Military Cupid

In the era of social networks and dating sites increasingly developed, sought after, specialized, it remains a category of the population that could not benefit from such a network to meet, that of the military cupid dating site.

Indeed, the latter, whether they are engaged in the army or simply reservists, do not necessarily have the time to find the ideal companion or companion because of their rhythm of work, the rhythm of daily life which is theirs imposed. In addition, no meeting site so far has been able to meet the criteria necessary to offer a free and blind meeting with a military.

Registration and dating tools

That the military men and women, exercising in a different profession such as the gendarmerie, the navy, the air force, etc. are happy, it is possible for them but also for those who wish to meet a soldier to meet on the site Military Cupid.

It should already be noted that access to women (military and civilian) is free!

In less than 30 minutes of connection and registration, it will be possible to have a real meeting with a military and to try to build a couple, in the long term, in stability.

Want to fantasize about someone in uniform? Need balance, seriousness in a romantic relationship? Would the charisma of a military man seduce? On the site of Military Cupid, thousands of single women and men are waiting to meet around this common point, living with a soldier.

Hundreds of profiles are available, maybe even the wanted soldier is in your area? Perhaps he is not very far from you? All the invitations are allowed, by cat, by videocam, by email, by sms to turn an essay into a real fairy tale, to have a serious relation in friendship as in love.

Benefits of Military Cupid

By nature and by necessity, the military are honest and straightforward people!

This will suit you perfectly if you are looking for a sincere relationship, whether for a relationship in the short, medium or long term.

To recap, here are all the reasons to want to meet a soldier and why not spend his life with him:

– The soldier is frank, honest and loyal to his family as his country
– the security of employment and thus the financial security enjoyed by the military
– potential stays of two or three years abroad or in the overseas departments with a better salary at the key
– a military community and military spouse who help each other in all the difficult moments
– the soldier is also a dynamic and sporty person

Tips for a successful meeting with a soldier:

To seduce a soldier, it must match the profile that the military seeks, namely a reliable person who will accompany him in life, support his absences due to departure on the ground or outside operation.

Practical tips:

Profile picture: Choose a recent profile picture that highlights and attracts attention. This is an essential phase: the photo must make you want to click! Show yourself under your best profile, smiling and in a setting that reflects your personality.

Descriptive form: The more you fill out your card by detailing your expectations and tastes (passions, hobbies, travel destinations), the more you will maximize your chances of finding a soul mate. Also show humor and originality in the description of your personality, to differentiate yourself from others.

Our Verdict

Military Cupid a dating site “specialized in the relationship between men and women military”. It’s called, as it should be, The principle is simple: “You are a military woman or a woman who likes the military and you want to meet a soldier? You are a military man who seeks to meet with military women?” And hop !

In fact, anyone can register, and the site is not reserved for military professionals. The site’s facilitator has partnered with one of the companies in this expanding sector, OkCupid – which boasts over 22 million members for all of its sites. Military Cupid is “a niche site that meets a need”. For a week, about fifty people would have registered at the rate of 29 euros per month.

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