You’ve probably heard of the site EliteSingles, a serious dating site upscale, which offers to meet singles quality. On this platform, members are successful in business, in life, they are educated and can boast of having a rather advantageous physique. This is what you are looking for in Love?

If so, registration is free at this time and you can see all profiles near you by clicking below.

Let me introduce you to the site and give you my opinion on EliteSingles after more than 2 months of testing! Do we really make meetings on this site? Reply.

EliteSingles: my review

EliteSingles is a site that has made its success on the quality of its members. Although quite young on the market, since it only exists for 4 years, it already has a substantial community. There are nearly 700,000 visitors each month on the site and 26,000 registered each week in France.

The main interest of EliteSingles is to count only serious users. 70% of the members are graduates of higher education, and the average age exceeds 30 years. When you come to this site, it’s good to meet a partner for a lasting relationship. Moreover, 100% of the profiles are manually checked by the moderation team.

To make these meetings, the site offers a Matchmaking system based on your preferences and affinities. Once the personality test is completed, you are sent each day profiles of singles compatible with you. In fact, does it work?

I give you my opinion on EliteSingles and the results that we get here, in the lines that follow.

Find the perfect partner for you

The site focuses on clarity and simplicity and it is a very good point. In a few moments, we choose a nickname and register with a valid email address (you will be asked to check it to make sure you are serious).

Then, place in the personality test. I was told about 300 questions, and I dreaded a test boring and too long … This is not the case at all! The personality test is very well done, and I got into the game quickly. It is divided into several categories to portray the single you are. I took about 30 minutes to complete it, and I recommend not to rush this step, which is crucial for the future because of this test will depend on the singles that will be proposed. You can do the test for free so why not try right now?

Once done, here you are on the main page, ready to make serious meetings. As the slogan of the site advocates, In love too, be ambitious!

Efficient and Simple Interface

The interface of the site is simply perfect, with the suggested profiles that appear immediately, in large, on your homepage. I quickly get acquainted with the members that I am proposed. And I must say that each time, during all my test period, the members chosen for me correspond to my expectations, both physically and in terms of their social situation and their interests.

Of course, during the discussions, the affinities were created or not, but the Matchmaking system is largely up to my expectations. Moreover, to contact members, it’s simple, you will have to go through a classic messaging system. This corresponds well to the users, who will come to the site about once a day, to consult the messages. As a result, the discussions are calm, sometimes spread over several days. This creates a smooth relationship.

Apart from compatible profiles, you can of course do your own research. The criteria are varied and you can find the perfect member for you. This is a feature I use very little, as the compatible profiles offered are quality!

After two months, what results from my experience on this site? Here is my opinion on EliteSingles!

The results of my experience with EliteSingles

I used the site daily for 7 weeks, trying to start a serious story. I tell you right now, I have not met the woman of my life yet! But EliteSingles is not in question because the site really offered me the opportunity to get in touch with high quality users.

I contacted about 2 to 3 profiles a day, and I got answers the same evening or the next day in 95% of cases! Some members were not interested but responded with courtesy, I talked a lot with other girls and I met 6 in real life. A more than honest record in view of my tight schedule and the daily occupations of EliteSingles users. 5 of these members have been suggested by the site, which confirms the effectiveness of the matchmaking system.

In short, my opinion on EliteSingles is very positive because the site combines seriousness and efficiency and allows the most busy members in their lives not to waste time on tedious research. We can rely on the suggestions of the site to contact members who correspond to us and this saving of time is very appreciable.

Let’s see now what is the price of the subscription in the wake of this review on EliteSingles.

EliteSingles Pricing: how much does the subscription cost?

Although registration is free, contact with other registrants can only be done if you have a premium membership. Similarly, you can not view the blurred photos of profiles if you are not subscribed. So how much does it cost a subscription to EliteSingles?

EliteSingles Membership Fees and Pricing:

There are three subscription plans for EliteSingles:

A mini Premium formula
The classic Premium formula
The Premium Zen formula

Current rates are subject to change during the year, so do not wait to register.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
3 Months 59.95 USD / Month 179.85 USD
6 Months 44.95 USD / Month 269.70 USD
12 Months 31.95 USD / Month 383.40 USD

Strengths and weaknesses of EliteSingles

Strong points :

An optimal interface
Very high efficiency
High-end profiles and very respectful members

Weak points :

The rate for a month a little high but it also allows to filter the members
Very classic contact methods

EliteSingles Reviews: for those who want the best

To conclude this review on EliteSingles, I will tell you that if you do not necessarily have a lot of time to devote to the search for love, but you still want to meet a quality partner, this site is for you.

With a very well-designed matching system and highly satisfying female and male profiles, it’s hard not to be seduced by EliteSingles. There are not necessarily as many members registered here as on other competing sites, but quality is more important here than quantity.

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