Fitness Singles

Whether you want to race, play tennis or practice any sport, thanks to the portal Singles Fitness you will definitely meet your shoe if you are a minimum sports. So do not wait a minute and register on the platform reserved for sportsmen and women.

Dating platforms have been in constant decline for a number of years and are increasingly popular with single individuals. But goodbye to traditional online portals, now more themed dating sites are present on the web: according to your lifestyle, your religion or your political preferences. On the Fitness Singles meeting site, you will discover only sportsmen and sportswomen eager to meet new people.

Introducing Fitness Singles

Do you want to meet an individual with a similar taste for physical exertion? Thanks to the Fitness Singles dating portal, it’s now possible. Indeed, it allows to meet only sports and sports near your home. It brings together amateur athletes as well as more experienced athletes. The principle is to offer a large choice of singles so that everyone can find a shoe to his feet.

The known data on Fitness Singles

  • Sports community only.
  • Website and mobile application.
  • Internet users present throughout the world.
  • Dating loving and friendly.

Fitness Singles review: More than just a dating site


Fitness Singles is not just an online dating portal like a OkCupid or EliteSingles. This one offers you the possibility of crossing the barrier of the computer by preparing real meetings around sporting events. Indeed, the dating site frequently organizes events for its members to allow them to meet their soul mate. It can be sports sessions for example. As for the mobile app, it conducts partnerships directly related to sporting events. For example, last year, members of the site got to know each other during the Marathon in NYC.

Operation of the Fitness Singles website

Are you interested in this dating site? Feel free to become a member in just a few minutes and then optimize your profile through a presentation photo, personal information and obviously the sports you practice. These are not mandatory fields, you can confess your life or just learn the basics. It’s you who choose. The principle is simple. To begin, you must highlight your strengths as a sportsman, whatever the sport you practice. In this way, your passion will no longer be an obstacle to your relationship, but a link. Sport can bring together souls who are eager to meet people and who are eager to share moments together and motivate each other. The Fitness Singles Dating Site has truly distinguished itself from other dating portals through its completely free registration for both male and female members.

The features of Fitness Singles

New tools will soon be available on the portal. Sport as a means of meeting reveals many assets, and apart from the fact that it is an excellent solution to socialize, let off steam and of course to keep fit, it is also a good idea to to find something in common with the man or woman of his life. In addition, it is also a meeting platform that offers more than a simple connection since it offers partnerships in connection with sports events but also in direct connection with sports halls. The Dating portal Fitness Singles offers many tools including a webcam chat and instant messaging. In addition, you have the possibility to exchange with other members through messages of a maximum of 140 characters published on a kind of “wall”.

Interface and use of Fitness Singles

The interface of this dating site is classic: you can discover the profile of all members and discover their sports activities. If one person interests you more than another, you have the option to send a “ball”. This is a kind of poke sports version. You also have the opportunity to get in touch with it through a message. On the contrary, you can also add members to your blacklist. As for the design of the platform, it consists mainly of light blue and white. Tasteless colors that give a sense of emptiness to the interface. The dating portal is free for male members as well as female members. It is easy to use and quick to take in hand.

Target and Singles Fitness Community

If you are single and want to make serious new encounters with people with the same interest as you: the sport, Fitness Singles is the meeting portal for you. Indeed, it offers you the opportunity to meet other people practicing the same sport as you: you can discover boxers, wrestlers, athletes, hiking enthusiasts, star dancers, swimmers or skiers . Send them “bullets” to get them to contact you.

On the Singles Fitness portal, you will meet only committed individuals who are eager to truly meet love, seeking to come together in friendly moments. You will find just as many young divorced, dynamic executives or any kind of person envious to meet new people. You will be able to meet members across the world and discover various events on the Rhône-Alpes and the Paris region. You should know that if you select this dating portal, you agree to make new experiences and to leave your home.

Moderation and safety at Fitness Singles

When a new member registers on the portal, the moderation team checks and validates the profile sheet as well as all the photographs broadcast in order to minimize behavior problems. However, you can report a behavior when you find it abusive or when an ad seems inappropriate to you, just send an email to the following address: support @ Fitness The moderation team undertakes to process the information within forty-eight hours. If the abuse is verified, the team will take the necessary measures in relation to the seriousness of the act. This can range from the suspension of your account to the total cancellation of your profile.

The application

Fitness Singles also has a mobile application that allows you to enter directly into the middle of naughty encounters between sports. Whether you are an amateur sportsman or a more experienced sportsman, you will certainly meet a flirt or the partner of your life: wrestlers, boxers, skiers, athletes, riders and many more individuals. You will find the functions of the dating site, you can send “balls”, send a message through instant messaging, share your sports activities or your goals in sports. The mobile application allows you to benefit from similar functions on the website and thus be able to make many knowledge.


When you want to become a member of the platform, you will only need to fill in some information about your situation: your age, the sports you practice, … Many sports are available, you can even select the Baby Foot or sled without joke . Registration is completely free for men and women, it is done in just a few minutes. In addition, you can also register from your Facebook social network account with Facebook Connect.

Rates and Pricing

The platform is totally free for both male and female members. On this one, no paying offer is proposed. She is completely free of charge, whether it is her registration or the functions she offers. This is a must for a dating site. As you can see, you can register now to make your own opinion. Know that recently a premium offer has been put in place. It is worth 39.99 $ per month.

Duration Costs per month Total
Premium Subscription
1 Month 39.99 $ / Month 39.99 $
3 Months 21.99 $ / Month 65.97 $
6 Months 14.99 $ / Month 89.94 $
12 Months 9.99 $ / Month 119.88 $


The proposed customer support

You can contact customer support through a contact form available on the site. You will need to complete the following information to send your message: your name or your nickname, your e-mail, your subject and finally your message. You can also contact him through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and finally Google +. However, customer support can still be improved by the presence of a phone number or a live chat.

The Pros and Cons

If you no longer want to subscribe to a paid offer at thirty euros per month on a classic dating portal to trade with fake people or scammers, it’s time to take a different path and select a human-sized concept revolutionizing dating by affinities. Indeed, on the Fitness Singles dating portal, you have the chance to meet individuals on the web by exchanging through instant messaging as on a general platform but you can also participate in events organized by the group. In short, an effective sports site!

User reviews and feedback

Marine’s Opinion – 28 years old: For years, I’ve been on general dating sites like Meetic and eDarling. But I have never really found someone corresponding to me. Being athletic, it was hard for me to come across someone as athletic as me. However, with Fitness Singles, I did various sporting events organized by the “Fitness Singles” team such as jogging sessions and that’s where I met Jerome. It really fits me and guess what we do … Sports and more sports! I strongly advise for all athletes wishing to find love or / and make friends.


Jhon’s opinion – 44 years old: I wanted to meet a sporty woman like me and my wish was granted with Fitness Singles! The site is easy to use and is for all athletes, experienced or beginners. The community is wide and events are often organized. In short, I advise you even if I must admit that there are fakes and incomplete profiles.


The principle is simple: through your sporting qualities, you can meet other people. In addition to meeting a sports partner, you will certainly meet the love of your life. Since playing sports is still more interesting as a couple, why not do it with someone who can share your life in the future? And conversely, of course. You will understand, the Fitness Singles meeting site is intended for all sportsmen everywhere wanting to find a flirt or the person with whom you can share your life. In addition, you will definitely enjoy the free registration and features of the portal. However, there are a lot of fake profiles and scammers because of this free.

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