement Pricing

Contrary to what one might think, the subscriptions offered on the Seeking sugar meeting site are very competitive and cheap. The registration fee will not be an obstacle if you want to try it. Besides, this is probably one of the main reasons for’s success.

The site offers different types of member profiles for you.

  • College members: College members are unique because they are enrolled in prestigious schools or training courses.
  • Philosophy of Arrangement: Seeking Arrangement seeks to get you right to the point, not wasting time in social pirouettes.
  • Premium subscription: several offers allow you to boost your profile, to be more discreet and to unlock all conversations.
  • The Seeking Arrangement Awards

For Sugar Daddies: They are given in $ on the site, but the conversion is done without any problem during the subscription.
Good to know ! The credit card statement will be coded so discretion is assured.

For Sugar Babies: Registration is free and if you fill in your profile you will be able to access all the features without spending a single dollar! Thereafter you will be able to buy additional options.
Although useful, these paid options are far from necessary for your success.

Subscription to Seeking for Sugar Baby

Premium 30 day pass – $ 89.95 / month
Premium 90 Day Pass – $ 79.95 / month

Subscription to Seeking for Sugar Baby – free

Disadvantages of Seeking website

We could feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​succumbing to this choice of meeting on the internet. However, this discomfort is quickly dispelled when talking to interested parties. Seeking Arrangement makes live the Sugar as well as the Daddies and Mommies registered on the site.

It’s a lifestyle, some are fans, others hate it. We let you judge for yourself.

Seeking Arrangement review

The dating site for mutually beneficial relationship Seeking does not go by four ways: the site knows why you are registered and does everything to help you in your quest.

Relationships are lasting and respect the promises made during exchanges. The vast majority of services are accessible upon registration and allow you to taste very quickly the pleasures of a life without detours. Here it is, the real arrangement. What is certain is that Seeking Arrangement will not leave you indifferent (e).

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