Fdating.com promises a serious encounter with women from Eastern Europe, including Ukrainians and Russians. He claims to be completely free too. However, this site has received many negative reviews if you search everywhere online. We tested the Fdating dating platform for you to give a more objective opinion about it.

Info, Details and Presentation

FDating is a dating site for singles wishing to meet love. The site is accessible all over the world. 12 languages ​​are available for everyone to access.

The meeting coming out of this platform is generally serious since the majority of the members wish to find the soulmate are all looking for a true love story, lasting.

This relationship can then go beyond marriage. The personalized search and other features of the site can quickly find the ideal partner.

How it works ?

FDating brings together all singles from around the world. On the site, the chance to find love nearby is favored by convenient and effective services.

To reach a serious meeting with a person from the region, from the city and who looks a little like the man or woman of our dreams, you have to register.

This step offers the opportunity for everyone to browse the site without any constraint or to pay fees. In addition, only members can discuss between them.

Blog, Forum, Search .. Options!

Searching for a soul mate is done quickly thanks to this famous customizable search engine that FDating offers.

The profiles sought appear according to criteria such as age, sex. The country can also be an important element for the conquest of love.

Everyone can have access to the birthday calendar of members, the most popular profiles on FDating, as well as what are connected.

The site also offers the list of male or female members depending on the country. It’s a fast and efficient way to choose from the thousands of people who will be interested in each member.

Members and coummunity

The dating site currently has a directory of 160,000 members. Among them, there are many more men than women with a ratio of 60% of 40. There are many more members connected in the evening than in daylight. On the other hand, the age range of its users is rather young with an average between 18 and 40 years old.

In terms of design, this site displays an outdated aesthetic. It has not changed at all since its creation until now.

The level of education of members is rather lower. Moreover, the site seems to be sorely lacking in moderation on registrations.

Chat, Message, Forum .. Options and Features?

Fdating has not really followed the evolution in terms of features. He remained purely in the basics. Fortunately we can still send private messages on the site.

Among its features, there are:

  • Profile Creation: This is a short contact form that simply asks for your gender, your country, a username and your email address.
  • Visiting other profiles and viewing their images,
  • Depositing a free ad,
  • The search for interesting profiles: Its internal search engine has uninformal filters with criteria such as: country, city, size, gender, hair color, etc.
  • Adding profiles to favorites,
  • Receiving notifications after other users have moved to your account with “Who Saw”,
  • Uploading photos,
  • Sending private messages,
  • The addition of unwanted to a blacklist.

Is Fdating free or paid? Rates and Subscriptions!

Fdating is one of the dating sites that still promises free 100% at the moment. And he seems to keep his promise. Indeed, you have nothing to shell out to access all the features of this dating platform.
Benefits and strengths!

Prices, Rates and Subscriptions

The site is 100% free as I told you in the introduction! No euro to spend to use the site, nor to unlock otpions!

Benefits & Strong Points

  • Free,
  • The opportunity to meet women from Eastern Europe.

Disadvantages and weak points!

  • The presence of many fake profiles,
  • The absence of moderation,
  • Obsolete design,
  • The risk of unauthorized use of your photos,
  • The search function is insufficient,
  • The lack of features.

Conclusion & Opinions about Fdating

It seems that people who have left negative reviews online are right. Nothing is attractive about Fdating.com except that it is completely free. Even the famous Russian and Ukrainian members all give the impression that they are paid operators to keep people on the site. So, do not waste your time on this site.

FDating is for those who want to make serious encounters. Aged 18 and over, anywhere in the world, you can become a member of this site.

Joining the thousands of users increases the chance to chat and meet with the right person, who can become a soul mate.

The photo gallery, advanced search and other features are the important elements for finding a partner. Most members are aged in their forties.

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