The site allows fans of sadomasochism the opportunity to meet partners in any discretion. It is ideal for those who wish to indulge in this type of practice without daring to ask their partner or want to talk about it openly. This site offers to meet your partner safely, outside the classic circuits (BDSM ads, libertine parties …), rare and expensive, and where your anonymity is not guaranteed.


You can register for free on the site to discover it before subscribing to a subscription, from $ 19.36 USD / month (or ā‚¬ 15). Once subscribed, you have access to all the features of the site (chat, webcam), to an infinity of international profiles, fetish groups, and videos and BDSM photos.

The highlights of the Collarspace website

Collarspace is a very complete site, which proposes a large number of fetish profiles, BDSM groups and various sexual practices, which makes it possible to find happiness whatever your fantasies and your expectations.

CollarspaceĀ  is highly valued by users, and enjoys an excellent reputation in the sadomasochistic world, and enthusiastic comments on the web. Its international aspect is ideal for those who wish to make intercultural encounters and enjoy the erasure of borders enabled by the Internet. Thanks to the cat and the webcam, the kilometers do not count anymore!

The number of members in the site, which amounts to millions, proves that this site is reliable and serious. And with such a community of users, there are endless combinations and it is certain that everyone will find something to satisfy any of his fantasies. Thus, there are groups of “evil bastards”, humiliation cats, cats for dominant intellectuals, a library in the dungeon, alternative lifestyles in the Lowermainland … You’re spoiled for choice!

The site also has many features: chat, webcam, downloading photos or videos, fetish groups, forums … We can be a passive user and only hang out on the forums or groups, watch them. photos of members, etc., or be an active user by posting his own videos and chatting with other members via chat. Everything is possible ! Especially since the search functions are very developed.

The weak points of the Collarspace website

The site does not really have any disadvantages, except that its ergonomics is perhaps less developed and its interface less attractive than its competitors as Its navigation is less intuitive and may seem a little “clutter”, especially because of the many options, groups and features available.

For people looking for partners, the site may also have some limitations since it is still far from the number of users reached by CasualDating or But it’s only a matter of time: the site is more and more popular and attracts more and more followers.


How it Works

Collarspace is a site specializing in SM encounters. Beyond a simple BDSM dating site, offers an online store to buy products for sadomasochists. The site has existed for many years but was reliable and really effective? Answer in this article!

Collarspace: Effective or not?

Collarspace exists since 2004 and has 200,000 members. If we take 2018 as a reference, a little more than 14,000 members register each year on this site. By comparing with the best BDSM sites, Collarspace does not compete and does not allow to have a great diversity in the profiles of the members and in the geographical zones.

It is also important to distinguish the members of the active members. Indeed, many sites have high numbers of members, but very few are connected to them. In the case of Collarspace, this site is not the most ridiculous but also far from the best in the field. It is not suitable for example for sadomasochistic people who are looking for partners outside the big cities.

Collarspace is a little too scattered and offers a BDSM shop online. While it may be practical for some sadomasochists, the site has spread and no longer focuses solely on online dating. This diversification has an impact on the quality of dating services. has still not adapted to the new needs of users and has kept a very old site ergonomics. The features are not multiple to save time in your meetings SM. Collarspace

To access the SM chat and contact members, it’s free of charge.

For having tested it, is not so effective to make sadomasochistic meetings especially when one is a man. Not enough SM women registered and not enough active members in different cities.

Collarspace Reviews

Collarspace has been realized with great professionalism and represents a good meeting platform for those who love SM and fetishism. Users publish many erotic pictures, which can be seen immediately after registration. Some profiles seem to be too good to be true – and we’re pretty sure they’re fake profiles. So be careful when something seems strange to you …

How is it at Collarspace?

After your registration, you start chatting directly at Collarspace. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman; the site is freely accessible to all. You will probably also receive many flaming messages sometimes. Collarspace users can access the search function to find interesting people and view the photos.


Verdict on Collarspace

Collarspace is definitely one of the best fetish dating sites available today, and the best solution for those looking for partners without country limits since it is the world leader in its field and offers many tools to meet at a distance, via chat, forums or webcam.

The site Collarspace is not a scam but is not the most effective for meeting SM. The site is starting to get old and competitors have created much larger and more diverse BDSM communities. We advise you to go to the best sites to meet SM

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