Astonishing, but no one commented on the new version of Scruff, the location vased gay dating application, with 8 million registered users. Two months after its introduction, first assessment.

How it works

Dating apps are regularly updated, but most of the time, it’s hard to see what really changed. In recent months, Tinder has made a notable breakthrough with thousands of young people whose hair style alone deserves an article. Hornet is the other app for rude youngsters who never respond to your messages. GayRomeo has changed his model without much evolution. And Grindr is in a worrying phase: more and more spam from profiles that are obviously not real people. The new version of Scruff, it brings new.

Since its appearance in 2010, Scruff is the rendezvous for men, hairy, nice (especially when they are foreign). Among Americans, for example, the profiles are often written with care, the men describe themselves quite well, which contributed to a new poetry of the dredge, with a lot of humor and self-deprecation. There is also better societal evolution. It is on Scruff that we noted, for example, the rise of the use of a preventive treatment against AIDS like Truvada, blacks who refuse to be asked the dimensions of their sex, those who like to smoke (420 friendly) or the importance given to musical preferences (if you can not stand the opera, there is no point in chasing after a guy who will impose you all Verdi). In recent months, we see more and more Asian profiles, which attests to the expansion of the app at the geographical level.

The domination of prestige

The fifth version of Scruff emphasizes a selection mode by reputation by favoring those who have the most success. Two new features allow you to see men who are the most “woofed”, whether among the latest arrivals (new guys) or very recently (in the last hour).

and the emphasis on popularity adds a layer in terms of sexual inequality. Before, the orientation was limited to two areas: an international search and a local search. Now, we are attracted from the home page to the most beautiful guys. Sçruff is positioned as the application of Class A, notoriety, the most wanted guys, those who do the gym, who travel and have almost the same look: hairy torsos, muscles, beards. It’s the cream of the cream -sexy but a little alienating. It’s the real-time drag-and-drop Wall Street, like a pizza coming out of the oven or a Brioni suit just exposed in a George V window. This category only exists for you dream by reading the profiles of guys you never have or to increase your self-humiliation rate.

The Match function

Another real novelty of the new version of Scruff, the Match function offers you once a day a selection of men that search engines find interesting for you. Tinder, who introduced this system, has already had its small impact on Scruff. The faces appear one after the other and you press the button “It interests me” or “Not for me”. If the attraction is mutual, Scruff lets you know. This is the fuck version of scratch games at PMU. Note, Scruff especially offers you guys not sexy in your corner in a desperate temptation to marry those who have nothing to put in their mouths (way of speaking).

The New York Times think that this plus bonus of Scruff focuses on the “social”. With the Venture function, we can more easily find men living in 500 foreign cities. “We have discovered that gays travel in a different way than a heterosexual couple or traveler. Homosexuals are more social when they go to a new city, “says Eric Silverberg, one of the creators of Scruff. Translate: it’s mostly sex tourism.

Now, the New York banner shows the number of men connected in real time, which contributes to the beating of the most gay-friendly cities

You can see who is in Berlin, but also who plans to go. This is the travel agency version ass. In fact, gays are more social than straight people when they travel because they think mostly about sex. A week before taking their plane, they have already scheduled the meeting at 3 o’clock in the afternoon or 20 hours. Before, to search for men in New York, you had to type the destination in the search engine. Now, the banner of New York shows the number of men connected in real time, which contributes to the beating of the most gay-friendly cities: 735 people for New York, 370 for Paris, 22 for Tel Aviv. And you are warned if you visit a country where homosexuality is illegal.

The tyranny of the muscle

Like Growlr, Scruff has always been an app for cool guys. We are far from Grindr’s gay formatting, or selection via youth like Tinder or Hornet. The new features of Scruff make it possible to see more profiles and therefore more different men. More diversity, in short. But a recent article in The Guardian considers that the opposite is happening: despite an unlimited choice of men who seek each other, homosexuals become their own oppressors. The masculine look of gays becomes a norm that is multiplied by the standardization of their presentation through the gay dating applications. In The Atlantic, Brandon Ambrosino talks about the tyranny of the muscle that is often a selective sorting against fat, effeminate, thin, old and Asian.

These new applications keep putting people in touch and are replacing more and more the direct dredge in clubs and bars. Scruff remains the most varied, in terms of age, look and version 0.5 is the most successful when compared to those of Grindr or GayRomeo. But the standardization of appearances everywhere becomes more and more heavy. In any case, what we see, and despite what is announced, is that the bearded look still has good years ahead.

Scruff, gays from around the world

The Scruff site and its mobile application are primarily international. They allow gays from all over the world to get in touch and get to know each other.

A very extensive network

Although still somewhat unknown in France, Scruff nevertheless has some success internationally, in the field of gay dating. Indeed, it is males from all over the world who have downloaded this mobile application, in order to be able to talk to men with the same sexual orientation. Be aware, however, that the site is really for men, so lesbians must find a website or app that is better suited. On the other hand, if you are a gay looking for new encounters, you will probably enjoy the trip.

Dating of all types

On Scruff, you can find profiles all over the world, both on the other side of the world and two blocks away. There are men of all socio-professional categories, without restriction. Thus, everyone can register, there is no particular selection or theme that could put you off. You will enjoy being able to find friends directly through geolocation, looking for single men or available in your area. In addition, the exchange of photos and messages is greatly facilitated on the smartphone application, which will not fail to seduce you. And users are conquered, one more reason to put you there.

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