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In recent years, dating sites of religious affinities, particularly Muslim platforms, have been increasingly successful. Indeed, many Muslims think that even on the web, it is important to communicate and exchange in respect of human or moral values ​​that are defended by Islam. For example, on Muslim dating sites, this may include honesty of intentions, politeness and respect or modesty in relation to profile pictures.

However, the online dating market for Muslims, like any dating site based on religious affinities, is a rather complex and delicate subject to discuss. Indeed, the purpose of this type of site is to design a meeting place for single Muslims without falling into an Islam too business. Indeed, this would be viewed in a very negative way by the Muslim community. In addition, for a successful Muslim dating site, we must also think of a modern portal with all the features, which must respect the values ​​of Islam. The respect of the religion and the members between them is essential on this kind of site, even more than on a site of general meeting.

Thus, we chose four platforms representing the most popular and reliable sites for meetings between Muslims. Having all the different characteristics, to you to choose the one which will be most adapted to your wishes.

Why choose a Muslim dating site?

Why choose a Muslim dating site rather than a general site? The main reason is to meet men or women who share the same faith as you and the same basic values. Thus, it avoids so as not to waste time meeting people too different from you. Muslim dating sites save time by simplifying dating.

Today, there is a multitude of dating sites for Muslims on the market. That’s why it’s not always easy to choose the one that best meets your expectations. However, your happiness will necessarily be among the four following platforms: Inshallah, Muslima, Mektoube and Love Maghreb.

Why do millions of people use Muslim dating sites?

Given the enormous enthusiasm generated by these Muslim dating sites, it is interesting to ask why so many people in the Muslim community are interested in this kind of platform.

Obviously, the most popular and used sites remain Meetic or Badoo, but platforms that are “reserved for Muslims” are gaining ground every year on the online dating market. For example last year, the Inshallah dating site is at the doors of the top 10 most used dating sites in France, according to statistics. This proves to be a shocking place for a modest community respectful of Islamic values. This site has registered more than 200,000 on the last months of 2016, thus getting closer to popular sites like AttractiveWorld and eDarling.

Another site for Muslims is placed in the ranking: This is MekToube, also one of the most used platforms and the doors of the top 10 most popular dating sites, with 2 000 000 registered.

In the end, why the Muslim community uses these dating sites and especially, for what reasons?

There is no doubt that a multitude of singles are struggling to found a home and especially to find the person who really corresponds to them. From meetings to meetings, with many disappointments in the end can often embarrass strongly, many Muslims are tempted by the dating sites.

Muslim dating sites: a “community business”

Mektoube: The most open site compared to the other four as it allows to accommodate people giving little importance to religion. Thus, the people of the Maghreb are put forward, the religious aspect being another component. Critics blame him that there are too many users seeking only short adventures and that Mektoube does not try to differentiate itself from other general sites. This is why singles dealing with Islam accuse Mektoube of surfing the wave of “community business” instead of being a reliable meeting place for Muslims. But as we said Mektoube is intended for both Muslims and people of North African origins who are not necessarily this religion.

Muslima: One of the most complicated points for a so-called community site is moderation. And Muslima unfortunately, it turns out to be little serious compared to other sites specialized in the Muslim meeting. Indeed, it is much more professional on Mektoube, for example, which targets Maghreb and non-Muslim meetings as is the case for the Muslima platform. Thus, on a site like Mektoube, the members appear more respectful. However, if you handle Arabic or English well and want to access a large community to find the rare pearl, Muslima will certainly be the best option.

Inshallah: Unfortunately, this site is best known for being linked to a scandal in recent years. Indeed, news sites for the Muslim community such as or have made shattering revelations. They claimed that the platform was closely linked to a society whose specialty was naughty encounters and swinging. This has shocked and tainted the reputation of the site, especially since it seems extremely far from the values ​​of Islam. For example, boycotts have been made against Inshallah for many people, since it is inconceivable for Muslim society for a society to publish content with a pornographic tendency and to create on the other side a dating site advocating respect for the principles of Islam. However, besides this scandal he is the leader of Muslim encounters with Mektoube.

Love Maghreb: It is addressed especially to the single Muslims and not to the singles Maghreb, unlike Mektoube. One wonders why the platform bears this name in this case! Thus, it will not be the most appropriate meeting place for a person of North African origin but not Muslim.

Conclusion: In the end, what is the best Muslim dating site in 2019?

The two sites that stand out are Mektoube and Inshallah. Mektoube is certainly the most widespread and the most media of Muslim dating sites. He is simply the number 1 in France, with more than 2,000,000 members. Site rather open and practical, its main strength is that each member can define his degree of religious practice directly in his profile. Free for women, we notice that it looks a lot like the general site Meetic in its use.

The other choice, if you are looking for a Muslim dating site, could be about Inshallah. Its purpose is to promote the meeting of Muslims within the framework of Islamic principles. Compared to, it is much less neutral since it unveils a section called “Friday reminder”, detailing several themes developed by imams as well as consulting services.

Thus, for a fairly open and modern Muslim dating site, we advise you to opt for Mektoube, while for a Muslim platform closer to Islamic principles, Inshallah will prove to be the most judicious choice.

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