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On the big market of dating sites, some are completely free. This is the case of Connecting Singles, a platform that brings together thousands of profiles like you, who want to find love. Here, the naughty plans also seem appropriate, and we can rejoice not to have to pay to find partners. But after registration, we realize that everything is not so rosy.

Connecting Singles free dating site

Connecting Singles is therefore as an easy to deal with the most famous dating sites, which are usually paid. It is a platform on which one can register and create a profile easily, too easily can be (because it causes the problems that we will see later), without paying a dime.

In a few minutes, you will have your own page, with photo, description, and the opportunity to complete this profile by answering various questions such as: Would you move out of love? What would you like to do at a first meeting? When we look at the other profiles of Connecting Singles, we see that they are rather well filled. This allows you to know who you are talking to quickly.

But now let’s take a look at what will blow your eyes even before creating your profile: the Connecting Singles interface. This dating site seems straight from another era! And it is much closer to an amateur site, coded by a single person, than a professional dating site. Of course, this could be no problem, but as you will see in this review on Connecting Singles, this is not the case …

Connecting Singles Reviews: Remote Profiles and Security Risk

If we go over the obsolete aspect of the site, we see that the platform is rich in users. At least, no matter what research you do, results are available to you. And although the profile pictures are almost all of poor quality, we can find interesting profiles.

But we still find that the majority of users are older. Many senior men and women attend this platform. And when we focus a little on the results, we see that the suggested members are not all in the area of ​​your research. Let me explain: I did a search for LYON. The first profiles proposed were well in the Lyon region, but the others were sometimes … very far! In the West Indies, in Africa, in Madagascar …!

This highlights a problem. In fact, the site does not have so many users, and it compensates for searches for each city by additional profiles. Is. Love can be further, so why not?

You will then be able to contact other members via private messages only. Other opportunities include new and online registrants, and advanced research. This is limited, but the message contact method remains effective, provided that we answer you. Alas, the response rate is very low on Connecting Singles.

Blame it on a lack of features? One of the members hardly concerned? Has a majority of inactive or false profiles? This is what we will see later. Let’s take a look for a bigger concern: privacy!

Connecting Singles and Privacy: Open Profiles?

This is a complaint that has already been made to some free sites, but it is obvious on Connecting Singles. When you create a profile, there seems to be no moderation. As a result, anyone can pretend to be another, very easily.

This leads to many false profiles, who come to commit misdeeds. A non-existent risk on reference sites, which are controlled.

In addition, all the information you enter here can easily be found on the Internet! Imagine that you put a nice picture of yourself. It is possible that someone finds it on Google, and uses it to create a false account elsewhere … Ditto for your description!

A risk too big, not worth taking. Does the fact that the site is really free can change the game? Following this review on Connecting Singles will tell us.

Rates and subscriptions

The free here is very real: Connecting Singles is 100% not paying! There is only advertising that allows the platform to finance itself. It’s rare enough to mention it! But of course, in view of the quality of the site, the free is explained …
Strong and weak points of Connecting Singles

Few highlights, many flaws, here is a summary of my opinion on Connecting Singles.

Strong points :

100% free

Weak points :

Many fake profiles
Personal information not protected
Little answer
A low number of active users
Few features

My results on Connecting Singles: review of a 3 weeks use

No need to beat around the bush: my opinion on Connecting Singles is very negative. Not only because of the interface sounds or the way it works, but because we do not meet here!

As mentioned above, many profiles can be found by performing a search. However, when we contact them, we receive very little feedback. To give you an idea, out of 10 sent messages, I received just one answer! It’s very little, but it’s not the worst.

These answers were generally totally off topic: incongruous requests, members speaking in a barely readable French … It quickly becomes painful. And it is valid for those who seek love, to whom I will advise Meetic without hesitation, as for those seeking a plan ass. The latter should rather turn to the very efficient Becoquin.

Is everything to be thrown away? No, because I was finally able to talk with 2-3 nice women, who had arrived on this site by chance. Although it did not give anything in terms of appointments, it gives new hope. However, this is not a site that I can advise you, despite its free.

Connecting Singles review: an ineffective site for serious meetings

Offering a free site does not excuse everything. The Connecting Singles platform offers nothing to justify signing up. The results obtained here are far from sufficient and the virtual encounters that we make there come to nothing.

There are so many other options on the dating market that lingering here would be a waste of time. As we have said, some other sites are worth visiting because they allow you to meet many people. If you are in the Senior class, like many people on Connecting Singles, you have the good Say Tomorrow for example.

Whether you’re looking for great love or just someone to have a good time with, be aware that you’re unlikely to find it on Connecting Singles.

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