The Fling site has been around for a long time now, the principle is simple: find chicks for casual dating and hookups in your area. The site is very well known in the world of adulterous dating and it’s the best! Fling in English means throw, lift …

Fling Review

To register on Fling.com you will only need some info. Who you are (man / woman) and what you are looking for. After a few minutes you will discover a long list of people who live in your area and are ready for a meeting.

Sexy dating is great and this kind of site is on the rise. Of course we must be aware that Fling is a site for hot encounters, good sex, not a site to find the soul mate … Interested? In this case, the millions of people who have already created an account are waiting for you. There are certainly some next to you on Fling!

Fling is a sexy dating site where sex is king. No feeling here, but dudes, swingers or SM experiences, that’s what you expect by registering on this platform. The site shines with its diversity and its many features.

I give you my opinion on Fling after a month-long experience on the site!

Fling Reviews: Casual hookups for all, everywhere!

The sexy dating platform Fling is part of the network of online dating by Global Personals Media. Thus, Fling was able to benefit from the notoriety of this brand to create a huge community of users, adults looking for sexual experiences of all kinds.

Upon registration, we understand sex is the only goal here. Members come here to fuck, two, three, or more, because the platform poses no limit. Whatever your sex tastes, you should find something to satisfy them here.

For my part, as I explain in the following part of this opinion on Fling, I obtained great satisfaction on this platform.

Fling, make all kinds of encounters

It only takes a few moments, a valid email address and a free username, to register on Fling. Then you can start to discover the richness offered by this naughty dating platform.

The main page is well supplied and you will see a lot of information. First, sexy profiles that make you want to meet members. If you click on a profile, you will find that they are very complete, with photos or even sexy videos available!

The search bar is certainly the most detailed I’ve seen on a dating site, with very specific criteria. It’s simple, you can define the least of your desires (even the most zany) and get results. It is certain that if you are looking for a user of 1m96, blonde, who likes to humiliate men and who is a fan of stilettos, you will get less results than with a search for brunette 30 years, lovers of hugs naughty … But the possibilities are very vast!

In addition to that, you are not limited in your research: men, women, trans, transvestites, groups … there is really something for everyone.

Finally, if you want to pause in your heated discussions, you will find on Fling a community tab with blogs, forums and magazines related to the sexual practices of the moment!

Vast opportunities for meetings

The choice is so vast, but how do we meet on Fling?

One can stay classic with a pretty naughty online chat, and use email to send hot messages. You will certainly receive many, as was the case for me from my first day of connection. You are free to choose the members that interest you the most and to organize your sexy meetings! In France, the profiles are very numerous and seem well distributed in the territory.

For the most naughty, the video system set up by the site works perfectly. You can watch videos on profiles (and add them on your own), or take part in liveshow of users who want to show off to excite other users. Pleasant when you want fun without leaving home!

Finally, a Tinder profile scrolling system is also available. Nice to quickly see the different members, you can only get in touch with them once the reciprocal Match.

The choice of the connection is well and truly present, so see the results I obtained in the following of this opinion on Fling.

My experience on Fling for 1 month

During a month, I connected regularly on Fling trying to make a maximum of meeting. The Balance Sheet? 10 shots, dozens of messages received, and some nice virtual exchanges all hot ones than the others!

So it’s very positive. I appreciate the fact that members respond to most messages (about 80% of responses) and that discussions are quickly directed to the main subject: sex. We do not waste time on Fling, and sometimes it only takes a few hours to find ourselves in very good company.

In addition, lovers of various sexual experiences should find their account here as the diversity of profiles encountered is great.

Fling Pricing: how much does a subscription cost?

To take advantage of the 100% Fling site, you must subscribe to a subscription. There are 4 subscription options, plus some additional options that I will detail below.

For 2.95 $, you can buy access to a unique profile and communicate with it in unlimited for 30 days. Quite restricted, this option is only valid if you have really flashed on a member!

Otherwise, there are 3 subscriptions available:

Gold subscription of 1 month at 34.95 $.
Gold subscription of 6 months at 69.95 $. Currently, a free 4th month is offered and you will have 4 months of access to the pricing of 19.92 $ / month.
The subscription of 12 months is 118.80 $. At this moment, the site offers you 6 additional months free! Thus, for 18 months of subscription, you will only pay 9.93 $ / month.

In terms of value for money, the site is in a very good position, especially considering the monthly price for 18 months (9.93 euros!).

Fling Prices

Duration Costs per month Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 34.95 $ / Month 34.95 $
6 Months 11.66 $ / Month 69.95 $
12 Months 9.90 $ / Month 118.80 $

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fling

Here are the highlights and weaknesses of the naughty dating site Fling:

Strong points :

  • A huge user community
  • Varied and practical features
  • Sex without taboos, for all types of practices
  • More than satisfactory results
  • The guarantee Fuck of 3 months!

Weak points :

  • Rates for additional options are too high
  • You must not be too prudish!

Fling, a leader for casual hookups

To conclude this opinion on Fling, I can only be enthusiastic about this platform.

It allows for many hot meetings quickly, with members with specific expectations. The variety of profiles and tastes is impressive and everyone should be able to find members with similar sexual practices.

In addition to its effectiveness in terms of sexy dating, Fling site offers many online features that can navigate with pleasure and have fun without moving. It is one of the most complete adult dating sites that exists, simply!

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