MyLOL is a dating site specially designed for teenagers. The target community of young men and women between the ages of 15 and 25. MyLOL allows its users to share, meet and share. You will have the freedom to chat with boys or girls of your age, or just with whoever you want. The site is completely free and registration is easy and very fast. Today, there are 300k registered teens and a few hundred people online.

How it works ?

The site is designed so that teenagers, between the ages of 15 and 25, can meet, chat and share your ideas. To begin, it is mandatory to register.

Then you can enjoy all the features of MyLOL like forum participation, chat, see the buzz of the day and the latest information. It is also interesting to follow closely the credentials of its participants.

All this to facilitate your search if you are looking for someone or if you want to get to know someone.

Registration and Connection

Registration is easy and will not take much time. You only need to mention your username, your e-mail address and your password. You are also asked to mention some details like your gender, your country of origin and date of birth. Finally, accept the conditions of use and voila.

Forum, Chat, Message .. Tools and Features!

The site offers its members the opportunity to meet and chat. You can see all MyLOL members.

Take a look at those who are in lines. The “chat” function, the instant messaging site, will allow you to write messages in real time.

At the same time, there is a forum where you can ask questions, exchange or debate on an authorized topic. The search function will give you the chance to research people, passion or a certain locality.

Is it Free or Paid? Rates and Subscriptions!

The MyLOL site is completely free from your registration until the use of its various services. Just fill in all the necessary information and you will enjoy all its services without spending a penny.

Even exploring members based on your search criteria, participation in chats and instant chats, forum and getting various badges will not cost you anything. Everything is free on for the good pleasure of young people.

Mobile Version and / or Application?

For now, the application version of MyLOL is not yet available. Likewise, its mobile version has yet to wait. But in the meantime, members can appreciate the site which is fluid, easy to use and not buggy.

But for information, the mobile version and application will not be long in making its appearance. All this to satisfy the demand of many members, who want to integrate the site into their mobile phone.

MyLOL is a free dating site for teens, to spend time and chat on various forums and chat. Registration is easy and fast, so do not wait to meet many teens!

MyLOL is a dating site made especially for singles between 13 and 25 years old. The members of this community are only young people who are conquering love.

Joining the thousands of young people on this platform increases the chance to cross the path of the partner nearby.

MyLOL offers all registrants advanced messaging such as private messaging, forums to exchange and also the chat room. All this can lead to a serious encounter, a beginning to a love story.

Tools & Operation

To take advantage of’s convenient and efficient services, registration is required. Thus, members can search for singles in the region or city.

MyLOL is a space of exchange, favorable for the young people wishing to broaden their horizons. Forums, where they can chat around a subject, private couriers to get to know each other a bit more, chat rooms in the living room for group conversations.

These services have only one purpose and it is the meeting between members. It should be noted that the use of the site is completely free, including registration.

On MyLOL, as in any other social network, there are other users’ posts that all members can respond to. This mainly concerns photos.

Prices, Rates and Subscriptions

Registration and Teen Dating services are completely free, even for boys!

Strong points

  • Free registration
  • Free features
  • Precise age range
  • Forums for exchanges between members
  • Many other cool tools and options
  • moderation that watches over grain

Weak points

  • I still managed to register and use the site for this test, and I’m not a teenager ..

Scam or not? My Conclusion & Opinion!

MyLOL brings together young singles from around the world. The site promotes the meeting nearby thanks to its features.

Registration is the obligatory step to take full advantage of the site’s services. Thus made, members can go to the conquest of love. The personalized search allows everyone to find the ideal partner, nearby.

Users of this site will also be able to view the list of people who have recently registered, give opinions in forums and see news about other members.

The site is very convenient for those who wish to make love, but at 13, it is much too early especially if it is an international platform.

Even if the goal is to find a partner nearby, this does not prevent people with bad intentions from acting differently.

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