Hot or Not is an application that builds on an interesting system to gain popularity in order to meet friends or a lover. The site functions as a game to collect votes and discover compatible profiles once you flash on someone in particular.

Interested and passionate about meeting people with similar interests, Hot or Not is ideal for that. Start by chatting with those who use this app to meet new people, expand their horizons on the friendly side and also to chat anytime and anywhere.

This large community is a means through which each member can be at proximity without having to specify his geographical position.

Very practical and easy to use

But to take advantage of all these services, it is necessary to register to be among those who have the opportunity to meet, chat and have new friends.

Hot Or Not is a service of the famous Badoo dating site and besides just like the site, the app is partially free. To unlock all the tools it will go through the box payment including boost and other super power.

The Hot Or Not application is available on Smartphones, Windows Mobile and also on the computer (Website version), to keep in touch at any time. is accessible to all, access is via Facebook adding an immediate registration. Through this network, members will have the opportunity to expand their circle of friends by revealing their profile and increasing their notoriety.

The goal will be to stand out from others by posting at least three sexy selfies likely to attract some potential partners. Download Instagram or Facebook directly or pass new images displaying some originality and fun. The maximum format 128 MB and mini 300 × 300 pixels.

How does it work?

The interface of essentially values ​​a moderate image respecting specific standards. Options highlight snapshots and features including heart buttons, cross, common interests, number of friends listed, and popularity score.

There is also a complete list of local users helping to facilitate searches. Instant chat or Chat allows you to interact directly with connected members. A space for sharing and exchanging peaks joining a dating site in love or friendship.

As for the various formalities of Hot or Not, security remains a first concern in verifying the authenticity of the person. The profile requests a mobile number to obtain an API confirmation code and validate the membership. The interested party can receive notifications by SMS and accept or not the sending of message. Another particularity, the user will have the opportunity to unlock the images of fans and have the necessary information about the survey.

Hot or Not, Make new friends and have fun

If you want to meet new people and chat in a very original and unique way, opt for the application Hot or Not. This app requires a login with a Facebook profile to rate your popularity rating from others registered on the app. In addition, thanks to the location function, you can easily target the coolest people who are in the area where you are: A concert, a festival, or a terrace of coffee. You will never be alone again thanks to this free application and very easy to use because you will join a large community of registrants who are only looking for one thing: Make new friends and have fun.

Use Facebook and your profile

To be able to play the Hot or Not application on your Smartphone, you must be able to connect to your Facebook account. From there, you will be able to download your most beautiful pictures so that they are seen by the greatest number of registered, which will raise your popularity rating. In addition, you can choose to make friendly or naughty meetings according to your desires of the moment. You will certainly find many contacts not far from you to share exceptional moments and live real thrills.

A trend and quality application

Hot or Not is a very trendy application that already has thousands of users around the world. You will not be disappointed by its ease of use and its original concept to find friends near you. You will be able to share moments of frank or more intimate and naughty with very cool and very friendly people who will be looking for the same thing as you. So, do not hesitate to download it!


Positives and Negatives – Hot Or Not

The strong points

An easy application to install through a simple download.
Hot Or Not gets an encouraging rating from users thanks to the different functionalities that help facilitate navigation and geolocation.
Available anywhere and anytime by accessing tops local listings
A fight against spam and anti-scam from the start of the Api to detect fraudulent and noncompliant identifiers.
Reception and sending by SMS after the validation of the profile
An interesting voting system that only consists of publishing attractive photos.

The negative points

Hotornot does not bring anything new compared to the competition like Tinder.
This is the same app as the badoo app …

The bottom of my thought, my review!

In short, this is a platform that inevitably seduces users wanting to expose themselves, a better way to know the impact of your image on other members.

Moreover its popularity being linked to Badoo explodes without problem and one thus finds there a huge community coming from the 4 corners of the globe.

Hot Or Not is easy to learn, and there are always people. I appreciate without appreciating, and I think it’s like Tinder, you have to be patient before it takes!

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