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Comparison and ranking of the best Gay and Lesbian dating sites in 2019

Making love encounters in everyday life is a path full of pitfalls. Of course, when you’re gay or lesbian, that’s an even tougher mission. Indeed, apart from various places of outings specific to this community, it is an impossible mission to know who is hetero or homo among all the people met. In addition, all gays and lesbians do not necessarily love the world of the night to make love meetings.

Thus, online dating is the best solution (see the best online dating sites) for this community for the purpose of dating. Do you know the best gay and lesbian dating sites? We will detail you the specificities of the biggest sites of this market (Meetic, Meetic Gay, EasyFlirt and gayParship) that they propose serious relations or not, and that they are taken abroad or not.

In recent years, gay and lesbian dating sites have multiplied on the web but with variable qualities. That’s why this article can be very useful for you to sort through this offer, sometimes unclear.

The market for gay and lesbian dating sites in 2019

The time when Grindr dominated the gay dating market is well and truly over. Indeed, today there are almost as many sites for the homosexual community as for the hetero community. In addition, diversity is also found for gay and lesbian dating sites at the level of dating. Most are focused on serious and lasting meetings while in the past many only offered libertine encounters. It must also be said that the French market for gay and lesbian dating on the web is doing well since some French sites are in the busiest around the globe.

Other dating sites dedicated to gays and lesbians, less famous than general sites

For more than 10 years, there are online dating sites only for gays and lesbians. One of the oldest is Gayvox, which has made its mark in the world of online dating, and allows men and women to meet with members of the same sex.

Obviously, there are specialized sites for men like Forcegay, and sites for women like Woomeen. In addition, there are also even more specialized sites like Gay-Droite. As you can see, they are based on political affinities. Gay and lesbian online dating is also a lot of applications like Grindr or Bender, for men. Lesbians also have their applications with Wapa for example. The highlight of these sites specializing in gay and lesbian dating is that they enjoy great popularity in the LGBT community.

However, they are far less famous, known and ultimately reliable than gay and lesbian gays and lesbians we have seen together like Meetic Gay, gayParship and EasyFlirt.

General meeting sites open to gays and lesbians

You should know that most general dating sites are not closed to gays and lesbians. You only have to mention the sex of the person sought when you register and complete your profile in order to be put in touch with other people with the same sexual orientation. Many platforms opt for this method. This is the case for high-end sites like AttractiveWorld or Elite Rencontre.

Other general sites like Easyflirt, Meetic or Parship go even further, and you have seen in this article, offers an interface only dedicated to gays and lesbians. So, Meetic Gay and gay Parship offer exactly the same features as the original site, offering high quality interfaces to the gay and lesbian community. In addition, they also extend to the European and international level.

Which gay and lesbian dating sites to choose?

If you want excellent customer service and exclusive features, choose Meetic Gay. Its portal for the gay and lesbian community inherits the popularity of the brand Meetic but also its great professionalism. It integrates the same functions and the same technical support. It should also be noted that in his last TV campaign, Meetic chose a gay couple, which is rather rare to be reported.

Meetic Gay also has a party for affinity dating with a personalized selection of singles based on your personality tests. In short, it will be the ideal meeting site for gay singles wanting a serious and lasting relationship. In addition, it is also possible to filter profiles in France by city, department or region. You will also benefit from the European network and the rest of the world.

Do you want a discreet site with coaching in affinity meetings? Gay Parship is the one that will suit you the most in this case! He is simply the pioneer of gay affinity dating for more than 10 years. It remains extremely popular in all Western European countries since its tests are serious, reliable and thought by recognized universities. Another point, his coaching team advises you on any subject. This can range from your photos to the strategy to adopt to approach your contacts.

Moderation is serious on gay Parship (much more than Easy Flirt for example) and the profiles are checked manually. Personal data is protected with particular blurred profile photos, this being ideal for discretion.

Looking for a site for fun relationships between gay singles? Unlike Meetic Gay and gayParship, EasyFlirt will meet your expectations if you only want fun! From the beginning, you can choose the kind of meetings you want: Love, Sexy or Gay. The tone is lighter than other gay and lesbian dating sites, because most members do not want a serious relationship and want to enjoy their respective youths. A great international presence like all its competitors with, to emphasize, a great presence in South America. Just like the competition, EasyFlirt is implanted across the globe.

The gay version as well as the hetero version have several millions of members and integrate all the features for one-night dating sites: webcam or video ads. EasyFlirt offers a dating service with different designs. Thus, it is possible to navigate portals that represent various kinds of meetings but still being on the same dating site. So, this is rather interesting and brings a unique side to the site since the themes are out of the ordinary.

Conclusion on gay and lesbian dating sites in 2019

Gay and lesbian dating sites like Meetic Gay and gayParship offer people from gay, lesbian or bisexual communities, to find someone with the same sexual orientation. You should know that more general sites like eDarling are not just for straight people. However, the advantage with a site like Meetic Gay is not having to look in the crowd and sort. It is therefore a great time saver!

Thus, by joining one of these gay and lesbian dating sites, you are sure to find a partner that matches you and has the same sexual orientation as you. Moreover, just like the general meeting sites, when you pay, it offers you a wider and more selective community, and an optimized moderation.

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