Hinge is a dating app that wants to use the best of technology to make traditional dating possible. How? Based on your circle of Facebook friends and reconnecting with friends of your friends!

Facebook in the center of the Hinge app

It’s by browsing the social network Facebook that this American app of a new genre finds potential friends in your main circle of friends. By analyzing your interests, grouping your mutual friends, the app promises meetings with people who have really common links with you, at least socially speaking.

Registration Process

The registration is done via your Facebook account, which validates de facto the identity of the registered member. The app will then search the list of your friends, and that’s where everything is played! The lists of friends of your friends will also be analyzed to find, according to your hobbies, age, location, the people who could suit you. If, of course, these people are themselves registered on the Hinge app, which is not yet a universal fact … Hinge then offers you a list of updated profiles. You can then, as on Tinder, accept or refuse and if a “match” takes place, you come into contact.

Concerning the confidentiality of the data, and to avoid that your inscription with the application is displayed on your wall, do not forget to make it confidential by opting for the option “Me only”.

Hinge, everything starts from your circle of friends

This is obviously promising: what better to find the soulmate than people who already share friends? Because Hinge asks several mutual friends to create a link between you and the person to meet. This, of course, greatly reduces the chances but on the other hand guarantees quality meetings. Still, to have a large circle of Facebook friends who themselves have many friends so that the algorithm of the application can find you some opportunities for meetings …

In addition, Hinge automatically excludes all Facebook profiles whose status ranges from “It’s complicated” to “In couple”. No risk of meetings with people who are looking for an extra-marital relationship. Single status is required.
Also note that the application also wants to allow the meeting to happen in the best conditions. By proposing meeting places or activities that could be suitable for each of the two members, according to their affinities.

Hinge: the video dating app

Hinge allows its users to increase their chances of seducing through the integration of videos. The application is one of the first dating apps to offer videos in addition to photos. Hinge is a dating application that is mainly based on Facebook data. It allows to meet someone who is part of the friends of our friends and therefore to avoid meeting a complete stranger.

The video format is on the rise in social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are putting more and more emphasis on this format. Dating applications are, however, more timid. They are indeed few to offer video clips. Hinge is for now the most popular dating app to support the videos.

To use this new feature, you will need to add a video from Facebook, Instagram or the gallery of a smartphone.

Creating more matches on Hinge

The timing issue of asking a girl to go out or pick up her phone number is a recurring question about Tinder, but also about dating sites in general. At the time the famous application made many updates like Super Likes or Smart Profiles, one wonders how Tinder could make life easier for users by introducing new rules. For this, Tinder would not have to look very far and could be inspired by what is done on many applications, such as Hinge for example.

A limited time to start a conversation

While Hinge (to name just this dating app) leaves only 24 hours to start a conversation, JSwipe leaves 18 days. The concept is simple: you have matured, so your goal is to talk together. If you do not do it within the time limit that the application leaves you, the match disappears. No more match collectors who no longer make conversations!

As expected, the results were immediate: Hinge saw a 70% increase in conversation launches the week they set up their game expiration concept.

Limited time to exchange contact information on Hinge

To speed up the process, Hinge went further: you only have 14 days to exchange the phone numbers because, after this period, the match disappears.

Once again, the result was not long in coming: the same study showed a 50% increase in the exchange of telephone numbers after having implemented this new rule.

This new rule introduced has greatly accelerated the process and would have a priori played in favor of men, generally more eager to conclude quickly.

According to a survey of 1,500 people by Happn, another app that has the wind in its sails, 88% of women wait a week to go on an appointment while 63% of men are ready to meet within 2 days or less. Beyond that, 63% of men consider themselves in relationship when they go out with a person for a month whereas for 55% of women, it is necessary to wait until 2 months before making it official.

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