This site is specially designed for people living with an STD. Whether you call it a sexually transmitted or sexually transmitted infection, the term does not matter! What is important is that this site exists because it meets a huge need, providing a place that allows people living with an incurable sexually transmitted infection to get together. Do you live with this type of condition? THIS WEBSITE IF FOR YOU!

WHO IS THIS SITE FOR? This site is for anyone living with an incurable STD. This platform allows people living with a condition of STI (sexually transmitted infection which is the name used in France, Belgium, Switzerland, elsewhere in Europe and Africa) or Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as it is called in Quebec. to be able to interact with other people who are in the same situation as them, to find good information and credible resources about their situation, to meet people like them and who knows how to find love by the way! All these reasons are good to register for free on the site Positive Singles and this without obligation! Among other things, this site has members living with the following ITS – IST conditions:

Genital herpes – types 1 and 2
HPV Human Papillomavirus – HPV Virus Human Papilloma
Hepatitis B and C


Create your profile FREE by registering on the site to access the platform. Once your profile is approved by the moderator, you will be able to view profiles of other members.


With the search application, you can find members with whom you share interests and points in common and who appeal to you!


And finally, make individual or group meetings. If you are interested in group activities, these are organized by members and posted on the forum.

Why Choose Positive Singles?

Positive Singles is the largest French-language dating site for people living with sexually transmitted or sexually transmitted infections. We are the leaders in this field. Although a diagnosis of STD can be difficult to accept, you will find all the information you need on this site to help you understand and live better with your condition. This site is much more than a dating site. It is a real support platform with credible resources and information on the subject of incurable STDs.

Positive Singles: the dating site for STD patients

Site interactions and meetings, it has the distinction of being reserved for individuals with sexually transmitted infections. After the dating site for vegetarians, the one for animal lovers, the platform for gothic, for geeks or for redheads, a little new is added to the long list of targeted dating sites: Positive Singles.

Positive Singles is therefore a platform for exchanges and meetings reserved for Francophones suffering from sexually transmitted infections (STDs). According to Next, the creators of the site (a French couple living in London) would have had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis concept by seeing one of their friends galley to make conclusive encounters once he has caught an STD. The principle is already used by Anglo-Saxon sites, so they decided to launch a French version.

Launched last week, the site has several functions: in addition to the possibility of getting acquainted with people who also suffer from this kind of problems, or even find the soul mate, it also offers forums, tips and information about the different infections and their treatment. If the exchange of information and forums are free, you have to pay 15 USD per month to access the dating section.

Well, I’ll tell you something: when I saw daffy duck’s message, I laughed. Nervously. All these specialized sites are so sharp and so numerous that I wonder if, one day, a platform will not open for fans of the color blue. In a perfect world, one would ignore the potential STD of one’s partner. In a perfect world, we would fall in love with someone for what they are and we would not care about the health of their genitals. But you only need to take a step back to realize that not all individuals with STDs accept it in the same way (some have tabooed it, others have not, for example), and It is easy to imagine that the moment when they must admit that they have syphilis or chlamydia should not be a part of pleasure.

Sophie Fernandez, a member of the association Aids Aids is surprised at the very idea of “wanting to make money around people with pathology” as reported by Next. But let’s not forget that the two founders of Positive Singles intend to donate a portion of their turnover to associations fighting against STDs.

And you, what do you think of this initiative? Are you more favorable to the idea, or do you think the concept is a little too “sectarian” or stigmatizing?

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