eHarmony is a dating site made especially for all singles to conquer love. Those in the United States are the main targets of the services of this site. The meetings from the eHarmony site are serious, leading to a marriage and beyond.

People who want to use the site to easily find a soul mate can say goodbye to loneliness and get ready for a beautiful love affair. Compatibility is very important here, a way to find the ideal partner quickly and surely.

Info & Presentation

Find the love that leads to marriage. This is the vocation of The service he offers uses a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles.

To find this compatibility, those who manage the site have already worked on features of thousands of successful relationships. This site is well suited for anyone looking for a soul mate.

The latter promotes the serious and lasting relationships that lead to marriages. Figures showing its success say that 438 marriages a day take place in the United States thanks to eharmony. For those who want to have fun and collect relationships without a future therefore, it would be better to abstain and go to other more suitable sites.

In addition to its serious character, eharmony also favors meetings with people of all ages, races and religions. This diversification does not question the compatibility, because according to eharmony, it will be for you, if you join the site, to find the love of your life.

Besides that, eharmony can also arrange to help you find a single person in the area where you live. Know that the site accepts to join people from the 50 states of the United States and more than 200 other countries around the world.

Operation & Options etc.

To register and become a member of the site, you must first access it and fill in a form there. This filling consists of completing the boxes of information about you.

Once the eharmony account is created, you can follow the four steps to find the right match. In the first step, you must complete a questionnaire to obtain a personality profile. Then you will be directed to review your selected, highly compatible matches.

In the third step, you will be asked to choose the plan that suits you best when you are ready to communicate (see the Eharmony Abo price below). And finally, you will learn about your matches at your own pace and start meeting them.

Tools, Services & Operation

Registration on is mandatory for anyone wishing to join thousands of singles throughout the United States. It’s very simple and easy. To have a satisfactory result in a short time, it is important to accurately fill in the profile. The latter defines the person, an important element to find the soul mate, compatible.

eHarmony proceeds after the discovery of the ideal partner thanks to the information provided in the profile of the new member and also in the answers to the questionnaires that must be filled out by all the members. These questionnaires focus on the details of the relationship.

The addition of an image is recommended to increase the chance of finding love and also so that the number of answers can increase.

eHarmony Free or Paid? Rates and Subscriptions

To be able to use and benefit from the services of eHarmony, a subscription to a subscription is obligatory.It is therefore classified in paid dating sites like so many others!

There are different types of subscriptions and offers everyone the chance to meet and know the benefits of the site by allowing them to make 3 payments for those who do not have enough means.

3 months: $ 39, 95 / month
12 months: $ 12.95 / month
24 months: $ 9.95 / month

Strengths and benefits

  • Confidentiality of personal information and configurable photos
  • Serious meetings nearby
  • Possibility to find the soul mate, compatible
  • Detailed and accurate profile
  • matchmaking
  • Love tips

Weaknesses and disadvantages!

  • Price too high
  • No search for a partner according to the choice of the user

My Conclusion & Review of

eHarmony is a dating site that allows for a serious and secure meeting with other members in the United States. The complete profile makes it possible to quickly find the people who correspond to the profile of a user.

The fee for using eHarmony features is quite high, while members do not even have the chance to find profiles with specific criteria. The site itself is responsible for giving the list of people who correspond to each profile.

On the other hand, according to the testimonies on eHarmony, the stories resulting from the meetings made on the site are durable and as serious. The purpose of the site is to increase the number of weddings generated by the eHarmony services. Note that more than 500 weddings / day have taken place thanks to this site.

We can say that singles who choose the site to cross the path of the soul mate will never lose in all this. You simply have to pay in advance through the subscription the price of eternal happiness.

It is clear that its popularity and success in the USA, proves that Eharmony is a quality site and a very serious site.

Now to say that this dating site is for everyone, I do not know.

Personally, even if it is very complete and offers endless options, I do not stick to Eharmony. Go find out why ..

Maybe because everyone appreciates it, and that I’m not like everyone else .. Finally I let you make your own opinion!

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