We have all seen the commercials. Everyone knows Passion. They are considered the Rolls Royce dating sites. In this review you will learn why we love Passion and you will be able to know if this site is for you.

Our Review of

The biggest advantage to using Passion is their complex system of correspondence between singles. Different from other dating sites, members fill out a detailed profile – not just your main interests, what you like, what you do not like, and so on. The Passion system is more effective than any other site in finding a perfect match for you – without exception. Another benefit is that no matter where you live, there are always plenty of people nearby when you sign up for Passion. Dating Features

Passion is a fun website. There are many ways to communicate with other members. Creating the profile – even if it takes time – is actually fun. Here are our Top 3 best features of the site:

Communication Tools

By far, the best feature on Passion is the Match Model (perhaps the best feature of any online dating site). 99.7% of members are eliminated using this feature. Why is this good for you? Because now you no longer have to navigate among countless profiles of men or women for whom you will never be interested.

Passion iPhone App

Passion provides an amazing iPhone application that makes dating even easier. Create a profile and chat with singles while you’re at a restaurant, a football game, or even at work. The iPhone application is simple to install and use. Passion members love it.

Personality Profile

You have probably already seen the commercials that praised this characteristic of Passion. No dating site has a more complex system for correspondence between singles. This system is based on the member profiles that are rigorously filled.

Reviews of Members

More than 25 million members around the world use Passion. More than 240 Passion weddings are formed – per day. Passion is one of the few places where women outnumber men. About 55% of site members are women.
Reviews on – For Who’s

Members of all races, ages, professions and all over the world use Passion. This site is really for those looking to meet someone special. Of course, the focus is on finding a long-term relationship. But do not be fooled. If casual or friendly encounters are what you are looking for, you will also be satisfied – Passion will also be well suited for you.

Membership Pricing of

Passion offers two types of monthly pricing plans – Basic and Full Connection. The Basic plan allows you to create a profile and send and receive messages from other members. The Total Connection plan gives you the same features, you can have your personal information checked, make anonymous calls from your own phone to other members, and create a more complete personality profile.

• Basic (3 months) – $ 44.95 per month (total of $ 134.85)
• Total Connection (3 months) – $ 45.95 per month (total of $ 137.85)
• Basic (6 months) – $ 33.95 per month (total of $ 203.70)
• Total Connection (6 months) – $ 34.95 per month (total of $ 209.70)
• Basic (12 months) – $ 23.95 per month (total of $ 287.40)
• Total Connection (12 months) – $ 26.95 per month (total of $ 323.40)


Top 3 mistakes to avoid on Passion

1. The basic plan is good, but the Total Connection option offers other very useful features. And it does not cost much. Increase your chances of meeting someone by signing up for the Total Connection plan.
2. You receive a limited amount of anonymous calls that you can spend with the Total Connection plan. Many members improvise during a call. Do not do that. Plan ahead. Writing a script that you support (without reading it directly) will make your message clearer.
3. Failure to answer personality questions in an honest way will cost you a lot. You can not see each member’s profile on Passion – only those who respond the same as you.

Accurate Tips from For Success

Everything about Passion starts with the way you meet the personality profile. It is imperative that you answer honestly and carefully. Many neglect it so that you can view profiles. If you do that, you may end up not seeing anything except singles you are not interested in.

Services & Support from

If you have additional questions about how to register or if you decide that Passion is for you, contact them here. The following is a list of some of the many love stories on Passion. They also have a good Blog: Blog Dating Tips.

Opinion of – Conclusion

One of the best ways to meet quality singles who share your interests is on Passion. The site is a bit more expensive and complicated than most dating sites. But it is worth it. Follow our tips and sign up for Passion. We are convinced that your love life will not regret it. Review is a credible dating site and an effective alternative for all of your serious dating needs. Also, according to the testimonials on collected, we elaborate on the strengths of this dating site. Then, we will determine if this website is for you or not. In other words, is right for you?

Presentation of the dating site

Based on the reviews we received, most users (87%) visit the site at least once a day and 96% at two days. This statistic is very important considering that it is a determining factor in the probability of being able to find you a serious relationship. According to a legitimate comment received, 1 in 3 guys find love one way or another via this website and statistics increases to 1 in 1.8 guys meeting a girl for a one-night adventure. It is therefore legitimate to say that the site is efficient and reliable.

Strong points on

From the comments received, users after taking the first steps, like to continue to chat via the interface of the IM site. This messaging allows them to be able to know when a user is connected online which increases the speed with which the relationship can develop. Speed ​​is the nerve of war. The most beautiful girls will find the soul mate the fastest in comparison with the less beautiful girls.

Also, it is important to note that our testimonials speak of a real real dating service that really works. This site is considered one of the biggest in the world. The advantage of this site is that we can find people from a multitude of countries and not only ours. Therefore, if you are moving to work in another country, it will be easy for you to meet local people as well.

The site has a free mode, but it is much more dynamic in the paid mode. The analyzes that have been performed and the testimonials received on seems to be using two different algorithm depending on whether you are using the free mode in comparison with if you are using the paid mode. Thus, under the paid mode, the site lists people who have a better match with your profile.

Is right for you?

Are you looking for great love? Do you lack free time for serious local meetings? Is your budget limited and you are able to give you the opportunity to go to a bar every night to try to meet the soul mate? If you answered true to all these answers, you probably have the fiber that is needed to be the ideal candidate for this dating site. The question is are you ready to move to the next step?

Yes, this site is highly recommended

It does not cost you anything to try. Conversely, what is the price of inaction? You risk losing the love of your life. It’s expensive. It is a high price paid. You do not want that. This is why you will not be idle and you will put all the tools on your side to succeed and to meet true love.

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