Singles, stop complaining that you will end your life alone. MINGLE2 is a site that will help you meet someone and build a love story as you always dreamed or even more exciting.

Mingle2’s services are free and easy to use. To be able to enjoy it to max, until full satisfaction, you just have to register. This listing takes only 30 seconds of your life.

How it works

Now, the MINGLE2 app for mobile devices is available on the Stores. It is made for smartphones, Android, IPhone, IPad and other devices.

Through the Mingle2 website or app, you can see the list of all people online and also do a refined search of your soul mate.

Make new friends, chat all day if you want, meet people, enjoy max because it’s all free. Share your photos and also browse the site to cross the path of your half.

MINGLE2 will give you complete satisfaction.


Duration Costs per month Total
3 Months 9.95 $ / Month 29.85 $
6 Months 7.95 $ / Month 47.70 $
12 Months 5.95 $ / Month 71.40 $

Mingle2 App

Singles can make a lot of friends, meet people and also build friendships with strangers.

Mingle2 allows anyone who feels lonely to find his soul mate or just for an occasional meeting. To enjoy it, you just have to register. We can send and receive messages, with stickers. All this is free.

Proximity is an important point that can be enjoyed with Mingle2. So you can find friends and your soul mate in your very city.

Mingle2 makes it easier to find a partner by sending you recommendations to let you know new singles in the community. All services with the features of the site are all completely free.

Thus, the number of contacts, the sharing of photos and messages sent are free and unlimited. For friends, a soul mate, for a party or other reason to meet, download the app immediately and chat everywhere.

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