FabSwingers does not really innovate in the middle of the meeting naughty but thanks to his popularity he managed to gather a large community of members eager for good fast fuck and without headache. So, if you want the same thing, do not hesitate to register. In addition, you may have the opportunity to meet porn actresses from the porn site signed FabSwingers. To recommend !

It is certainly one of the best platforms specialized in naughty encounters. Simple and effective, it is better to get an idea for yourself. However, let’s take a look at the main features of this swingers dating site.

FabSwingers Overview

FabSwingers is the platform for the encounter of pornographic porn juggernaut. Grouping mostly swingers, movie lovers and some actresses who made them, the site offers the opportunity to make only hot encounters and ass plans. Become a member is free and paid offers will be available to optimize your experience and maximize the chances of meetings. The merit comes back to him by proposing a kind of friendly social network dedicated to swingers. You will find the profile of men, women and couples in the manner of a real swingers club available online.

Known data on FabSwingers

  • Free registration.
  • 200,000+ people use the site daily.
  • Available in most countries and USA.
  • Created since 2006 .
  • Main functions: chat with webcam, messaging, photo albums.

FabSwingers Review

For people who have managed to start swinging, it would seem that their sexuality is awake, that desire and excitement are again present. The couple returns a kind of second youth, the two individuals feel again eroticism, are more attractive and discover themselves in a different way. On the other hand, the concept of a couple is preserved since the goal is to bring him a second life and not to enter a life of infidelity and treason. The decision must be taken together in its realization with the choice together of the couple and the place where it will take place. We prepare ourselves by sharing our feelings and apprehensions before or after the action.

How does the FabSwingers website work?

Regarding the operation of the portal, FabSwingers has functions similar to the mastodons of the dating sector such as OkCupid or Tinder. As you will understand, the platform lacks originality in view of its features and interface that remain unconventional. You will find a geolocation system and an internal search engine. In order to stand out from the competition, FabSwingers relies on a community of active members who want to meet many people. In short, the use of the platform remains basic. In the section “Meetings”, you will quickly and easily discover the profiles that may interest you. The main information is present such as age or geographical location. Of course, a photo presentation is also present, often suggestive and naughty elsewhere. There are very few profiles that do not have presentation photos. In this way, you can make your opinion quickly on the person in question.

The features of FabSwingers

FabSwingers is a dating portal for all people to make swingers meetings near their home. It is therefore a platform slightly different from its competitors since it hosts a particular community. On FabSwingers, you can design a detailed profile by adding photos, information about your sexual preferences and your fantasies. It is therefore necessary to accurately complete the fields requested during registration. Do not be afraid to add details, members are eager for naughty stories. It is a dynamic and spontaneous portal, where you will receive rather regular contact requests as we realized during the test. Freedom of expression is also one of its main assets since on this portal nobody wants to judge you and it is better to be as exhaustive as possible to find sexual partners to the same desire as you. So do not mince words and really indicate what you want. In short, classic but powerful functions, tools and possibilities.

Community of FabSwingers

There is no need to draw a picture for you to understand what to expect on FabSwingers. Of course, you will meet men, women and couples who want to make hot encounters quickly and easily. In short, the target of the group is the same as big names in the naughty environment as Casual Dating or FetLife. The majority of registered members come directly from the pornographic portal of this French brand, some women have even played for it. Expect very hot and direct discussions on the subject concerned. If you are looking for love, obviously go your way, you will find only members eager to get laid. As for the physics of the member, there is really something for all tastes, a relevant asset. One has the impression to go to a swingers party since you will meet couples, elderly and old, seductive and less attractive … This is the perfect reflection of the life of swingers.

Moderation and security on the site

The confidentiality of the information of its members is important for the French brand. As with the porn site, security is not an option. The portal has a multitude of privacy settings that you can change at your convenience. You can even use the platform anonymously. In addition, a moderation team is present to limit the presence of false profiles as well as to monitor content that contravenes the Terms of Use or does not comply with the rules in force. On the other hand, the moderation is also participative since you have the possibility to announce a member or to add it to your black list.


Registration on this dating site is fast, simple and completely free. In just a few moments, you can design your profile and add a photo presentation and a description of your sexual practices. The majority of members on the site are not cold and know what they expect from their partners. It is therefore necessary to specify your fantasies to optimize the search for potential members. Frequently, individuals question whether there is a free trial period to discover the entire portal and its functions. Do not be afraid, registration is completely free. Simply choose a username, password and enter your e-mail. You will receive a link on it to connect to the platform. All you need to do is fill in some additional information, such as your age. Once done, you can choose a paid offer to maximize your chances of meetings.

Cancellation of the subscription

If you want to cancel your subscription, this is a simplified procedure unlike many dating platforms. You can when you want to contact customer support through a call, mail or email. You will pay the amount of time you have used only. Contacting the customer support team is really quick and easy. However, if you have any questions or problems with the use of the portal, you can contact through an e-mail.

Rates and Pricing

Fabswingers is completely free.

The proposed customer support

The dating site guarantees great security and therefore the peace of its operation to all its users. As a result, it is possible to contact customer support any day at any time. You can get in touch via a phone number, an e-mail or even a postal mail.

User reviews and feedback about FabSwingers

Jérôme’s opinion – 55 years old: The FabSwingers dating portal offers easy and convenient navigation. In addition to the relevant and useful functions, I greatly appreciate the publication of free naughty content. The biggest strength of FabSwingers is undoubtedly its gigantic community. Test to get out of the monotony of your couple!


Reviewed by Anna – 27 years old: Whatever your sexual expectations, FabSwingers is a perfect dating platform for your fantasies to come true. Do not hesitate to express your wishes in a clear way because know that modesty is not a characteristic of FabSwingers. Portal users are there to go from virtual to real without losing a single second. You too ? In this case, go for it!


Through the consistency of its registered members, the dating site FabSwingers offers the opportunity to make many meetings between amateur porn actors and amateurs of swingers sex. In addition to that, we discover the presence of some women who shot for the French brand. You will understand, this is one of the best portals dating naughty on the market. By and large, Swinger FabSwingers is the ideal portal for envious people to fuck easy! This is certainly due to the presence of women and free couples seeking to make hot encounters without any headaches. The members are there to satiate any of your fantasies, what are you waiting for to join them? In addition, you will certainly enjoy the opportunity to exchange naughty photos between members in order to discover them in a totally uninhibited way. As for the features and the interface in general, nothing but the classic. Thus, regulars more general dating sites will not be disoriented. In addition, the site makes it possible to find plans as much in the big agglomerations as in the smaller provinces.

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