PlanetRomeo is the new name of GayRomeo or guys4men. A leading site in the field of gay, bi and transgender dating sites, PlanetRomeo is building its new brand and forgetting a name that was known around the world, that of GayRomeo.

GayRomeo or PlanetRomeo?

The communication surrounding the passage of the name of GayRomeo to that of PlanetRomeo was quite light and there is a certain vagueness around the identity of the two sites. However, just visit and to understand that this is the same site and that the name change is only the result of mergers / acquisitions and legal changes. Basically, to make things simple, the site changed its identity from the moment it was moved under Dutch legislation rather than Germany. We will see later the concerns related to the differences in legislation of the different markets on which PlanetRomeo is positioned.

How It Works

Beyond being a simple gay dating site, PlanetRomeo wants to be a real social network for the gay, bi and transgender community. With its social features, chat and ease of organizing meetings, PlanetRomeo has quickly become the largest gay dating site in the world. With these 6.8 million profiles worldwide including 1.4 million active profiles, PlanetRomeo does not have many serious competitors in its market. Note, PlanetRomeo is only for men, lesbians are not accepted on the site.

The real strength of PlanetRomeo is to manage to link the profiles of the site to real life. Depending on the bars or clubs you frequent, religious or political opinions or artistic tastes, PlanetRomeo members can meet in clubs and exchange beyond their mere desire to meet gay, sentimental or sexual.

The origins of PlanetRomeo

Known at the base as GayRomeo, the site was born in Germany where it quickly conquered a huge part of the gay community. In delicacy with the German law, GayRomeo decided to migrate to the Netherlands and became PlanetRomeo, taking the name of the foundation created for the occasion. Today the 2 domain names coexist but it is the name of PlanetRomeo which is the real name of the site. In the minds however it is still the name GayRomeo is printed, research on this term is still 4 times more numerous than the term PlanetRomeo.

From this birth in Germany PlanetRomeo has maintained a strong Germanic domination in the nationalities of its members, 27% of them being German and another big part coming from German-speaking Switzerland or Autrice. France is however well represented among the members of PlanetRomeo since with 88.000 members it is the 5th most present country on the site after Germany, Italy, the Philippines and India.

PlanetRomeo Scandal

PlanetRomeo highlights its fight for freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and lack of censorship. If this fight is of course very noble, it is not without creating some polemics, especially related to the non-moderation of announcing pronounced unprotected sex or Barebacking. When we know how AIDS can decimate the gay community more than any other, it is badly perceived by some anti-AIDS associations that PlanetRomeo does not prevent its members from endangering their health and that of other gays registered on the site. To put an end to the controversy, PlanetRomeo focused on the prevention and promotion of safe sex, on the premise that free adults of their choice would always, in fine, what they want and that censorship would not help anything .

Gay escorts on PlanetRomeo

We spoke above of the legal problems that PlanetRomeo could have known by becoming international, that of its relation to escorts is one of them. Legal in Germany, prostitution is prohibited in many countries. But gay escort ads were one of PlanetRomeo’s main thrusts for its launch in Germany. By becoming international, he did not initially restrict these features, putting himself out of the law “passively”. Indeed, connecting a prostitute and a client can be likened to pimping and it is prohibited online as in real life. The page dedicated to gay escorts is still available on GayRomeo or PlanetRomeo but it would not be surprising if it disappears soon, at least for French users.


Presentation & Concept

PlanetRomeo is a dating site for men who are looking for men to make partners. The site is home to nearly 1 million gay people in 192 countries around the world. it is also one of the leaders of dating sites between gays!

Thus, the site is available in 22 languages. Anyone who wants to make a meeting between gay that can lead to a serious relationship can opt for PlanetRomeo.

People who are in the same orientation and have the same focus can meet on the site, chat, meet and when there is love in the air, nothing can stop them from getting together to live a beautiful story, for life can be.


To fully access the services of planetromeo (gayromeo), it will be necessary to register and therefore join the community.

Whether via the app or the site, registration is fast enough. Well, there is no possibility to connect and create an account in one click via facebook but it does not matter we will do without!

It will still take time to fill a good part of his profile before you can access the site and its features. It’s not worse, because at least all members have a fairly complete profile.

Tools & Features

Known as GayRomeo before, the site is now called PlanetRomeo. All homosexuals who want to have company or a life partner gather on the site. They must fill in the required information so that the other members can know them. The profile of each must be complete and therefore detailed.

The announcement launched on PlanetRomeo is also a way to meet gays in the city, the region, in short, people in the same orientation nearby. This can only be done after registration which is very simple and easy to do.

Then, viewing profiles that are interesting, sending message and receiving are free. Emoticons bring more cheerfulness to the discussion. This is the source of a serious encounter, the beginning of a lasting love story or even the beginning of an endless friendship.

Planet Romeo is available in 192 countries around the world, including 13 languages. The site also offers a mobile application for members to stay connected and maintain contact with the guys of our taste, anywhere and at any time.

All the features of PlanetRomeo are all practical and easy to use. For those who have trouble handling the site or application, the site help service can help them.

Mobile version and application of GayRomeo?

Planetromeo is not only available on computer, but is also available on mobile and tablet! Starting with the mobile version of the site that adapts perfectly to all screens, but also and especially thanks to the application!

The planetromeo application is available on android as well as on ios, and it is also completely free.

It offers more or less the same options that we could find on the site elsewhere.

Free or Paid? Rates and Subscriptions?

Overall, PlanetRomeo is a free website. By registering for free on the site you will have access to almost all the features of the site and, unlike many other dating sites, it will not be a false free. With free registration you can create your profile and meet people easily. Paid options are available against a monthly subscription but you will be able to do without it. Note, PlanetRomeo offers these paid options to all users residing in countries where homosexuality is discriminated or even penalized.

The registration and use of all features on the site are completely free.

Note that in some countries where the site is available, it is possible to unlock new options by taking a subscription, but you can do without it and it is not mandatory.

Strong points

  • Accessible in 192 countries
  • Available on mobile devices
  • A large number of registrants
  • Well presented profiles
  • Fine search
  • Meeting nearby
  • Free push notifications
  • Access to the profile visitors list
  • Several emoticons
  • Peer services for members

Conclusion & Review

All the beautiful guys looking for a partner meet on PlanetRomeo to find them. The site is dedicated only to homosexuals in 192 countries around the world. Registrants can find those who are in the same orientation as them, in the same city.

Thus, a meeting nearby is possible. In addition, the features of the site that are free increase the chance to cross one. Custom search, profile browsing, sending and receiving messages, and other services are all free. PlanetRomeo is a site that is really worth trying to see the results.

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