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Find your Filipino beauty on Philippines’ Biggest Dating Site With More Than 3 Million and Half Members.

Do you have a thing for beautiful Philippines? Perhaps you have decided to take the plunge, and to go soon to the Philippines, for holidays, of course, but especially to meet these beautiful women? You are rather adept meetings without a future, or you would not be against, on the contrary, to put all the chances on your side to make the acquaintance of the one that will accompany you the rest of your life?

So, let yourself be guided.

We invite you to discover the best dating site to meet Filipino women. We will also give you some useful tips to seduce the one (s) that you so ardently desire. What is the important information to know?

In short, we hope to put in your hands all the tools, all the keys that will guarantee the success of your meetings, whether the goal is one-night meetings, or that of your life.

The best Filipino dating site: FilipinoCupid

Filipino Cupid, the must-see dating site in the Philippines, and elsewhere …

Whether your project is planned in a few weeks or a year, it must be prepared to put the odds on your side, and not to risk finding yourself doing what many naïve and inexperienced tourists do, that is to say say tapestry: sitting on a bar stool, spending their evenings sipping the same alcohol, alone.

Also, and in order to anticipate your meetings, the most effective way is to register on a dating site.

The Net is full of dating sites, more or less serious, and to save you considerable time, we advise you, without any hesitation, to register on Filipino Cupid.

Filipino Cupid is the reference site, put online by the platform CupidMedia, which you must, perhaps certainly know if you are also attracted by other beautiful Asian women from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, etc.

CupidMedia is at the head of more than 35 dating sites worldwide, and has been around for almost twenty years. Its credibility can no longer be questioned.

This is also the place of meetings favored by the beautiful Philippines to find the soul mate or the man who will make them spend a memorable evening safely. It’s your turn to make it your favorite meeting place.

You will even wonder, very quickly, how you could have gone so far.

How to register and discover the site?

No particular difficulty to register to register on the site. Your first name, or rather a nickname and a valid e-mail address are enough to open you access to some 3.5 million registered profiles!

Once registered (specify that registration is free), here you are on the site. The first thing to do is to upload a photo. If you do not want to put one immediately, just close the window. You will come back to it later. Then, if you do not speak English, install the French version.

You access it by clicking on the small wheel (on the right of your photo), in the “account settings” section. A tab allows you to choose your language “select language”. Choose French and you’re done.

There is more than … Honestly, the interface is really intuitive, and you will navigate very easily on this site which is perfectly user-friendly.

On the left of the screen, a small search form allows you to refine your search in a few clicks, already specifying the age range of the woman you are looking for, as well as her country and city of residence.

Soon, you will discover that not only can you, thanks to Filipino Cupid, prepare your trip and therefore start filling your meeting book on the spot in the Philippines, but also that very pretty Filipino women live in France, maybe even close from your place.

After only five minutes of connection, you will certainly have some messages waiting.

Fill in your profile

We advise you to quickly get down to the task, and complete your profile:

Put a good photograph of you (it may seem strange to you, but some people dare to even put the picture of Brad Pitt instead of theirs …). And if possible put in several. This will save you time because your contact will prompt you. Admit that on your side, you also prefer to see different photos of your interlocutor. Make as many …
Complete the information form as sincerely as possible. This last allows to specify at the same time who you are physically, but also what you like and especially what you are looking for.

Filipino Cupid is a quality asian dating site. Of course, you can meet Filipina women who may be looking for a face-to-face meeting, but it is especially the place where many women find themselves looking for the man of their life.

Be respectful and fair play.

If a woman signifies her refusal to go further, admit that “No” is “No”, and move on to another profile in a friendly way.

Once your profile is complete, it’s up to you to play. You will see, there are Filipino women for all tastes on the site. In general, Filipina women are known for their beauty, their kindness, the respect they have for their husbands.

They can therefore appear fairly standard in the type of meetings they want to do.

But, we must not generalize, and more and more are those who get rid of these codes and allow themselves to be more unrestricted in terms of meetings. You will find that everything is open.

It is also important to remember that in the Philippines, as elsewhere, prostitution is present, and that, no doubt, you will be approached by women who will agree to spend a good time with you during your vacation, but against money…

How to optimize your chances of meeting Filipino Cupid?

Make an effort to exchange in English

It is important to know that English is the second official language of the country, and therefore the many women on the site speak it perfectly. Also make the effort to complete your presentation and describe the woman and the type of relationship you are looking for in English.

This language will allow you to significantly expand the interactions you will have with Filipino women on the site, because they will feel much more confident with you since they will be sure that you will be able to interact with them.

If you’ve been to Asia for the holidays, for example, you should have noticed the large number of couples of a Westerner and a young Asian woman sitting on the sidewalk cafes who do not talk to each other at all. barely a smile flicking their lips from time to time.

So a tip, use google translate to control your exchanges on the site, it’s always better than nothing, and it’s a free online translator that is more and more efficient. And if you have a few months left before going to meet Filipino Cupid’s wife (s), take some English classes.

In any case, it will be useful for you throughout your life.

Premium membership pricing

Like all CupidMedia websites, and like all other serious dating sites, you can boost your dating possibilities by subscribing to one of the formulas on offer:

Standard is the subscription you already have as a free member. It allows you a basic match, to flash on a profile and to communicate with the paying members. But you will soon see the limits …
But it also allows you to communicate live with all members, and especially to read the messages you receive. It also allows to put in anonymous status and not to undergo the advertisements.
Platinum is the must. This formula puts your profile above the basket. Your profile is immediately noticed with its VIP status. It offers other possibilities to communicate, the translation into your language of all messages, etc.

We advise you the status “Gold”, it is more than enough to communicate and make a maximum of meetings.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
Gold Membership
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
12 Months 11.67 USD / Month 139.99 USD
Platinum Membership
1 Month 39.99 USD / Month 39.99 USD
3 Months 26.66 USD / Month 79.98 USD
12 Months 13.33 USD / Month 159.99 USD

But how to go from the virtual world to the meeting in the real world?

Rest assured, things will come into place very easily. If you are already talking about meeting, it is because you have avoided making many mistakes like the one of talking too much about yourself and not giving yourself the opportunity to talk enough about it.

What are the mistakes to avoid?

We saw one just before. Filipina women are committed to many moral and family values, and will be much more interested in who you are as a man than knowing where you live or how you earn your living. She will be more attentive to your education than knowing how you spend your money.
On your side, do the same thing, interest yourself to her, to her family, to what she likes, her hobbies, her passions, etc. In short, take the chance to meet one of the pearls of Asia, the Asian woman that some consider the most pleasant and the most perfect of women.

If all goes well she will pass her line. It is an application that you will quickly download on your Smartphone and allows to communicate for free. A bit like WhatsApp here.

First meeting, instructions for use

We confide much more virtually than in the real world, and many disappointments suffered by each other on the day of the meeting. The additional difficulty here is that the physical encounter may be more than 11,100 kilometers away, unless it meets you …

As you have exchanged a lot, messages of course, pictures, maybe even you have communicated by phone or videoconference, you will know almost by heart, so do not take any risk for this first appointment.

Already, suggest him to choose the place of the appointment, it will touch a lot. And above all, think about bringing back a little something from France, a perfume for example (I’m sure you’ve already thought about it!) And go for it!

If you’re here, it’s something happened between you, right?

If you have come, not to meet the woman of your life, but “some” Filipina women, do not take risks at first. Make an appointment at the bar of your hotel or in a public place, it is more careful!

But whatever the situation, the motto remains the same. Be respectful, gallant, and there will be no reason for your appointment to go wrong.


Your turn now ! With Filipino Cupid, you put every chance on your side to meet Filipino women. Just remember one thing, stay yourself! So, click here to get in touch with the three and a half million members of Filipino Cupid.

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