Cougar Life

The Cougar Life platform allows you to meet real cougars, all in a powerful interface and features worthy of the best general sites on the market.

In order to make free encounters with cougars, it is difficult to find a platform on the web that meets this need. But we will offer you a test of a dating platform proposing this. Obviously, it can be used for free but subscriptions are present to maximize your chances of meeting. The Cougar Life Dating Portal gives young men wanting experience and maturity the opportunity to add excitement to their sex lives. The purpose of each is thus to come out satisfied sexually with the use of this site.

Cougar Life Overview

Cougar Life is a dating platform that offers cougars women the opportunity to find younger women and men who want to satisfy daring fantasies and who most of the time do not dare to perform with people of their age. Defining itself as a qualitative portal, Cougar Life offers you spicy and unique experiences, which you have certainly dreamed about at least once in your life. You still do not want to try the cougar adventure? We will convince you with the continuation of our opinion on this platform. On this portal, you will inevitably find shoe with your foot since the proposed cougars are never the same. With an open registration for everyone, we recommend that you try this experience and platform at least once in your life (preferably if you are single). Cougar Life cleverly surfs this 21st century fantasy of women aged forty and over.

The known data on Cougar Life

  • 100% cougar dating platform;
  • Age group mainly between thirty-five and sixty years old;
  • Community of 500,000 members;
  • Female to male ratio: 46 percent / 54 percent.

The story and strategy of Cougar Life

The serious Cougar Life platform, while the Cougar phenomenon was just emerging in the country. Present for ten years on the French market, Cougar Life already has a strong experience. With about 500,000 members, who does not find a cougar corresponding to him does not exist on this site.

Operation of the Cougar Life website

On the naughty site Cougar Life, you have various means to contact the users of the portal. In addition, we can legitimately say that classicism is on this site. You will not find anything superfluous on Cougar Life and you will be able to easily see the profiles as well as the photos of the most beautiful cougars of France. The various tools of the site are worthy of general sites such as eHarmony or Tinder. So, do not be surprised if you find the famous “Kiss” or virtual gifts. Obviously, the inevitable messaging and chat are present. As far as the search function is concerned, it is easy to use and you can use it quickly and efficiently. Regarding the interface, it is refined and allows the user to get straight to the point. When you are online, you will not waste your precious time looking for menus and functions. Indeed, it is indeed the cougars who will come to contact you and exchange with you. If you send them messages, they will answer you explicitly. This is the cougar culinary plan that is the central pillar of Cougar Life.

The features of Cougar Life

You have a multitude of functions at your disposal whose purpose is to optimize your chances of meeting and therefore your moments of pleasure. As we have seen above, the proposed features are reliable and relevant, worthy of the leader Communication means such as instant chat and messaging are some of the highlights of the platform. Regarding photos and videos, it is possible to make them private or public.

Interface and use of Cougar Life

The platform remains classic at first glance. However, it is no less simple to use and filled with more useful functions and tools than others. That’s why contact a cougar in France has never been so simple and easy. As for the browsing experience, the site offers a streamlined design allowing the user to move easily on the portal. When you arrive on the homepage, you will be able to find crisp and clear information. In addition, a banner is present on the platform and reveals various profiles of women who are online in real time. In short, by opting for Cougar Life, you will enjoy a classic but sexy interface with images and bright colors used. In the end, the functionality of Cougar Life is undeniable thanks to a highly thought-out ergonomics and appearance. To make your own opinion on the interface and use of the site, do not hesitate to register for free.

Target and community of Cougar Life

The purpose of Cougar Life at the target level is to offer women who are bored in their sexual development opportunities to come into contact with vigorous young stallions. That’s why a huge community of hungry cougars started using the dating platform. Quantitative side, it is nearly 500 000 users who registered on the portal. Numbers not so huge next to general sites, but this portal is not one. If you live in a big city, your chances of meeting will be significantly optimized unlike provincial areas.

Know that thanks to the search tool offered by the site, you can meet cougars located near you. Compared to the members: one of the major concerns that platforms of this type (libertine, naughty or in love) encounter is the problem related to parity. Indeed, many portals are flooded by these gentlemen and lack of female presence. Even the Cougar Life site is faced with this problem since there are more men than women. However, this is not so consistent since the ratio is 54 percent for these gentlemen and 46 percent for women.

Moderation on Cougar Life website

Are there any scams on the Cougar Life website? That’s why we did an immersion test as a mystery Internet user on this portal. After several weeks of use, we have detected a single real threat from a malicious person who wants to withdraw money. Thus, it can be said that the moderation team is doing its work globally in a secure and reliable setting. Do not hesitate to report malicious members to the Cougar Life team.

Why date a cougar?

The cougars are women of forty and over, eager to bring back the dormant volcano in them. Already enjoying a lot of experience, their preferences are for young men who wish to gain experience and experience unforgettable moments that can not necessarily give them young women their age. Relationships with cougars bring freedom, courtesy and mutual respect. These women know what makes you happy and that’s reason enough to sign up for Cougar Life.


Thanks to a naughty and hot registration page, you can register in just a few clicks on Cougar Life. For this purpose, you will have to give your age, your sex as well as your email address. It will subsequently be necessary to validate your registration. We advise you to optimize your profile as much as possible, making sure to complete your description. Do not forget also to post the most beautiful photos of you to stoke the eye of the cougars. In addition, be aware that it is possible to register on Cougar Life via social networks for both Twitter and Facebook. Obviously, no matter how you use to register, the latter will necessarily be simple, fast and completely free.

The rates and Pricing

Duration Costs per month Total
Premium Membership
1 Month 40.00 $ / Month 40.00 $
3 Months 29.00 $ / Month 87.00 $
12 Months 12.00 $ / Month 144.00 $


The advantages and disadvantages

The platform stands out thanks to the quality of its community or its customer support. Moderation is also more than correct and women are authentic cougars eager to find young men thirst for adventure.

Strong points

  • Quick registration, free and via social networks;
  • Tools worthy of a general site;
  • Effectiveness of the search engine
  • Mature women not cold-eyed;
  • Simple to use;
  • Great community;
  • Quality of customer support.

Weak points

  • Classicism of the appearance of the site;
  • Some abandoned profiles;
  • No webcam function.



In the end, the site is really like one of the challengers, even leaders of the cougar meeting. Above, you will have the opportunity to meet experienced women and mature wanting to have fun without any headaches. The strengths are numerous like the functions, the interface as well as the accessibility of the portal. You will not be disappointed with Cougar Life. However, its classicism is undoubtedly its main weak point. Nevertheless, we advise you to try the experiment and to jump in the water to spend exquisite moments.

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