It’s been a long time since I heard about Happn and I ended up installing it to give me a more concrete opinion! And I announce immediately that this ticket will be short, but then very short compared to others. You knew the dating applications, and especially those with the geolocation system, a bit like Lovoo. Well, Happn innovates, and always based on that (the geoloc) offers you to meet people on whom you can possibly flash in the street!

Happn Dating Site

A few months after testing Tinder, a friend told us about the French application of the same kind Happn, it was almost a year ago. In the same spirit of geolocation, this one shows you the people who crossed your road with the same principle as Tinder: synchro with the Facebook account thus displaying common friends and fan pages. (By the way, do not forget to like our fan page if you come across one who is a fan too, make him a kisses from us it’s necessarily a good guy)

We still had not written anything about this application because we must admit during our first tests at the beginning of the year, it was full of bugs. For example, she did not notify in time. We had to open the app to see that we had charms. (yes charms as on adopteunmec)

Happn Review

Because we can say that to this day, it is not very effective in our case

We receive few charms (lack of people and popularity?) And when it is the case the profiles are uninteresting unlike the popular Tinder.
When finally there is a match, they are not very diligent to answer but it is unfortunately a bit the case of many online dating sites. (A response spaced two days each time when there is one)

We tried to discuss with some but in vain, nothing transcendent. So, we did not even have the opportunity to go for a coffee with one of them to give you a real feedback. Yes because we know at least one couple who met on each sites / applications we test.

Discover the people you’ve crossed paths with

The young man in question (25 years old) did not want to testify. We just know that he met his girlfriend (27 years old) on Happn in April and to this day they were always more or less together. (This is the reason why he will not testify).

It is not uncommon to find those already crossed on Tinder, again on Happn. We learned by doing some research before posting our opinion on Happn that the application was ahead of Tinder. Indeed, the use is already paying for the men which would explain the inefficiency of the application.

Otherwise meeting in the street it works and naturally dock the other it is completely free. Moreover, we know more than a couple for whom it worked and that continues.

What Is Happn ? How it works ?

Before going further, I present you the promotion video of the application. Story that you get an idea of ​​what gives Happn without having my opinion before. Well I repeat it but the concept is based on the people we meet in the street, on which we could possibly flash etc.

But at home that’s where it gets stuck! As good for going to work or shopping, I’m not too much to walk the streets .. So I think it will be difficult to meet someone. Another point, directly related to the concept, even if you flash on the cashier of your favorite supermarket, it does not say she also uses Happn .. And therefore you can not report!

You see what I mean ? Happn can be very good, like the Metro Finder I mentioned recently, but only if you are often in the streets, and more specifically in the big cities. Besides, I think that the concept was based on these big cities ..


Chat, Message, Forum .. Features!

Well it’s not because I do not stick to the concept or in any case that it is not suitable for me that I have to ignore this article. So I come back to what the application offers, its features and other options. And it works almost the same as on all mobile dating apps in the genre. Thus on happn, besides the profiles, there are options such as messaging, chat, or internal search. Instructions for use and codes!

Regarding codes and operation, it happens in several times. When we offer profiles nearby so you have the choice between liker, pass, charm or outright send him a crush (love at first sight).

And as elsewhere, well if your partner agrees, then you can start a discussion to hope to conclude and make a meeting.


Is it free or paid?

Happn is based on the freemium model, which means that the vast majority of the application is free. However, to have access to all services, you will have to go through the subscription box.

Finally almost because it’s not really a subscription but rather credits, a bit like Lovoo or Badoo for example.

So, to boost your profile for example, to discuss with more people etc will need to buy credits.


Advantages disadvantages !

Pros & Cons: Happn

Well, even if I would not be a fervent user of Happn (wrong) it is sure that there must be advantages.

Already for those who work in the city, and who stuck each day the same journey (traffic jams and so on) or who take public transport, this can be a plus. A way to trigger a little thing with this girl who takes the same bus line as you every day but to which you have never dared to speak.

This is of course the same for those who do activities, I think of sports for example. If you often go to the gym and the beautiful brunette who makes 15 minutes of cycling every Wednesday you like, well with Happn you can let him know.

But it stuck anyway, and the side of the drawbacks so I come back to those who do not go out too .. And you’ll tell me well they have not use Happn .. And it’s true, after all it There are 50 dating applications as much as they go elsewhere!

But why would not they be entitled to it? Brief end this is only the bottom of my thought ..


Conclusion & Opinion

Of course I do not note the application Happn, because I did not really use it. Installed but not served. At the same time, as I said above, I do not see who I could go to with the cashier when I go shopping or where I work.

I still suggest to people who do not really have the time to go to dating sites when they are at home but still looking to meet because it can be fun.

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