This time we go directly to the countryside, to discover a meeting site for farmers, peasants and other. FarmersOnly, the site that I propose to you to discover this day is even the number in the field so much to tell you that it is worth the detour!

How it works?

When the majority of dating sites or apps are all about the big cities because there are more people, some prefer to play it more fine by offering meetings in small country villages.

FarmersOnly is therefore a farmer dating site but not that, since it also invites all lovers of nature and countryside. In other words, calm meetings!

Of course, most of the men and women are single and come to FarmersOnly to find the love of their lives, much like in the show “love is in the meadow” it probably speaks to you !

FarmersOnly is also the dating site that sponsored the first Agri-Dating that took place in Aveyron. The agri dating for those who would not understand is the speeddating, but campaign version!

As much to tell you that it is rather known, and I am surprised myself to have missed this site so long ..!

Price and subscription rate?

So to my surprise, the FarmersOnly dating site is completely free! This certainly earns him a good deal of his success. But usually popular sites quickly pay off.

So, right now, FarmersOnly is free, and personally I hope it will stay! If I missed something or some paid option, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments!

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
1 Month 21.95 USD / Month 21.95 USD
3 Months 13.32 USD / Month 39.96 USD
6 Months 10.99 USD / Month 65.94 USD
Gold Status
1 Month 9.99 USD / Month 9.99 USD
1 Month 4.95 USD / Month 4.95 USD

Mobile version or application?

Thanks to its automatic alert system, the site and the iphone, android and ipad compatible mobile application will allow you to discover each week the new profiles of singles registered in your region whether farmers or not.

FarmersOnly is currently only available on PC (or Mac) web version. Finally, it is still accessible on mobile or tablet, but the site does not fit at all on the screen is a shame.

If farmers have internet to connect they probably also have telephones and tablets. But it’s another debate.

It seems that FarmersOnly soon offers a mobile application for IOS Apple, and I imagine that an Android version will be released at the same time!

My opinion on FarmersOnly!

Well as the name of the site indicates, I find the latter “FarmersOnly” good! This is not the only site that offers dating in the country, and I guess you can find it as well, better and worse.

However, I enjoyed the interface of the site and the tools offered, even if it is not accessible on mobile …

The community is active and participates in the life of the site, and as a bonus there is a nice guestbook on which already testify quite a few people of the seriousness and the quality of FarmersOnly.

So for me, and again I repeat it is my opinion and I do not impose on anyone, FarmersOnly is good dating site. Not necessarily innovative, but it has the merit of proposing something different and free!

Created by farmers for farmers

Leader in its sector, it is the very first site of Encounter in the countryside since 2005 dedicated to the lovers of the life in rural environment.

FarmersOnly was created by farmers passionate about their craft, to organize the first community dedicated to living in the countryside. It is a site for all those who wish to live in the open air or closer to nature in their daily lives, whether they are professionals in agriculture or not.

Find people close to your surroundings, your city or your geographical area, colleagues and friends … and come to discover the Love in the meadow with thousands of singles and passionate about the same thing as you.

But when it comes to Love, it’s not always easy to find it, and yet the entire FarmersOnly team has been meeting and celebrating the marriage of ten couples trained through the portal for more than 10 years. that the birth of many children following this.

Thanks to the community you will find many opportunities to find your shoe.
Loneliness can sometimes be heavy when you live in a rural setting in the country even if the environment is bucolic and very pleasant, it is not always easy to meet single people close to the land and wildlife wild.

Complete profiles

All profiles of farmer, farmer, or not; provide a complete description of their activity, their research, their passions and hobbies, as well as a complete description of their interests.

On the FarmersOnly website, everything is done to help you meet the right person and foster links between your male neighbors and women, sharing common passions and having the same way of living as you.

Search and communication tools for members

Use geographic search and affinity search to find the person close to you by sharing your common points, and thus discover the love freely in the countryside. The chat will allow you to chat live and exchange messages with other members of the community.

You want to find a partner for a GAEC, an EARL, or a CUMA? Or simply work in the countryside near your family? do not hesitate and register for free on FarmersOnly!
Our platform will allow you to find all sectors of referenced activities: breeder (some animals are cow, hen, sheep, goat, horses etc …), winemaker, grain, farmer, oyster farmer, sailor, marketer, fisherman, organic or conventional farmer; are referenced on FarmersOnly.

Most countries are present in the community,: all the nationalities are present, which will allow you to discover also the conventional farmer and extraterteritorial.

In a world where urban dwellers seek to get closer to the countryside and leave the cities; FarmersOnly will undoubtedly allow you to promote your search for Love or simply Friendship with ease.
If you think you have a special interest in the land industry or simply want to change your life to embrace nature, the

FarmersOnly site is for you.

Finished to dream, your paradise in the countryside is only a few mouse clicks, so do not hesitate and register for free to find out who is hiding near you and dying to share as you his passion.
Rural life tempting you? so jump in and embrace love in the meadow in a campaign spirit!
Information: the site is completely free for women and has promo subscription for men, it is not a matrimonial agency.

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