JPeopleMeet, a site created in 2000, now has more than 1,000,000 members. It is aimed primarily at Jews, having a religious affiliation and Judaism beliefs but especially singles looking for a romantic and serious encounter. No need to log on to JPeopleMeet if you are just looking for friends or a flirt, because in my opinion it may be complicated!

JPeopleMeet seems quite popular, just see the home page which highlights the publications / appearances in the press! Suffice to say that this site is serious to enter games! This site is completely secure and very easy to handle will guarantee meetings between single Jews. Registration is free but the validity of which is determined.

How it works ? Operation!

JPeopleMeet works like the majority of online dating sites, whether for Jewish or otherwise.

You need to create an account (I’ll come back to that later), validate it via email, and finally log in to the member interface. Once this is done, you will be asked to fill in your profile if only at a minimum. Photos, description search criteria and personal, in short you know the basics!

After which, you are ready to meet new people! And for that we see together what offers the site of meeting JPeopleMeet at the level of options and tools. But first let’s go back to registration and login!

Registration and Connection on JPeopleMeet!

As I said above, you must first register! This step is essential on most dating sites, and in my opinion, those without registration will not delay to do the same.

For the registration but also for the connection, two possibilities are available to you. To know the first, the traditional inscription via the form on the homepage. And the second, via facebook!

Note that even if the Facebook option in 1 click, is very convenient, it retrieves some of your facebook information. Finally it’s a detail!

Chat, Forum, Photos, Profile .. All Features!

To fully enjoy the benefits of JPeopleMeet, simply register on JPeopleMeet, complete your profile, chat with singles and meet Jewish people.

Like any other classic dating site, JPeopleMeet is very easy to use thanks to its usual features like “home”, “my profile”, “my account”, “my messages”, “my lists”, “historical”, “search” »,« Subscription »,« help »,« disconnect ».

Similar to Tinder, JPeopleMeet has the “like” feature that allows you to engage directly in a discussion.

Find out who flashed you and explore his profile, this will help you take the first step.

Daily, JPeopleMeet offers 7 singles matching your expectations. This service is called “selection of the day”.

JPeopleMeet Events! Jewish encounters in real life!

Many dating sites today propose to move from virtual to real! I do not necessarily talk about friendly dating sites like On Va Sortie, but sites like Meetic or GeekMeMore for example.

Jdeam does not miss the call, and in my opinion this is not a bad idea, and now offers IRL events!

So good of what you can see as visitors there are not many. On the month of December there are two. But god knows how this kind of events is not easy to set up and manage, so 2 is already a lot!

Mobile Version and / or Application?

So what we can see on the site itself, unfortunately I have the impression that JPeopleMeet does not offer mobile application, whether android or ios.

That said, even if you have a tablet or a smartphone, and even Ipad / Iphone, you can still access using the internet browser.

Basically, you launch the browser of your phone / tablet, and go directly to the site via the web address:

The site fits perfectly to all screen sizes so it’s perfect! Note however that it is still a little less easy to use!

Is Free or Paid?

All the features of JPeopleMeet are completely free except reading the messages that ask you to subscribe to a subscription whose rates are as follows:

Duration Costs per month Total
Premium Subscription
1 Month 13.99 USD / Month 13.99 USD
3 Months 8.99 USD / Month 26.97 USD
6 Months 6.49 USD / Month 38.94 USD

Rates and Prices of JPeopleMeet Subscriptions

JPeopleMeet offers several subscription formulas. 4 to be exact, which as usual bring down the monthly price depending on the length of time you choose. The longer you take a long subscription, the cheaper it will be!

The subscription offers many advantages, including access to all the features reserved for premium members.

This subscription is tacitly renewed automatically, for convenience. It will therefore take care to unsubscribe BEFORE deleting his account the day you found your mazal! Otherwise it will be automatically renewed and it would be a shame!

JPeopleMeet Review

Are you Jewish / Jewish and looking for love? Love Intelligence hears all kinds of comments and receives a lot of testimonials from people of Jewish faith who have tested several sites including JPeopleMeet. Some of our clients found on Jdate, others met on JPeopleMeet. So you get the point because a lot of sites are specialized in Jewish community meetings and are not all worth it.

How It Works

Quick introduction: With 1,000,000 members, JPeopleMeet dominates the market? No, not really but it offers great tools to meet other jewish singles. Created in 2004, JPeopleMeet was one of the first Jewish dating sites online. A new version of the site exists since 2009. The registration is free but the free period is however limited. It is a classic meeting site easy to access, with its menus always present (“home”, “search”, “my messages”, “my lists”, “history”, “my profile”, “my subscription” , “My account”, “help” and “disconnect”).

Main Features

  • A bit like Tinder, the site is based on privacy you can like a profile. When you say “I like,” you can start the conversation. The advantage here is to promote effective encounters. Thus, knowing the affinities and religious values ​​of your match, it becomes easy enough to start a conversation
  • View the ones you flashed on, and visit the profile. As well as the opposite, you can see who flashed on you, and who to visit your profile. Which has the gift of helping at the first step.
  • Searching for your “ideal” allows you to complete a very specific personal record of what you are looking for in the other: its physical description, lifestyle, personality, and religious beliefs (practice of Shabbat, the Jewish education, attendance at synagogues, etc.). Positive reviews:
  • JPeopleMeet offers events for its user community. The site sets up events and evenings allowing singles from the Jewish community to be able to move from virtual to real, and find themselves in a friendly and secure atmosphere.
  • The selection of the day. Every day, JPeopleMeet offers you a list of 7 singles that match you.
  • Flashes, profiles, are free.

Negative opinions and big drawbacks:

– Registered Community is strongly criticized because it does not meet the expectations of many users (see the notice of subscribers below).
– Received messages can be read when you are subscribed. Either from, at least 13 euros.
– False profiles mow on the site.

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