Among the popular dating sites, dedicated to demanding singles, or rather who are well-off, there is MillionaireMatch! And it is this site that I will present in the slightest details in this article today!

So for the discovery of the dating site, MillionaireMatch! With as usual, information, the price, but also my opinion.

MillionaireMatch How does it work? Operation!

MillionaireMatch is a site dedicated primarily to all singles who wish to meet love. Those who reside in France and who are conquering love can refer to this site to make serious meetings nearby.

Be part of this community and use the features that allows everyone to find the ideal partner, also matching the personality of each.

MillionaireMatch was launched in 2013 and is therefore rather recent. But that does not prevent a number of active registrants and members from being quite interesting. With around 26,000 new registrations each week, it’s clear that the community is huge like Meetic, Parship or Match.

It is aimed primarily at an adult audience in search of true love and a real serious relationship. A bit like Attractive World, it ranks in the category of high-end dating sites, for serious and demanding singles!

More for seniors than young people?

So I talked to you about the community and the number of registrants. But what about the male / female ratio, the age range etc. on the MillionaireMatch dating site.

Side ratio unlike other sites that clearly display the ratio men / women on the site, MillionaireMatch does not display anything, or so I looked badly. However, I read on the form made by DatingLand, that MillionaireMatch or at least its community, is not far from 57% of women which is quite huge anyway!

Regarding the age group, again we do not have clear and precise information. However, MillionaireMatch leaves us a clue on the home page saying that 66% of members are graduates of higher education.

So said like that, it advances us to nothing, however it suggests that a large majority of members have spent their thirties.And it is also the target audience I think by MillionaireMatch.

And that’s fine, there are enough dating sites for young people and teens. Well we are not on a dating site between seniors do not abuse!

Registration and Login!

We are on a high-end dating site, rather reserved for an elite, hence the name of the site elsewhere.

As much to tell you that the stage of the creation of a profile and its filling is obligatory on MillionaireMatch! You will not be able to login without registering previously as on other sites.

This registration will allow you to access your profile, the member’s area and other users’ cards to benefit from a personality test, in order to make you enjoy the matchmaking system!

Chat, Forum, Webcam .. The features!

MillionaireMatch gathers all the people having the project to put in couple, to live a beautiful story of love, but which are still confused to cross the path of the ideal person.

Joining MillionaireMatch members and this community increases the chance to meet the love nearby. Registering is therefore mandatory; then we can proceed to the personality test, have access to personality analysis, create a profile and update it, see the list of people who are compatible with our personality, according to the test and analysis.

We can also get in touch with the people we are interested in with some features.

The refined search of profiles that are likely to interest us is a plus that the MillionaireMatch site has. The geographical proximity is also for a love not very far from home.

To stay in touch with other MillionaireMatch members, you need to sign up for a subscription: Premium or Premium Plus. These subscriptions allow to send and receive unlimited messages, to see the photos and even to consult the profiles compatible with our personality.

For those who need help or advice, the customer service of Elite Meeting is at their disposal.

Mobile Version, Web and / or Application?

It should be noted that MillionaireMatch ensures that all members can keep in touch as the application is now available for mobile devices.

You will find it on Android and IOS, free download. Your account, if you have one, stays the same whether on the site or on the app.

The website version of MillionaireMatch is also accessible from its phone or tablet, and adapts very well to all types of screens and media.

MillionaireMatch Free or Paid? Rates, Prices and Subscriptions?

MillionaireMatch offers 2 kinds of subscriptions for members to facilitate the search for the soul mate. You will understand it is classified among paid dating sites!

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 70.00 $ / Month 70.00 $
3 Months 45.00 $ / Month 135.00 $
6 Months 40.00 $ / Month 240.00 $

We are about the same rates as the site edarling. And besides they are very similar on the operation and price of subscriptions.

If I’m not mistaken, the subscription is automatically renewed, so it will be necessary to pay attention. Especially if you want to unsubscribe and delete your MillionaireMatch account.

Take care to go through the termination of your subscription, before leaving the site. Because without canceling your subscription, if you delete your account, the subscription may continue to be withdrawn!


Pros & Cons: MillionaireMatch

It’s good ? The highlights of MillionaireMatch!

MillionaireMatch is one of those sites where the list of positive things is quite long. I will list only the main because this is what we must remember especially.

Free and easy registration
Targeted meetings
Serious meeting nearby
Customer service always available
Application for mobile devices
Unique Matchmaking System
Active and participatory community
Interesting male / female ratio

It’s not good? The weak points of MillionaireMatch!

There are not necessarily many weak points on this site, if it is obviously that we enter the boxes.

If you are part of more than thirty years, you are looking for serious and you have the budget then this site will please you necessarily.

So on the negative side, I find only one:

Rates too high for my taste


MillionaireMatch offers a chance for all singles in France to find love nearby. The features and services offered by this site encourage and accelerate the search for a partner.

No more loneliness, MillionaireMatch bring together solitaires and those who want to start a beautiful love story. The meetings from this site are serious.

To take advantage of all this, it is important to subscribe to a subscription which is also a way to keep in touch with the lucky winner before the big day. Only the fee is a bit high compared to other dating sites.

But money is secondary when you talk about love, and MillionaireMatch has also found his audience. It targets the most demanding 30 years in terms of meeting and especially those who are really looking for something and are ready to invest.

In my opinion, he would not be so successful if he did not offer quality service and his members were not so satisfied. Reliability side, just read the opinions and criticism of people here and there to meet the account that MillionaireMatch is a reliable site and that really allows to find love unlike other ..


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