Join 4 million lesbians, bisexuals and queer on HER: the world’s most popular free and popular app for LGBTQ women.

Much more than “right-sweeping” apps or the Grindr app for lesbians, HER is designed by and for lesbian and queer women.

We share the LGBTQ + news, and all the lesbian and queer events happening in your area. We have created smaller community groups, so you can meet others in a secure group chat.

HER organizes parties and social events in 15 cities around the world (from London to Los Angeles via New York). So download the app to find out when the next one will be near you and get exclusive discounts on tickets.

Download HER to join a community of people who believe in the equality and emancipation of LGBTQ + people.

Whether you are here to find a girlfriend or a partner, to meet the love of your life, your company for a great date or your next group of friends, the HER community is welcoming and supportive.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our space.

– FUN, FUN and SAFE: These are the words that our community uses to describe us.

– FREE: all our basic features are completely free.

View profiles, get matches, add friends, start discussions, view events, join communities.

– ADD OPTIONS: If you’re looking for an enhanced experience, you can subscribe to HER Premium to see who’s online now, filter by sex and more.

HER Premium Membership

Her offers 3 types of subscription for the HER Premium subscription

  • 1 month: starting at $ 14.99
  • 6 months: starting at $ 59.99
  • 12 months: starting at $ 89.99

Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at the time of purchase confirmation.

The subscription renews automatically unless auto-renew is turned off in the iTunes Store at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

The current Her Premium subscription price starts at $ 14.99 per month and is explained in full above.

Costs and Prices

Duration Costs per month Total
1 Month 14.99 USD / Month 14.99 USD
6 Months 10.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
12 Months 7.50 USD / Month 89.99 USD

HER App Review : a dating app by women and for women

Disappointed with never finding a dating app thought by and for women, Canadian Robyn Exton decided one fine day in 2012 to jump into the water and create her own. While employed in a marketing agency in London, she has as a customer a dating site and understands that none of these platforms is suitable for women. The products are designed by men and fundraisers are between men, it seems essential to occupy the space left vacant for women in the LGBTQI community. She begins to work on a female project in parallel with her job, until the day she resigns. “The app was ready to launch, I had saved and what to keep six months, I’m rather risk averse,” she jokes. It was then in 2012, and the following year, the ancestor of HER, Dattch was born, inspired by the reference in homosexual encounters: Grindr. “It was too similar, it did not work with women,” she smiles.

“On HER, women are as much in search of friends as companions or casual dates.”

The young entrepreneur realizes at this moment that the codes of the meeting between two women are very different from that between two men and reviews her copy. “It has been calculated that on Grindr, it takes 2, 6 hours between the first contact and the meeting, at us there are 7 days!” In 2015, HER is launched in San Francisco, a city loaded with symbols for the LGBTQI community but also nerve center of the tech planet. Since then, it has registered 3 million users, and nearly 100,000 in its French version launched today but in test for several months. To celebrate this European launch, the HER team is organizing a day-event at Rosa Bonheur in Paris, which will end with a party tonight, as a prelude to the gay pride weekend in France. Between two planes and two parties – the team returns from New York pride – Robyn Exton told us the genesis of HER. Express interview.

What is HER?

For now, it’s mostly a women’s dating app, but ultimately, we want to develop IRL communities in each city that allow them to do things together. On HER, women are looking for friends as well as companions or casual dates, which differentiates the navigation course of a gay app for men, where the goal is clearer from the start. We also propose 18 different sexualities, from lesbian to fluid through bi, trans or pansexual. I think we are moving further and further away from a vision of sexuality in which we have to check a single box.


Ah, friends, I had to share that with you! HER, a new app dedicated to lesbian dating!

If for gays there is choice in applications and even dating sites, it is true that for women who love women there is not much.

And that’s understandable, because in general, it is men who pay on dating sites, and on a lesbian site, there are only women. So unless you make them pay, well if you follow the logic it pays nothing.

The application HER, which also has its website (weareher.com) offers the meeting between lesbian without complex!

HER moderates and monitors the profiles very seriously, gentlemen do not bother to try to register because you will be automatically banned.

The registration takes place via facebook and you will necessarily have a profile photo on your facebook account. Without a photo you will not be able to register ..

Finally and in addition to the application therefore, HER offers a blog on which you will find many tips and tricks for women.

Her: the queer women’s dating app that’s doing good

Robyn Exton, a 29-year-old American entrepreneur, took advantage of the Paris Pride March to launch the French version of her queer women’s dating app, “Her”. A desire to fill the eternal void left in the world of female dating. But not only. We met her in Paris.

The day we meet with Robyn Exton, founder of the “Her” app, she has her hands painted in the colors of the rainbow flag, “because it’s the month of pride.” The bracelet of his watch necessarily displays the same colors, “but that, unlike polish, it’s all year,” she lets go in a laugh.
“Brenda, that’s enough! ”

Its application, whose beta version was created in 2013, was born of frustration. It was for her “almost a question of necessity”. Now in her 20s, this Canadian-born London native, a geography student, likes to go to parties in East London. Driven by the desire to meet new people, she ended up surfing on women’s dating websites, before downloading applications “of the same kind as Brenda” (now Wappa, editor’s note). The report is bitter: nothing is done for girls like her.

“I could not believe that nothing, absolutely nothing, was done for women who love women. The design, the interface of all these sites were dusty, worthy of the 1990s. They were in no way representative of all this community of which I am a part. I thought ‘do something’, because Brenda, that’s enough! ”

An electroshock that triggered everything

The future head of a company is first recruited by a friend in an advertising agency, “a stroke of fate” according to her, since the box has several dating sites among its customers. In 2012, one of her lesbian friends is leaving. Robyn helps her register on dating sites “so she can change her mind”. Bad advice:

“She was even more depressed! It was embarrassing, even humiliating, for us to realize that no application was made for her. ”

An electroshock for the one who occupied a comfortable position. So Robyn decides to change her life, overnight. Sure of her concept, she leaves her job, returns to live with her father, takes evening classes to learn to code … and starts creating “Dattch”, the beta version of “Her”. An application 100% inspired by Grindr, the reference in terms of meetings for homosexual men. “It was a pure dating app, and I think at the time I did not realize how much Grindr was the opposite of what women are looking for in dating sites. So obviously, it did not work. ”

A different alternative to Grindr

Exiled in San Fransisco, the London entrepreneur goes from incubators to incubators, from pitch to pitch, before finding her ideal application. “Her” was born in February 2015, thanks to the $ 2.5 million raised by its founder. A simple interface, an elegant design, the application is no longer just for women who love women. Lesbian, bisex, trans, pansexual but also non-binary, a-genres … the application has a total of 18 possible sexual orientations and 23 gender identities. The target is LBT + and clearly queer.

Among the features, we find the traditional “swipe” movement to the left (to mark the lack of interest), right (to like), a kind of must for any dating application that respects. But the most important thing for the entrepreneur was to meet all expectations.

“Some people want to make friends, others look for occasional dates or great love. The girls want to see, want to read, so we banned the profile with the unique photo as Grindr. They were allowed to put several pictures but also to describe themselves in writing. ”

To come to the conclusion that the expectations of women and men in dating were very different, Robyn Exton compared the use of “Her” with that of “Grindr”. “Men send on average 5.6 messages before meeting, women 173,” she says. Two levels of interaction, completely opposite, which make the young entrepreneur say that its application will work in countries like France, where so many others have failed. She proudly announces that she has already won 55 countries and has three million users around the world.

Shaping a community

Creating a safe space, in which all people who identify as women meet, feel safe and supported, this is also the challenge of the founder. “Before, the interactions were rather one-to-one. I think that today, more than ever, we need community spaces. Movements like ‘Black lives matter’ or ‘MeToo’ have made us realize that when people come together, they have more strength, more impact in society. They become visible. ”

Creating a safe space on the internet was only the beginning. A few years ago, this party girl developed a concept of evenings, a sort of extension of the application in real life. Today, 16 cities spread across the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain are home to app sponsored nights. “We just broke our participation record! 1,200 girls were gathered on our last evening in New York for Pride. Pure madness, “she enthuses. In Australia, “Her” also organizes queer girls camping weekends.

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