Manhunt is simply one of the leaders of sexy gay dating sites. You will find for the most part homosexuals wanting sex. In short, a site well designed and well thought out, with an interface worthy of the name. Too bad there is no offer for the lesbian community!

Manhunt is a website whose core business is gay dating, just like Gay Parship and Meetic Gay. It should be noted that the dating portal is part of the large Online Buddies, Inc network. Thus, he enjoys all the power of this group. In short, Manhunt is simply one of the best platforms for sexy gay dating.

Introducing Manhunt Gay Dating Site

Manhunt is a platform targeting gay dating, especially naughty. It allows this community to easily and quickly meet a multitude of people via a qualitative interface. The various tools proposed have been developed for, especially for a site specialized in a single meeting category. You will be able to do in depth research with various criteria. Secure and instant messaging will serve you to contact the members of your choice. Thus, on the portal Manhunt, you will be able as much to meet people for one night, as for all the life! Another point, moderation is active and qualitative. This is why malicious messages disappear very quickly on the platform. In short, we are indeed in the presence of one of the best gay dating sites naughty, if not the best!

Known data

  • Created in 2001
  • Thousands of users present daily on the platform
  • Ads all controlled by the moderation team
  • Available on any media: PCs, smartphones and tablets

How It Works

To begin, the free registration is done quickly by indicating only some information. Once registered, you can use an interface to find the guy who makes you fantasize. Then it will be possible to communicate via email with him. Another tool is extremely useful, the live chat that allows to connect gay guys by means of a webcam.

You will understand, the operation of this portal is ultimately similar to that of a general platform. Regarding research, it is possible to sort people according to the physical criteria. For example, you can, for example, enter physical criteria or character traits. If you just come for ass plans, do not hesitate to provide information about sex: shaved, hairy, small ass etc. There is no discomfort to have on this side since the users are there for the same thing: Take pleasure!

The different tools

With this dating site, you will have access to a multitude of functions and tools rich and varied. They are present for the same purpose: Maximize your chances of meetings. Regarding the interface, you will see that photos of users scroll with their different characteristics such as weight or age. Click on “be connected” to contact the member you are interested in. Fast, effective and simple, this dating portal will allow you to quickly and easily select your favorite. In addition, here is a small listing of the different tools of Manhunt:

Geolocated meetings: Various tools are available to optimize your search for gay individuals;
The 100% gay chat, which will give you the opportunity to chat in real time with active users;
Speedflirt function: With this tool, photos of users scroll continuously with a multitude of information indicated as age or size;
Secure internal messaging, which will allow you to chat with members who have tapped you in the eye;
Geolocation to find individuals located near you. Thus, the filtering will be more precise and better targeted.

Ease of use and design

Manhunt is a website that is extremely easy to use. In addition, the grip is easy via a clear interface. In addition, the functions and tools prove to be practical. They will give you the opportunity to perform relevant searches via a beautiful white and purple interface. By selecting the “Dating” section, you will have all the different search options on the left of the screen, where you can choose among up to 4 refined search criteria. In short, the user experience will necessarily be pleasant and fruitful. It is clear that the site was well designed because the ergonomics are excellent. The navigation bar at the top of the screen has all the main categories: “Meetings”, “Messages”, “Visits”, “Favorites”, “My access”, “Profile” and “Subscription”.

Who is the site for?

Manhunt is a platform for the gay community. Regardless of age and physique, the portal will welcome you. His community remains active as dating opportunities are constant, especially for those who have opted for a subscription. Attention, this site is unfortunately not reserved for lesbians, and this is highly regrettable.

Community and member behavior

Taking advantage of the titanic network of Online Buddies, Inc, Manhunt has a rich and varied community, distributed equitably throughout the world. As for the age, the different profiles can as well have the twenties, the thirties that the quarantine, to see more. Regarding the behavior of the members, it is generally good since the moderation proves to be rather excellent.

Moderation on the site

  • The moderation team moderates and controls the various exchanges throughout the platform. However, it does not act directly on the content of the different profiles. However, it implements various actions to ensure that the general conditions of use are respected throughout the portal.
  • Moreover, it is possible through the link “abuse” to report content or a harmful and negative behavior of a member.
  • The group reserves the right to act later depending on the severity of what the user has done. Thus, this proves the credibility of the site as well as all published ads.
  • Finally, regarding the protection and use of personal data, there are no worries to be made since they will not be given to third parties.

Other information about Manhunt: Additional Services

If you subscribe, you will be able, in particular, to obtain different services to advanced functions of the dating portal. Opting for additional services takes place in two distinct stages:

The first step: The user is informed via a command interface, the exact rate of additional service. He can confirm quickly, not accept the order or even change his ease of payment.
The second step: The user is informed by the same interface that his command is validated.

Registration on Manhunt

As on many sites like this, registration on Manhunt is quick, easy and free. It is also possible to register even faster via the social network Facebook.

To maximize your profile, do not hesitate to write a description, to indicate all your different passions or your different traits. In addition, we strongly advise you to integrate several photos to have more chances of meetings on the platform. In this way, you will also be much more visible to the gay community since you will be at the top of the search results, especially if you are active on the dating site.
Manhunt’s Rates

Here are the different rates offered by the Manhunt dating site:

A three-day trial for a sum of 2.25 $ (You will have all the different advantages of the bronze subscription by opting for this offer);
For a gold subscription, it will cost $8.25 / Month
For a subscription money, it will cost $9.15 / Month
And finally, for a bronze subscription, it will cost $10.00 / Month

The advantages and disadvantages of the Manhunt dating site

Obviously, as on any dating portal, fakes and inactive profiles are present. However, the dating portal makes every effort to fight against this through the rigorous and sharp work of the moderators. In short, Manhunt is simply one of the best dating sites for gay people wanting regular ass plans and satisfy their sexual appetite and their wildest fantasies.


  • Free access giving access to a multitude of tools and functions
  • You will be able to “flash” on a member
  • Phone tool where it will be possible to discuss with a user
  • Rich features like “Speedflirt”
  • Interface as a whole


  • Unfortunate absence of a lesbian party
  • Like everywhere, some fake profiles


Manhunt, that’s a dumb assumption for the homosexual community. However, you can also make lasting encounters. In addition, the moderation is excellent despite the few false profiles. The functions and tools are all useful and innovative: Phone tool, Speedflirt or the ability to flash a member. We regret that there is no lesbian party.

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