Considered as an innovative application, Meetme offers users high availability with the freedom to connect anywhere. Accessible via smartphones or tablets, the concept of MeetMe focuses primarily on meetings by focusing on the geolocation system.

How It Works

The MeetMe APP targets all age groups and singles looking for a beautiful love story or friendship. The interface displays practical features and easy navigation focused on specific points.

The member will have the opportunity to view the photo of the members living nearby and consult the trombinoscope of the latter. The MeetMe service includes a chat room and the “Kik” form containing a list of singles.

The registrant chooses his interlocutor and decides to inform or not the personal information.

About the benefits of MeetMe, there is no advertising and updates are available by optimizing the animations present. The options are completely free.

MeetMe Review

Today we will talk mobile application, and more particularly MeetMe! A dating app you suspected, more than 100 million people have already adopted!

Want to have many friends, a well-rounded entourage to talk to and share moments of happiness? MeetMe is an application that will meet your needs.

With a very easy to use interface and also very convenient, you can find through MeetMe friends, good company and much more!

Login and register

Registration is free and necessary to take advantage of MeetMe services at max. A form is necessary to fill to be able to arrange an account through which one uses to chat with the other members.

A social network to make friends in the USA, chat on his mobile device and also flirt whenever we want. You can connect to MeetMe through his Facebook account or his e-mail address.

Chat to your friends and other members of this community anywhere you go.

Downloading the app

The application is available for smartphones having an Android system and also IOS. Whether you are more iphone or mobile classic there is no problem, as well as for tablets and ipad! Just go to the apple store or the play store to download MeetMe.

Meetme is a free application, the download and installation of the meeting app will not cost you anything because it is free.

Concept & Presentation!

MeetMe, created in 2005 by two young American students, had the name “myYearbook” at its beginning. It can be said that it was not really successful at that time.

It is only in 2012 that she returns in force under a new name: Meetme and then begins to be really known by the Net surfers. Made famous especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, it begins to carry its tidal wave of popularity in the USA.

Members and Community

MeetMe has no less than 100 million users spread around the world! Suffice to say that it’s a lot of people to meet!

The principle of the Meetme application, beyond dating and flirting and to propose something new to people. It is downloaded for free and applies to an Android 2.0 and IOS system.

His goal is to create the opportunity for those who are affiliated to share his interests with other people around him.

Thus, the first objective of the creators was above all to set up an entertaining and amusing way of entertainment rather than to advocate dating and other related situations.

Attractive and fashionable, it creates moments of joy and entertainment through the various games and events highlighted on the site.

In short Meetme is the meeting above all based on dialogue, and therefore the cat. This changes traditional apps based on the Tinder model! This is also what pleases … Finally and above all, what makes the success of MeetMe is that it is completely free!

Advantages disadvantages !


It is on these flattering remarks that the advantages and strengths of Meetme can be strongly asserted:

  • Better positioning as an application, demonstrate a high percentage of download on google play, especially since its weight is extremely light.
  • Offers games both attractive and compensating: this is the case for the game “lunch money” which princiê is simple, we play, between member, we earn lunch money for the opportunity to acquire gifts and to offer each other afterwards.
  • Offers the possibility of not disclosing all the information mentioned on the site, a confidentiality situation much appreciated by many.
  • There are various events whose veracity is proven by the people who later participate, it is the most that can be called “the must” offered by the possession of the application can be said.


The only negative point that can be said, if we can consider this as a disadvantage, lies in the fact that the app is in English. Understanding English is not the responsibility of everyone in France.

But it seems that MeetMe is working on the French version, and indeed we can already have access to a draft!

In conclusion .. !

MeetMe is very successful in the USA and other countries. Its main asset is its free. There are a lot of people, and inevitably some fakes in the middle (pity) .. But in the end, meetme is good, easy to use, attractive and entertaining.

How it works ? Video presentation !

My review of meetme!

I find that the meetme dating app, in itself is really great. But she is moving a little too much towards the social network type. This is not a bad thing, but let’s say that users also think social networks.

They come more in order to make friendly meetings as we could do on we will go out, than in order to make a romantic or serious meeting strictly speaking. Meetme is not made for me, I think.

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