MeetMindful is perfect for those who want to find true love with an easy-to-use tool. MeetMindful connects singles based on their common affinity. The site is ideal for people over 40 who have been disappointed by romantic relationships in the past.

MeetMindful Review

MeetMindful is a dating site created a little more than a few years ago in 2015. The group is established in more than 40 countries across the globe. Thus, MeetMindful claims its openness to the international. Although the site is in the area of ​​affinity dating, it remains behind the big industry as Parship with less technology. On the other hand, its prices are attractive and Place MeetMindful straddles between the serious meeting and affinities.

Its offer focuses primarily on serious meetings tailored to singles who want to find a strong and lasting connection. The principle is the same as that of the French competition like Meetic. Just complete an affinity test when you sign up. Then, based on the results of this test, MeetMindful selects compatible profiles based on your responses and personality. Then he offers to contact them. As for the interface, she is sober. The features, meanwhile, remain perfectible as we will see in more detail below. However, MeetMindful is still a major player in the dating market in the country.

The known data on MeetMindful

  • More than 5 million users in the country;
  • Nearly 37 million users on the globe;
  • Proportion of men and women: 43% for men – 57% for women;
  • Approximately 175,000 monthly visits to the site;
  • Features: Chat and Matchmaking. Users respond to a questionnaire and can find profiles that correspond to them.

How it works


After the registration step, which you can see in more detail below, you will be able to search directly using the tools available. You can specify a multitude of search criteria such as the person’s age, intellectual level or location.

Then, a list of profiles appears after the validation of the query. Subsequently, you can see the degree of compatibility with you through a specific index. In addition, it is also possible to send a message to the person of your choice.

Here are the free and accessible features of the site:

  • A personality test and a profile summary
  • The opportunity to complete one’s profile
  • Downloading his profile picture
  • A list of compatible partners
  • The sending of the very first message

Here are the paid features of the site:

  • Sending and receiving unlimited messages
  • Viewing photos published by others
  • Access to the list of visitors
  • A guarantee of minimum contacts

Ease of use

MeetMindful is above all a professional and objective site. The pages of the dating site are clear and all actions and commands are quickly and easily found.

In short, the ease of use and navigation is a strong element of the site. Another strong point, the loading time is rather short.

It is mainly for singles 40 years and over. Indeed, the active singles of the site are generally in this age group. This corresponds to a growing population in France. So if you’re in this age range, you’ll definitely have 2 choices: high-end sites such as Elite Dating or much more casual sites like MeetMindful.

How does members behave?

Having tested the site personally, I received a multitude of proposals from potential partners. MeetMindful users are quite casual and less elite than most competing sites like Elite Dating. In addition, many academics are also registered on the site. Like what, even if you are younger than the targeted target, you will find people of your age on this site.

Moderation on MeetMindful is done at the entrance with the personality test in particular. So, you can expect a good community and few false profiles. However, there are still quite a few on the site, as well as abusive users who are not always well detected. Nevertheless, the strong point of the site remains its community and the false profiles can be found also among the leaders of the market!

Registration on MeetMindful

Here are the first informations to fill in to register on MeetMindful:

  • Your sex
  • What you are looking for (men or women)
  • Your mail
  • Your password

The registration process at MeetMindful is easy to do. In addition to your personal data, you can also fill out a questionnaire. The filling takes several minutes and may seem a bit long. However, it is necessary to be careful and also to show a lot of patience since it is according to your answers that will be selected the profiles of partners.

Thus, the more sincere you are and the more precisely you answer the questions, the more the answers of the site will be adapted.

The most important step during registration is the personality test. It displays the list of compatible profiles.

The last action to perform when registering on MeetMindful is publishing photos. It is possible to publish up to five photos. Be careful because if you choose not to post photos, the photos of the cards you visit will remain unclear.
Rates and payment facilities

Here are the 3 subscriptions offered by MeetMindful:

3 months for 34.90 USD per month collected in a MeetMindful
only once: 105.00 USD;
6 months for 25.90 USD per month taken at one time ie 155.00 USD;
12 months for 24,90 USD per month collected at one time evening 299,00 USD;

Here are the different payment facilities offered by MeetMindful:

A credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Using a phone bill (Click and Buy)

The proposed customer support

If you need help, MeetMindful offers customer service from Monday to Friday. You can contact him as soon as you want because he remains very responsive, with answers given in the shortest time.

In addition, members of the customer service team will take the necessary steps to highlight repetitive issues and share them with relevant departments. Thus, the mentioned problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Strengths and weaknesses of MeetMindful

the positive points

  • Known site, with more than 10 years of experience and available internationally;
  • Availability on all media except SmartWatch;
  • Moderation effective at the entrance, generating a good community;
  • The personality test brings suggestions of interesting profiles;
  • Great community;
  • Good parity men / women.

the negative points

  • Passage required by the subscription box. These are also a bit expensive;
  • The personality test is mandatory upon entry. In addition, it is a bit long to achieve;
  • Free version poor, it does not allow to make a concrete opinion;
  • Interface and design too basic.
  • Unusual features.
  • Large investment initially requested to complete the mandatory tests at registration.

Our Verdict

MeetMindful has an easy-to-use interface. Moderation is quite effective and the community is attractive. However the site has more weak points than strong points … The functionalities prove to be much too limited. Rates are very high, ultimately to get too basic functions. All this to simply get in touch with other members and see their profile.

As for the concept and the editorial line, nothing very original either. MeetMindful focuses on reliable dating and lasting love through its personality test at the entrance.

In short, MeetMindful will certainly leave you hungry! However, it remains a good dating site. His notoriety is the best proof.

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