The launch of E-chat starts in the course of 2002 by offering the chat room to meet new people. The site contains a number of features including the following details:

General presentation

E-chat uses the principle of instant messaging by displaying various shows. The concept plays on multiple themes allowing users to make their selection. The options include an assortment of formulas including the directory of all the nicks registered and exhibitions developed on the chat.

Then, the quiz will be available 24hoursur24 for entertainment and translation of the platform whether in Spanish or English. The interface uses the java version or the old service according to the choice of the Internet users.

To know that the Oracle made the decision to block the applets in navigation in January 2014. According to the name, the dialogue turns essentially to nice discussions except the headaches. We can go to private following the course of the conversation and activate the webcam for privacy between the two partners. As for availability, the member is free to delete the account as access remains completely free and zero commitment.

In terms of numbers, E-chat contains statistics of the show to detect the frequency of the connection of regulars and newcomers. The mobile version is downloadable on the spot by choosing any medium through another browser or device.

It is possible to unsubscribe from E-chat at any time but you should know that membership is optional and not mandatory.

Advantages !

  • No need to register on E-chat. Just fill a few boxes as soon as you enter.
  • Several lounges available
  • High probability of finding people connected simultaneously
  • Free 100% guaranteed.
  • Discovery of the statistical option by being aware of the frequency of the connection of regulars and knowledge of the community.
  • Accessible in three (3) languages: French, Spanish and English
  • Personalized visual by choosing the 5 colors to choose from

The inconvenients !

  • Confusion in the living rooms from where a rather variegated age range
  • The Java formula causes a crash on some browsers
  • No update

What do I think of it !

In short, E-chat has an undeniable asset, the chat and a benefit free of charge to avoid paying options. However, the interface lacks modernity and needs some evolution.

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