The FirstMet dating site gives the possibility to its users to meet by affinities. The purpose of this platform is to allow its members to find or find love quickly, in order to build a serious relationship between invested partners. I tried the site for a month and I give you my opinion on FirstMet in this comprehensive test.

Users come here to make serious meetings and the average age of users exceeds 40 years. Many members have experienced disappointments in love, and wish to find a serious partner to share good times with two.

For this, FirstMet offers to complete a personality test from the initial registration (and free) to submit you subsequently profiles that meet your expectations. You can fill the test now, by clicking here, to see the profiles that will be suggested!

To give you an opinion on FirstMet, I tested the site for a month. Here is my testimony and the results obtained.

How it works?

It only takes a few minutes and an email address to register on FirstMet. Validate it and you can begin to complete the personality test.

The questions, established by psychologists, allow to draw a portrait of the single person that you are and to target your expectations as well as possible. It’s fun and interesting, since we answer questions that we would not necessarily have asked ourselves. Depending on the results, the site will propose adapted profiles that you will find on the main page.

The interface is very simple and it is appreciable. Live chat, messaging and a classic search system make it easy to communicate with other members. And there is choice! The registered members seem fairly well distributed in the territory and each of my connections, I was able to discuss with at least one member of my region. Good to know also, women account for 57% of users!

Once my profile is well filled, because it is important to give confidence to other singles, I started my quest for love. Let’s see how it goes in the rest of this FirstMet review.

FirstMet dating site is interesting for several reasons.

The first, for me, is the quality of the profiles that are submitted to you following the personality test. The women that I was suggested pleased me very much, and yet I am rather fussy. When I saw Sarah’s profile, for example, I thought, “wow, she looks great! “. And this impression was confirmed from the beginning of our conversation by messages interposed. If it did not go further with it for external reasons, this pattern has been repeated several times.

Another reason that makes the FirstMet dating site pleasant is the response rate to my posts. We know that people are really looking for love on a site when they respond quickly and courteously to a message. It’s simple, I got almost 90% of responses to my messages over a month. Besides, we can send messages for free!

Whether speaking with the profiles proposed by FirstMet according to my expectations, or looking a little, I found it easy to meet interesting singles on this serious dating site. Why not try right now by registering for free on this page ?!

FirstMet Price: the price of subscriptions

The FirstMet dating site is totally free for women. Maybe that’s why they outnumber men on the platform. A male user will have to pay to access the various features of the site. A Premium account allows you to read incoming messages, see who has viewed your profile, and access all photos in profiles without a filter.

Here are the rates for FirstMet subscriptions:

Duration Costs per month Total
Premium Membership
1 Month 24.99 $ / Month 24.99 $
3 Months 16.66 $ / Month 49.99 $
6 Months 12.50 $ / Month 74.97 $

Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period. If you do not want it, just disable this option in your settings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the FirstMet dating site

Here are the highlights and weaknesses of the FirstMet dating site:

Advantages :

The site is free for women
Members are looking for seriousness and lasting relationships
The affinity dating system works very well
The playful personality test
Send free messages


No subscription for a single month

My feedback on FirstMet after 1 month of testing.

After testing the site for 1 month, I have a positive opinion on FirstMet although I still have 2 months of subscription (I subscribed to a 3 month subscription).

The women with whom I have been in contact have proved to be very interesting. I had about ten serious contacts and I met 3 of these women in real life. If you can not necessarily find the woman of your life in a few days, the site has the merit of offering quality to its users.

Clear profiles, a functional interface and a dynamic community make the FirstMet dating site a platform that I recommend to all singles who do not want to spend hours on dating sites to finally find a person who interests them. Here, just complete the personality test and make a detailed profile, and quality contacts will arrive.

Give it a try by taking advantage of free registration and start dating.

Overall opinion on FirstMet: seriousness in the service of love

If you are looking for a serious dating site that is easy to access and offers good results, do not hesitate to try FirstMet.

The meeting by affinities makes it possible to save a precious time and especially to make matches which correspond to you. With its large community, you should find without any difficulty users who share your tastes and desires.

As the site’s slogan says, life is better for two. And as we share this opinion, we wish you to find a partner quickly!

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