Plenty Of Fish

The audience of Plenty Of Fish is very wide since the site is generalist. Thus, it is possible to make all kinds of meetings. Its concept lies in the tests of compatibilities and personalities that you can edit according to your profile. Thus, despite a large community of members, it is possible to dwell on a restricted area to meet people.

POF presentation

POF pĂȘchePOF is a dating site as well as a general purpose mobile application giving the opportunity to meet people. What does POF mean? Behind these 3 initials hides a Canadian site, which has been available for some time in Europe: Plenty Of Fish.

Known data on POF

  • Around 500,000 connected every night;
  • Nearly 50 million members have registered for POF globally;
  • About 145 million visits every month;
  • 747 th on the ranking of the most visited websites in France, with nearly 1,100,000 monthly visits estimated on the site according to SimilarWeb Traffic. It is so far away from big fish like Badoo and OkCupid.

History and strategy

The site was created in 2004 and little by little, it becomes recognized thanks to its guarantee of free of charge. Pof was designed by Markus Frind, a young computer scientist. Little anecdote, Frind was for a long time the only manager of the site since he hosted the servers in his own apartment and responded personally to the mails of the users. Today Pof is developing and offering a freemium offer as Badoo can do.

How It Works

The search for profiles is relevant and can be carried out with various criteria: sex, age group, corpulence, proximity. Many results and singles will be offered. However, when you start chatting with singles … Few answers will happen to you unfortunately.

The Plenty Of Fish app is much more optimized than the POF website. Indeed, the app is modern and pleasant in terms of navigation.

In addition, if you subscribe to a subscription, here are the different features you will have access to:

  • Appear at the top of the list in “Make Cuckoo”! ;
  • The ability to unlock all complete profiles;
  • Find out if your messages have been read or deleted
  • Browse without any advertising;
  • Find out the date and time a member saw your profile;
  • The ability to triple the number of visitors to your profile;
  • Sending three profile gifts a day;
  • You double your chances of meeting someone;
  • The possibility to upload 16 photos

Ease of use

Plenty Of Fish is not an eye-catching site because it goes to the basics. In addition to its austere appearance, all the usual tools that are research or messaging work perfectly. If you want to enrich your user experience, only one solution: a subscription! Easy to use, POF adapts on both PC and mobile using the app, available on Android, IOS or Windows phone.

The site is aimed at all profiles: young people, adults and even retirees. It gives the possibility of international meetings. No matter if you want friendship or love, you will find what you want on POF.

Members and moderation

Unfortunately, the free site allows less filtering of members and therefore a more complicated moderation. However, there are ways to prevent a member from contacting you:

For this, you must have a message from this member in your email. Next, open the corresponding conversation for the member you want to block and click “Block this member” in the conversation thread, located near the answer box. When you have blocked a member, he will not be able to contact you anymore.

Moderation is quite satisfactory on POF. Indeed, if a member hurts you on POF, it is possible to announce it so that the team of the site can open an investigation. To do this, click on “Report a member”, just at the bottom of the profile. Then, when this member of the site has been reported, the Plenty Of Fish team examines his account in detail.

How To delete your POF account

Select “To delete your account click here”, then enter your username, password and the reason for your departure.

Be careful because when you have deleted your account, it can not be reactivated. So, think about it before making this irreversible decision!

Registration on POF

Plenty Of Fish is a site with registration and free use. That’s why, by taking the time to accurately answer the registration form, you will get a detailed profile. To register, different information is to fill:

  • A nickname
  • A password
  • An email
  • A date of birth
  • One sex
  • The country
  • Ethnic origin
  • Accept the general conditions

Rates and payment options

Obviously, you can use POF for free. However, to optimize your use and increase your chances of meeting people, you will need to subscribe to one of the following subscriptions:

6.78 usd per month: twelve monthly subscriptions for 81.40 dollars;
8.50 usd per month: six monthly subscriptions for 51.00 dollars;
12.90 usd per month: three monthly subscriptions for 38.70 dollars

POF’s payment facilities

Here are the POF payment facilities:

Credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Master Card, Euro Card, Carta, Laser, Carte Bleue)

Customer support

If you have any concerns about Plenty Of Fish, do not hesitate for a second to call a POF customer service representative by phone.

During business days and in office hours, Plenty Of Fish customer service will welcome you to its telecommunication center in order to provide you with the support and information you need.

Alternatively, send a message. To do this, use the following address: PR * For the fax, the number to dial 648 9521. With any means of contact, a favorable return will be given to you very quickly. You can also consult the FAQ on the website.

Strengths and weaknesses of Plenty Of Fish

the positive points

POF is simply one of the best-known apps on Google Play;
Easy to use ;
It is free, in addition to the premium option of course;
It offers an option to filter what you want to make public or not;
Delete the history of all accumulated messages

the negative points

Its free is also a disadvantage because everyone can use it and do what he wants, it distorts the expectation of serious members;
Where is the design that designed this site? ;
Can not share information on social networks
Features and options too basic (no fun stickers);
No features (webcam, chat);
Pages are not translated

Reviews and feedback from POF users

POF opinion issued by Jean-Luc, 02/01/17: “First impression strongly negative when arriving on the site. What is the POF design seriously? The design is not necessarily the most important in a dating site but there are still limits … Fortunately, the functions and options, even if they remain basic, catch up together. ”

POF opinion issued by Louise on 20/12/16: “Before paying, I opted for free use of the site. I quickly changed my mind and quickly opted for a subscription. Result quite mixed. Before having serious answers, I sent many messages … I also regret the lack of features like the webcam. In short, the ease of use as well as rather affordable rates remain the positive side of POF. POF Letters


POF, which is a major site in England, is becoming more and more popular in France. Besides its free, its design remains basic even if the application is well designed. The profiles are varied since they include all ages with the presence of young adults and retirees. We regret the few features and too basic.

If you are a woman, you will receive an incredible number of emails on Plenty Of Fish. Enjoying an excellent location outside major cities, feel free to try the application to make your own opinion.

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